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Yes, we had our own settlement called Chicago near the Chicago Mine near Igo.

1877, The Great Register of the County of Shasta, California,  had local residents listed:

Joseph Benson BATCHELER, New York, District Recorder, Chicago; Noah Smith BATCHELER, New York, Farmer, Chicago; Hosea DIXON, Missouri, Miner, Chicago; Samuel HUBBARD, Ohio, Cooper, Chicago; Henry Christian JACOBSON, Denmark, Miner, Chicago (San Francisco County); Evans Logan JONES, Indiana, Farmer, Chicago; Horace A. LEMMON, Pennsylvania, Hotel Keeper, Chicago Mine; Marcus Hodges PECK, USA, Miner, Chicago; William Hall PAYNE, Ohio, Carpenter, Chicago; Franklin Clark TIFFIN, USA, Miner, Chicago; John Edward TIFFIN, USA, Blacksmith, Chicago; George Kittredge WILLARD, USA, Merchant, Chicago.~

1880 March 15, San Francisco Bulletin - The old tunnel of the Chicago mine of Igo owned by O. Engle has been cleaned out and 90 tons of ore sent below.~

1881 June 6, San Francisco Bulletin - Mining interests in Igo are brisk. The gravel elevators give satisfaction. The Chicago mine is turning out bullion.~

1969 July 11, Letter from Richard B. Eaton - "Piety Hill did not become Igo, but in 1866 the remaining inhabitants of Piety Hill moved to Igo, which is about 1/2 mile away. Piety Hill was then a declining placer mining camp, wheras Igo was founded to serve the needs of a large new quartz mine, the Chicago."

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