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Mining Jargon: Dredge

The Dredge is a large raft or barge on which is mounted either a chain of buckets or suction pumps and other appliances to elevate and wash alluvial deposits and gravel for gold, tin, platinum, diamonds, etc.~

1904 January 23, Free Press, Redding, CA- One of the very largest dredging plants in California is that of the California and Detroit Company (known as the Heintz dredger), on Clear Creek at old Horsetown, twelve miles west of Redding. This plant is just being rebuilt, the former dredger having been destroyed by fire last June. Other dredgers, The Martin and Diestelhorst - are operated in the Sacramento River near Redding and have been worked successfully and profitably.

1915 July 9, San Jose Mercury News - ". . .The dredge mining in the state continues to be prosperous and productive. The United States Dredging Co., which has its machine on Middle Creek, three miles from Redding, and some other companies are prospecting ground in the vicinity of Igo, Gas Point and in Happy Valley, in Shasta County."

". . . The Shasta Dredging Company's dredger that has been operating at Horsetown, on Clear Creek, has been moved 12 miles to a new dredging point near Gas Point."~

In 1940, the Carlson & Sandburg Dragline Dredge was working on Roaring River in southwestern Shasta County, dredging for gold.~


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