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Jackass Flat, Breechesburg, Briggsville

Jackass Flat, another community a mile or so down the creek [along Clear Creek from One Horsetown], was supposedly named by a muleteer, James Latour, who pastured his mules in a nearby meadow, calling them in the morning by braying like a jackass. This place later was known as Briggsville, although some authorities claim Briggsville was at first called Breechesburg because the miners wandered about the camp without their breeches. Because the first woman to arrive, a Mrs. Briggs, refused to to remain if the men did not mend their slovenly ways and change the name of the place, it became Briggsville in her honor. - SHASTA: The Queen City by Mabel Moores Frisbie and Jean Moores Beauchamp, 1973, p 16.

1852 December 6, The Shasta County Court of Sessions issued a license to Landrum and Briggs for their toll bridge over Clear Creek at Briggsville below Horsetown 6 December 1852.  

1853- Briggsville Hotel at Briggsville. Lansdale,  Proprietor

1855 April 17, Daily Placer Times (San Francisco, CA) - The Courier says: Our accounts from the mines are quite flattering. So far, the most favorable accounts are from Jackass Flat. On Thursday, we are informed by Mr. Woodward, the Horsetown Expressman, one company of three men, with one tom, took out five pounds of dust. This is the biggest day's work that we have heard of during the week. ~