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Rancho de los Saucos

Saucos means elder trees.

1817 June 16, Robert Hasty Thomes born in Maine.

1841 - Thomes came into California with the Bartleson-Bidwell Party.

1841-1842 - worked as carpenter in San Francisco.

1843 - Partnered in carpentry and building with Albert G. Toomes.

1844 - Became naturalized Mexican citizen while in Monterey.

1844 December 20, 22, 212.21 acres, 5 square leagues in what became Tehama County, granted to Roberto Hasty Thomas by Governor Manuel Micheltorena. The grant was located on the west side of the Sacramento River with Elder Creek and Thomes Creek being the other main watercourses. Today's City of Tehama is located on Saucos land grant soil.

1845, Thomes worked in Monterey as a carpenter and along with friend Albert Toomes built the house for Governor Jimeno.

1857 October 14, Patent date for Rancho de los Saucos in the name of Thomas (Thomes).

1857 December 11, Sacramento Daily Union - THOMES' PATENT OF LAND IN TEHAMA COUNTY - We announced some time since in the Union, that R. H. Thomes, of Tehama county, had received by the last steamer the patent for his claim to the Sanchos [sp] Rancho. The Beacon gives the following description of the claim and makes some comments, which we copy:

This rancho lies in Tehama township, and includes the town of Tehama. It contains about 22,000 acres of the best land in the Sacramento valley, and is today well worth $100,000. Besides this land, on which are a number of very good houses and other valuable improvements, Thomes is owner of about 2,000 head of horned cattle and 200 horses, all of his own raising. Thomes, Dye, Toomes and Chard came and settled upon their ranches as early as 1845, having had them granted to them by the Mexican Government in 1844. These are no fraudulent or hatched up grants, manufactured for the occasion by the San Francisco lawyers, as it is believed has been the case in some instances, but the owners were occupants, and bona fide settlers upon the lands, and had become legally and rightfully possessed of the same at the time when they were not envied their possessions. Persons desiring land, who have not the means to pay down, are offered every inducement to purchase. Almost any time that is required is freely given to make the payments, without interest, and at rates but little above the Government price.~

1858 - Thomes' adobe house, built in 1846-47, burned.

1872 October 5, San Francisco Bulletin, The Sacramento Valley, Land There - Its Price and Products - Where Small Farms May Be Had - Redding, Shasta County, October 1st - Information for Land Buyers - ". . . At Tehama, on the west side of the Sacramento River, is Thomes' grant. It contains about 20,000 acres, one third of which is of the very best quality of wheat land; the remainder good grazing. It is understood that this land can be bought, either as a whole or in small farms. The best of it is worth about $45 an acre; the body of it about $20. . . ."~

1874 July 4, Red Bluff Independent - DIED - On Elder Creek, Tehama county, June 28th, 1874, Spanish Charley, for twenty years vaquero for R.H. Thomes.~

1875 October 9, Sacramento Daily Union - from the Tocsin of October 7 On Saturday last John Simpson, of Tehama, while on his way out to the new brick residence of R. H. Thomes, on Elder Creek, ran across a live tarantula, which he killed with a stick. Thomes and others pronounced it one of the genuine kind. Simpson killed one about sixteen years ago near the residence of W. G. Chard, on Elder Creek. These insects are scarce in this part of the county.~

1877 September 28, Weekly Journal Miner (Prescott, AZ) Dr. J. M. Betts, well-known to nearly all our readers, who formerly lived in Idaho, was at last accounts lying at the point of death at Thomes Ranch, near Tehama, Cal., where he had gone from San Francisco to visit the proprietor, R. H. Thomes, an old friend of the doctor, who is suffering with an abscess in his side."~

1878 April 5, Weekly Journal Miner (Prescott, AZ) - Robert H. Thomes, a California pioneer of 1841, aged 58 years, died at his residence near Tehama, Cal., March 26, of an abscess in the side. He was owner of 22,000 acres of land on which the town of Tehama is built and was the wealthiest man in Tehama County at the time of his death. He was unmarried and leaves two maiden sisters who have kept house for him for years, and who will probably inherit his vast estate. R. H. Thomes, like his former partner, A.G. Toomes, was one of the most scrupulously honest men that ever lived and no one asking alms of him went away empty.~

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