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1868 July 10, 4th Class  U.S Post Office established in Eagleville, at the time Siskiyou County, California. When Modoc County was created 1874 February 17, the location was then Modoc County. Located along Eagle Creek 17 miles south of Cedarville. 

Willard S. Clark was the first postmaster.

1877 March 19, Mrs. Sarah W. McCarty, Postmaster.

1878 August 28, Jacob Berlinger, Postmaster.

1880 September 27, Sylvester J. Gee, Postmaster.

1887 March 21, Henry L. Merryfield, Postmaster.

1888 June 6, Henry Cambridge, Postmaster.

1888 June 16, Miss Emma Keough, Postmaster.

1889 July 23, Sylvester J. Gee, Postmaster.

1890 July 11, William F. Myers, Postmaster.

1893 May 10, Mary Wilson, Postmaster.

1901 August 20, Phineas F. Powers, Postmaster.

1908 December 19, Sacramento Union - J. L. Addington, a pioneer of Modoc County, died this week at his home near Eagleville.~

1910 May 11, Mrs. Sabra E. Powers, Postmaster.

1916 June 1, Emmet A. Powers, Postmaster.

1940 February 1, Harold Gilbert Warren, Postmaster.

1943 April 26, Mrs. Mary J. Cook, Postmaster.

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