Bully Choop
Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 11:21AM
Jo Giessner

Although located in Trinity County, this Precinct Register listed men with an Ono address.

Abercrombie, James George, age 42; Anderson, Andrew Peter, 40; Brady, John Francis, 43; Brown, Edward Manuel, 29; Chace, Frank John, 25; Crowell, Charles Edwin, 45; Cushman, Frank Emery, 26; Flemming, Francis, 39; Gansz, George Elko, 33; Gester, William Burr, 48; Greenwell, Herbert Edgar, 26; Hammond, Francis Claude, 25; Hammond, Francis Simpson, 50; Hughes, John Edgar, 30; Jordan, Patrick, 32; Mann, William Buell, 44; Matod, Joseph Clairfoss, 59; McBee, David, 40; O'Neill, Nicholas, 42; Shapter, William, 42; Stevenson, John Stuart, 33; Strong, William Edward, 30; Sublett, William Winthrop, 29; Woods, George Washington, 54.~

1906 March 16, Semi Weekly Shasta Courier- William Beall of the Bullychoop mine arrived in town [Redding]Wednesday evening from that famous property near the Shasta-Trinity border line.~

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