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1869, The community was named for Adin G. McDowell, an 1869 settler; a native of Kentucky.

1871, The Adinville Post Office was established 13 April 1871 in what was then Siskiyou County. When Modoc County was created in 1874 February 17, the Post Office by virtue of boundary change was then in Modoc County. On 11 December 1876, the name changed to Adin. The first Postmaster was James K. Burton.~

1874 June 27, Marysville Daily Appeal - MAIL ROUTE TO MODOC COUNTY - The mail from Susanville to Adinville will be carried once a week each way, leaving Susanville on Monday and Adinville on Wednesday. . .~

1878 January 8, Thomas A. Roseberry, Postmaster.

1880, Located 16 miles northeast of Bieber and 22 miles south of Canby per the 1880 Postal Route Map, Adin was considered a lumbering community.  However, the Modoc County, CA 1885 Directory described Adin's principal interests as farming, dairying and stock raising.~

1880 July 6, C.A. McCash, Postmaster.

1882 April 21, Montgomery Auble, Postmaster.

1885, The town in 1885 had a weekly newspaper called the Adin Argus, a hotel, flouring mill, planing mill, livery stable, drugstore, as well as general merchandise, saloons and other businesses. The flour mill and planing mill were powered by water. There were frequent stage connections with Alturas, the county seat and Redding, the railroad connection.

William Cantrell, John A. Metzler and H. G. Hill were listed as school teachers.

If looking in the 1885 Modoc Directory for names in Ash Valley, Big Valley, or Tule Lake, one is referred to Adin.~

1885 December 31, Joseph H. Mitchell. Postmaster.

1889 April 13, Ezra M. Wilson, Postmaster.

1893 May 10, John S. Fruits, Postmaster.

1897 April 14, Luther G. McDowell, Postmaster.

1902 May 16, Edwin S. Pickard, Postmaster.

1905 December 17, James T. Negley, Postmaster.

1914 February 4, Sacramento Union - DIED - BARRY - In Adin (Modoc County), January 28, 1914, Mrs. Lucy A. Barry, a native of Illinois, aged 87 years, 8 months, 2 days.~

1921 November 8, Edwin S. Pickard.

1925 July 30, Edwin S. Pickard, Postmaster.

1940 February 1, Floyd M. Harvey, Postmaster.

1945 February 4, Letter from Luther G. McDowell to Russel Adin Estep:  L.G. McDowell, Probation Officer, Modoc County, Alturas, California; Dear Russel Adin Estep:  I was surprised to hear from you, but more glad than surprised and will attempt to answer your questions to the best of my memory, but like many others, sons and daughters of those grand old pioneers, I was careless in procuring datum of the pioneer days of California.

There were 8 children of the Adin G. McDowell family, 6 boys and 2 girls, and I am the baby - 79 - and the only one now living and my brother Oliver who is 6 years my Sr. was a close chum of your father, and how I did love those two because they were always so good and kind to me when I was a youngster. And your Grandfather and Grandmother Estep were equally kind when I would go to their home to visit with Lilly and Jim who were about my age and this was when they lived in Fall River Valley.

In 1899 I was married to a Miss Addie Dorris, who was a daughter of pioneer people, who ranked classically with the Estep and McDowell pioneers. On January 27, she was laid to rest in the Alturas Cemetery. To us 4 sons were born, Merlin D., of Sacramento, Percy D. and L. Gayle. both home here with me and one son died in infancy.

Grandfather McDowell's name was John. My father born in Kentucky. My father and mother came west in 1850, settled in Oregon and came to Calif. in 1868. My father built the first house that was built in Adin. That was in 1869. I remember of hearing father tell about going to meet Uncle and Aunt Estep, and I'm sure that was in 1853. The whole caravan was short and many others beside my father went to meet friends and relatives, taking provisions to them.

It usually took about 6 month by ox team to complete the trip from Iowa to Oregon or California. That time was taken up when my parents came across. The covered wagon's occupants, brave and fresh, left Iowa behind in the forepart of May and rolled into Oregon state in October. He left his small family - alluding to my father - my mother and one son 2 years old in what is now Oregon City, while he looked around for a permanent location. When he returned he found an increase in his family, a daughter born on October 10, 1850.

I am a genuine Modoc-er. Came to what is Modoc County now when I was 3 years old. We were cut off from Siskiyou County in 1874. Adin G. McDowell, wife and 2 sons, Oliver and Luther, Samuel Nebeker, wife, 3 sons and 4 daughters, l.W. Harris and wife, who was my sister Mary, and a 6 weeks old son were the first white settlers to make homes in Big Valley. The town of Adin was laid out in blocks and lots in 1870.

Well by this time Russel, we are a little better acquainted and hoping to meet you in person in not distant future, I will close. Yours truly, Luther G. McDowell~

1945 November 16, Mrs. Vesta M. Mathes, Postmaster.

1946 July 1, Floyd M. Harvey, Postmaster.

1949 March 16, Floyd M. Harvey, Postmaster.

1950 July 15, Mrs. Mae H. Masotti, Postmaster.

1951 October 20, Geraldine J. Joiner, Postmaster.

1956 June 24, Geraldine J. Garbutt, Postmaster.

1958 August 16, Dorothy M. Primrose, Postmaster.


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