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Rancho del Arroyo Chico

Rancho del Arroyo Chico was one of the land grant cases where the original grantee was not the final patentee. This grant included rich farming ground, today's Bidwell Park and eventually the town of Chico founded by John Bidwell.

1844 November - A 22,214.47 acre Mexican Land Grant in Butte County granted by Governor Manuel Micheltorena to William "Guillermo" Dickey.

1845 April - John Bidwell obtained a part interest in Edward "Eduardo" Farwell's New Salem or Rancho de Farwell Mexican land grant containing 22,194 acres in Butte county southwest of today's Chico, along the south bank of Chico Creek and east of the Sacramento River.

1847 - Bidwell resided in a small cabin he had built along Little Butte Creek which transected the Farwell grant. He moved cattle onto this property.

1848 May 6 - Bidwell registered his livestock brand.

1849 July - Bidwell used his good fortune from mining the last two seasons to purchase one half interest in Rancho del Arroyo Chico.

1851 - Bidwell purchased the remaining half and become sole owner of the Rancho del Arroyo Chico.

1852 - Bidwell moved onto the Rancho del Arroyo Chico into a large two-story adobe home he planned for his permanent residence for the time. He dealt with "squatters" and began developing his land. With the accumulation of a portion of the Farwell grant and the entire Rancho del Arroya Chico, Bidwell had 33,000 contiguous acres in northwestern Butte County.

1852 May - Bidwell secured a quitclaim from William Dickey, his former mining partner.

1855 July 17 - Daily Placer Times and Transcript (San Francisco, California) - LAW INTELLIGENCE - U.S. District Court - Land Cases - July 16 - Claims Confirmed - The following claims were confirmed in the opinion of the learned Bench:   No. 38; Commission No. 143 - John Bidwell for a tract described by national boundaries, in Butte County. Opinion by McAllister.~

1860 April 4, Patent date for Mexican Land Grant of 22,214.47 acres granted to John Bidwell in Butte County, California with Chico Creek and Sacramento River as the watercourses.

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