Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 2:08PM
Jo Giessner

Yes, we had our own settlement called Chicago near the Chicago Mine near Igo.

1877, The Great Register of the County of Shasta, California,  had local residents listed:

Joseph Benson BATCHELER, New York, District Recorder, Chicago; Noah Smith BATCHELER, New York, Farmer, Chicago; Hosea DIXON, Missouri, Miner, Chicago; Samuel HUBBARD, Ohio, Cooper, Chicago; Henry Christian JACOBSON, Denmark, Miner, Chicago (San Francisco County); Evans Logan JONES, Indiana, Farmer, Chicago; Horace A. LEMMON, Pennsylvania, Hotel Keeper, Chicago Mine; Marcus Hodges PECK, USA, Miner, Chicago; William Hall PAYNE, Ohio, Carpenter, Chicago; Franklin Clark TIFFIN, USA, Miner, Chicago; John Edward TIFFIN, USA, Blacksmith, Chicago; George Kittredge WILLARD, USA, Merchant, Chicago.~

1880 March 15, San Francisco Bulletin - The old tunnel of the Chicago mine of Igo owned by O. Engle has been cleaned out and 90 tons of ore sent below.~

1881 June 6, San Francisco Bulletin - Mining interests in Igo are brisk. The gravel elevators give satisfaction. The Chicago mine is turning out bullion.~

1969 July 11, Letter from Richard B. Eaton - "Piety Hill did not become Igo, but in 1866 the remaining inhabitants of Piety Hill moved to Igo, which is about 1/2 mile away. Piety Hill was then a declining placer mining camp, wheras Igo was founded to serve the needs of a large new quartz mine, the Chicago."

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