Mining Jargon: Hydraulic Mining
Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 7:49PM
Jo Giessner

Hydraulic mining is a method of mining by which a bank of gold-bearing earth or gravel is washed away by a powerful jet of water and carried into sluices, where the gold separates from the earth by its specific gravity.~

In 1858, a cave-in due to hydraulic mining at Horsetown hill buried two miners and threw a third one out with the debris. The man sprang up, directed the hydraulic hose and nozzle on the spot and in a few minutes had mined out his partners, alive.~

The Hardscrabble Mine at Piety Hill extracted gold by this method.~

1903 - Caminetti Law passed creating a committee whose duty it was to prevent tailings caused by hydraulic mining from going into the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.~

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