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Rancho Jimeno

1844 November 4 - Eleven square leagues (48,854 acres) granted to Manuel Jimeno Casarin by Governor Manuel Micheltorena in Colusa county bordered on the south by the outlet of Sycamore Slough near Knights's Landing extended north along the west side of Sacramento River to the Larkin Children's grant.~

1847 August 30 - Jimeno sold the grant to Thomas Oliver Larkin and John S. Missroon for $2,000.~

1862 July 18 - Colusa County, 48,854.26 acres; Patentees:  Larkin and Missroon; Patent Date:  18 July 1862; Meandering Watercourses:  Sacramento River and Sycamore Slough.~

Later it was discovered the Jimeno (sold to Larkin & Missroon) and Colus (sold to Semple by Bidwell) grants overlapped their boundaries causing problems for Charles D. Semple and the Larkin & Missroon partnership.~

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