1899 December 11, 4th Class Post Office established as Ivy, Modoc County, California located 16 miles east of Likely where a bed of ivy growing at the site thought of as an oddity in such a cold region, led to the name.

Mrs. Emoline Raymond was the First Postmaster.

1902 October 15, John Stanley, Postmaster.

1906 September 21, William R. Stanley, Postmaster.

1909 October 16, Orville Sweeney, Postmaster.

1910 April 22, Augustus E. Sweeney, Postmaster.

1915 Janaury 27, Andrew J. Cantrall, Postmaster.

1920 October 30, P O discontinued.

1921 June 1, P O re-established with Walter Scott Brooks, Postmaster.

1922 January 31, P O discontinued and service moved to Likely.





See:  White Horse > Kinyon



Lake City

1868 August 26, 4th Class post Office established as Lake City, Siskiyou County, California. Became Modoc County location when the county created February 17, 1874.

The community was actually named Tri-Lake City due to the location near three alkalai lakes, Upper, Middle and Lower; however, the Post Office Department shortened the name to "Lake City."

The location: 16 miles south of Fort Bidwell and 9 miles north of Cedarville.

1868 August 26, William B. King , First Postmaster, Siskiyou County.

1870 March 23, John C. Bowner, Postmaster, Siskiyou County.

1877 December 20, Robert W. Thompson, Postmaster, Modoc County.

1879 June 23, H. A. King, Postmaster.

1879 June 30, Oliver A. Wilson, Postmaster.

1887 November 1, William A. Wimer, Postmaster.

1889 July 15, Everett R. Wilson, Postmaster.

1890 August 10, Alfred M. Hamlen, Postmaster.

1893 May 20, Willie S. Jacobs, Postmaster.

1899 July 1, Samuel O. Cressler, Postmaster.

1902 December 26, Hershel M. Fleming, Postmaster.

1903 November 4, Leslie C. Stephens, Postmaster.

1905 August 25, William A. Odbert, Postmaster.

1915 February 25, Eleanor M. Shartel, Postmaster.

1924 November 6, Mrs. Maggie J. Wimer, Postmaster.

1932 September 20, Isaac C. Bachtel, Postmaster.

1946 August 31, Mrs. Maggie J. Wimer, Postmaster.

1947 February 21, Charles F. Catlin, Postmaster.

1960 June 24, Ferrol R. McCowin, Postmaster.



1914 October 12, A 4th Class Post Office was to be established with George L. Ake as the Postmaster. Apparently it didn't happen as there is no record of operation.~



1886 April 13, 3rd Class Post Office established as Likely, Modoc County, California located 21 miles south of Alturas and 21 miles north of Madeline, Lassen County per the Postal Route Map.

The story is that four names for the community post office were turned down by the U.S. Postal department, so "Likely" was turned in as the"most likely to be accepted."

1886 April 13, Marx Lauer, First Postmaster.

1891 October 15, John M. Pierce, Postmaster.

1892 March 9, Arthur J. Sigler, Postmaster.

1894 March 9, Arthur Lauer, Postmaster.

1903 July 2, Alden S. Bayley, Postmaster.

1907 October 24, Rasmus O. Gaustad, Postmaster.

1908 December 19, Nellie Gaustad, Postmaster.

1911 January 11, Anna C. Pierce, Postmaster.

1915 January 27, Joel A. Pierce, Postmaster.

1945 April 30, Lester Leland Cantrall, Postmaster.



1881 June 9, 4th Classs Post Office established as Lillian, Modoc County, California, located 6 miles southwest of Canby and 16 miles north of Adin.

Albert Scherfen, First Postmaster.

1882 August 2, P O discontinued and the service moved to Canby.



1876 May 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Lindale, Modoc County, California, located 18 miles northeast of Alturas and 7 miles south of Davis Creek per the Postal Route Map.

John H. Hurley, First Postmaster.

1878 October 21, John C. Morrison, Postmaster.

1884 March 27, P O discontinued and the service moved to Davis Creek.



1880 February 20, , 4th class post office established in Lookout, Modoc County, California. The name stems from a nearby hill used by local Indians as a lookout. Place was once known as Whitley's Ford located 7 miles north of Bieber, Lassen County.

1880 February 20, Thomas P. Craig, First Postmaster.

1883 March 1, Russel G. Brownell, Postmaster.

1886 June 11, Eli S. Trowbridge, Postmaster.

1889 August 1, William A. Harris, Postmaster.

1892 July 13, Mrs. Martha E. Winchell, Postmaster.

1892 November 25, Martha E. Read, Postmaster.

1897 December 28, John W. Marcus, Postmaster.

1901 June 1, Philadelphia Inquirer, special from Susanville, Cal., May 31 - A wholesale lynching of five horse thieves occurred last night at Lookout, Modoc County, a district which has always been noted for quiet and good order. The lynching was done by fifty small stock raisers, but none of the vigilantes is identified by the constable and his one assistant, whom they overpowered. Calvin Hall, ages 72, and his three half-breed sons, Frank, Jim and Martin, and Dan Yantis were the victims. It is said the stolen animals were found in Hall's stables and he and his gang were brought to Adin and placed in the charge of a constable and one guard.~

1911 January 17, Elsie K. Walker, Postmaster.

1918 August 15, Albert G. Loomis, Postmaster.

1933 December 12, Richard S. Fulcher, Postmaster.

1936 December 12, Mrs. Alice J. Brown, Postmaster.

1945 February 15, Mrs. Elizabeth Steiger, Postmaster.

1947 June 30, Mrs Cecile S. Morse, Postmaster.

1949 April 1, Mrs. Ruby L. McNeel, Postmaster.

1975 October 3, Betty L. Monchamp, Officer in Charge.

1976 June 11, Daphne C. DeHart, Officer in Charge.

1976 September 25, Mary J. Craig, Officer in Charge; Postmaster 1977 May 7.

1986 August 31, Wanda L. Chevez, Officer in Charge.

1986 December 20, Wayne E. Richards, Postmaster.

1997 January 3, Wanda L. Chevez, Office in Charge.

1997 May 24, Chris S. Larson, Postmaster.

2005 October 20, Katie L. James, Officer in Charge.

2006 January 7, Katie L. James Davies, Postmaster. (name change 2007 September 21).

2012 March 8, Nicole L. Barela, Officer in Charge.

2012 July 25, Ruth A. Ellenberger, Office in Charge.

2013 February 23, Converted to a remotely managed post office under the direction of the postmaster of the Adin Post Office.~





Mud Lake

See:  Fleener



1889 July 27, A 4th Class Post Office established as Potter, Modoc County, California, named for Richard R. Potter, the first Postmaster.

1896 March 30, Minnie Potter, Postmaster.

1896 July 15, P O discontinued and the service moved to Lookout 12 miles away.


South Fork

1878 October 4, 4th Class Post Offfice established as South Fork, Modoc County, California. The name relates to the south fork of the Pit River. Located 18 miles south of Alturas, when the P O closed  1882 July 3, Alturas assumed the service.

John Bergstrom, first and only postmaster.

1880 February 26, San Francisco Bulletin - The Modoc Independent says:  The mail carrier between South Fork and Marsh's on the Susanville route, after two or three ineffectual attempts to get through the snow over the hill, was forced to go back and carry the mail through on snow shoes. The carriers on all the routes report this last as being the worst to block up the roads and drift of any previous storm. First, stages had to be abandoned, then the horses, and if snow-shoes fail the mail will not be forthcoming.~

1882 July 3, Post Office closed and service moved to Alturas.


Steele Swamp > Steeleswamp

1888 June 19, 4th Class Post Office established as Steele Swamp, Modoc County, California, located 14 1/2 miles  east of Clear Lake. The name commemorates E. Steele, a pioneer sportman in the area. The name was changed to one word, Steeleswamp on December  29, 1894.

1894 December 29, Arthur J. Jackson, Postmaster.

1902 February 19, Grace F. Spicer, Postmaster.

1909 March 16, Albert F. Spicer, Postmaster.

1912 October 31, P O discontinued.

1916 January 24, P O re-established with Perry E. Murphy as Postmaster.

1919 August 23, William C. Dalton, Postmaster.

1926 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Malin, Oregon.


Stobie > Hackamore

1897 August 21, 4th Class Post Office established as Stobie, Modoc County, California located 14 miles north of Craig and 33 miles south of Cornell. Named for Violet Stobie, the first postmaster.

1902 February 15, P O moved 3 miles northeast.

1902 February 16, John T. Spaulding, Postmaster.

1903 June 2, P O discontinued as Stobie and became Hackamore.

1903 June 2, George W. Howell,  First Postmaster of Hackamore.

1910 January 19, P O moved 2 1/2 miles north.

1910 January 19, Lewis C. Howell, Postmaster.

1912 January 31, P O discontinued and the service moved to Lookout.



1902 June 6, 4th Class Post Office established as Straw, Modoc County, California located 17 miles southeast of Malin, Oregon per the Postal Route Map. Named for Isaac J. Straw, the first postmaster.

Isaac J. Straw had also served as Postmaster at Clear Lake, Modoc County 1887-1893.

1906 June 1, Perry E. Murphy, Postmaster.

1910 May 13, Schuyler P. Hammond, Postmaster.

1911 June 21, John V. Loveless, Postmaster.

1914 September 26, Benjamin C. Stout, Postmaster.

1916 July 12, Walter C. Frymire, Postmaster.

1918 November 2, Elizabeth E. Frymire, Postmaster.

1920 December 15, Vera Howell, Postmaster.

1928 January 14, P O discontinued and the service moved to Malin, Oregon.




1939 April 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Tionesta, Modoc County, California, located 31 miles northwest of Canby and 30 miles south of Tulelake. Named after the Tionesta Forest in Pennsylvania.

Anita M. Sample, First Postmaster.

1943 March 16, Mrs. Hazel Marie Wood.

1943 September 21, Mrs. Lena Hansen.

1944 September 7, Perry Melvin Hawkins, Postmaster.

1946 April 16, Madison F. Hawkins, Postmaster.

1955 November 30, P O discontinued and the service moved to Tulelake, Siskiyou County, California.



1912 July 17, 4th Class Post Office establ;ished as Triangle, Modoc County, California, located 23 miles northwest of Alturas per the 1918 Postal Route Map. Name stems from the triangle formed by by conjunction of roads at site.

Chester W. Mapes, First Postmaster.

1916 January 13, William S. Kirkpatrick, Postmaster.

1919 Janaury 15, P O  discontinued and service moved to Alturas.



Tule Lake > Tulelake

Tulelake has the unique features as a post office of moving in and out of California and Oregon and while staying in the general vicinity of Tule Lake (the body of water) having the name changed from two words to one and the county locations being two when in California - Modoc and Siskiyou.

1893 December 16, 2nd Class Post Office established as Tule Lake, Klamath County, Oregon.

Isaac J. Straw, Postmaster.

1894 December 12, Tule Lake, Klamath, Oregon.

Martin W. Carr, Postmaster.

1897 November 4, Tule Lake, Klamath, Oregon.

Manzell Beardsley, Postmaster.

1900 November 10, Tule Lake, Klamath, Oregon.

William C. Dalton, Postmaster.

1902 August 8, Tule Lake, Modoc County, California.

William C. Dalton, Postmaster.

1904 August 27, Tule Lake, Klamath, Oregon

William Bassett, Postmaster.

1904 December 22, Tule Lake, Klamath, Oregon.

Mary R. Bassett, Postmaster.

1907 November 8, Tule Lake, Klamath, Oregon.

Jennie Dunn, Postmaster.

1912 August 8, Tule Lake, Modoc, California.

William C. Dalton, Postmaster.

1922 September 9, Post Office discontinued.

1931 November 27, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Taylor, Postmaster at Tulelake, Siskiyou, Caifornia.

1931 December 19, Tule Lake Post Office re-establsihed in Siskiyou County, California, as one word: Tulelake.

1943 August 1, Ray Cecil Rowan, Postmaster

1943 October 20, Wanda L. Stark, Postmaster.

1949 November 30, Kenneth R. Rudisill, Postmaster.

1954 June 30, Louis K. Fies, Postmaster.



1880 October 21, 4th Class Post Office established as Wade, Modoc County, California, located 12 miles north of of Lookout the site was named for Pinkston Wade, the first and only postmaster.

1881 February 10, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Lookout.


White Horse > Kinyon

1930 January 24, 4th Class Post Office established as White Horse, Modoc, California, located 16 miles northwest of Lookout, Modoc County and 44 miles east of McCloud, Siskiyou County. Name stems from the sighting of a wild white horse by an 1870 survey party.

Edwin J. Webb, First Postmaster.

1938 June 23, Mrs. Thelma Bonneville, Postmaster.

1942 January 29, Mrs. Anita C. Sullivan, Postmaster.

1949 January 12, Mrs. Katherine E. Roff, Postmaster.

1952 March 13, Name changed to Kinyon and listed in Siskiyou County for administrative and service convenience.

1952 May 31, Kinyon, Modoc, California. Named for lumber camp manager. Location in Modoc County, but put under Siskiyou County for Postal Administrative purposes.

Kittie M. Eades, Postmaster.

1952 August 4, Kinyon, Siskiyou, California.

Kittie M. Eades, Postmaster.

1956 August 8, Kinyon, Siskiyou, California

Anne N. Engelking, Postmaster.


Whitley's Ford

See: Lookout

1874 August 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Whitley's Ford, Modoc County, California, located at crossing of Pit River 12 miles west of Adin. Named after James W. Whitley, pioneer hotel and livery stable keeper.

Henry Longcove, First Postmaster.

1875 June 22, Discontinued and service moved to Adin.