Mining Districts
Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 8:19PM
Jo Giessner

Ron Joliff and Nola Shoup collaborated to bring us a Mining District List for S W Shasta County. Ron also provided maps for nine of the districts. Going over each map with my nifty magnifying glass, I'll add some of the names I could identify that might fit in with this and other research and projects. In alphabetical order, here we go:

Arbuckle Mining District (no map yet)

Centerville Mining District (map) Midnight Mine, Three R Mine, Yankee John Mine, Little Frog Mine, Tadpole, Mineral Entry, 594, Squawtown, Larkin Rd

Cottonwood Mining District (no map yet)

Eagle Creek Mining District (map) Eagle Creek, Rector Creek, Huling Creek

Harrison Gulch Mining District (map) Harrison Gulch, Knob Peak (couldn't read the very tiny print)

Horsetown Mining District (map) Clear Creek, Horsetown, Briggsville, Cloverdale, Texas Springs, Townsend, Dixon & Coopers, Cletan Farnans Land, (more tiny words)

Huling Mining District  (no map yet)

Igo Mining District (map) South Fork Clear Creek, Clear Creek, Dry Creek, Piety Hill, Placer Mine, Igo Lost, Channel Mines, Cons. Placer, Igo Ridge Placer, 4 (?) Bar, Copper Lode,(other tiny words) 

Middletown Mining District (map) Monte Cristo Cons, Arizona Cons Group, Olney Creek, Clear Creek, Oregon Gulch, Gem Lode, Blackfoot Lode, Clegr, Ditch, Jenny Creek, Canyon (more tiny words)

Muletown Mining District (map) Clear Creek, Elk Horn Placer, Santa Claus, North Star Lode, Mabel-Emma Lode, (more tiny words)

Jim Fisk, Oriface Lode, Stoney Gulch Q.M.C., The Skipper Q.M.C., Midway R.M.C., NRA Lode Mine, Potosi Mine, Jumbo Mine - Thank You, Marilyn Carter

Redding Mining District (no map yet)

Roaring River Mining District  (no map yet)

South Fork Mining District (map) South Fork Clear Creek, May V. Balou, Silver Falls Mine (more tiny words)

Sunny Hill Mining District (map) Bully Choop Mining District, Bully Choop Mountain, Sunny Hill Mine, (more tiny words)

If you have more information, or if I have made errors, please let me know and I can keep building on this Project entry - - or use the comment button at the bottom of this entry. Thanks!


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