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1869 December 22, 2nd Class Post Office established as Cedarville, Siskiyou County, California and became Cedarville, Modoc County, California when the county was created 17 February 1874. The town and post office were named by John H. Bonner, the first postmaster, for his hometown in Ohio. Bonner also operated the first store in Modoc County. Cedarville is located 9 miles south of Lake City and 17 miles north of Eagleville.

There was also a Post Office named Cedarville in El Dorado County, Califonria established 1853 November 22, but discontinued 1863 November 12.

1877 October 16, John W. Bruner, Postmaster.

1878 August 16, Grove K. Godfrey, Postmaster.

1880 July 13, Maggie Godfrey, Postmaster.

1880 September 7, Parmelia A. Woodson, Postmaster.

1882 August 28, William R. Smith, Postmaster.

1885 December 30, Lottie Bassett, Postmaster.

1886 June 11, Joseph H. Stewart, Postmaster.

1886 December 10, Richard P. Jackey, Postmaster.

1891 October 15, Thomas H. Johnstone, Postmaster.

1894 December 17, Ransome H. Stanley, Postmaster.

1898 November 22, John Fritz, Postmaster.

1908 January 13, William Warren Shartel, Postmaster.

1911 March 4, Joseph R. Wilson, Postmaster.

1915 July 23, Nora J. Street, Postmaster.

1924 April 8, Thomas J. Wylie, Postmaster.

1936 April 1, Earle Heath Stanley, Postmaster.

1944 September 6, Georgia Genevieve Stanley, Postmaster.

1945 January 31, Earle Heath Stanley, Postmaster.




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