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Clear Creek Ditch

1861 January 5, Shasta Courier - Up Again - The large flume of the Clear Creek ditch, just above West Point House which was partly prostrated by the recent storms and floods, has been repaired, and the mining regions of Horsetown, Middletown, etc., are again in the enjoyment of an abundant supply of water.~

1884,  Newsclipping pasted in a scrapbook and then photocopied:  It now seems certain that the owners of the Clear Creek ditch, that has lain idle so long, are going to work in earnest to put that ditch property in repair and make it useful. It will be a boon to a number of miners around Horsetown and Centerville. Mr. M.F. Truett, superintendent of the ditch, to-day advertises in this paper that he desires to let a contract for furnishing 250,000 feet of good, sawed timber, to be delivered on and along the line of the ditch. Her's a chance for our lumbermen. The miners and small farmers whose property is adjacent to this ditch have for a long time been waiting for it to be re-opened, and doubtless this good news will make them feel happy again. All Western Shasta will be greatly benefitted by the re-opening of this ditch.~

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