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CROOK, George W. (1828-1890)

1853, Did you know when the Humboldt Fort was established (30 Jan 1853) Lt. George Crook was in its first detachment. By 1861, the Humboldt had four forts (Humboldt, Crook, Gaston and Bragg) and the camps of Baker, Lyon, Anderson, and Lincoln. By 1865, there was only Humboldt, Gaston and Lincoln and built in 1863 near Blue Lake was Camp Iaqua.

George Crook then served under Captain Judah (Fort Jones) in Fall River Valley and on an independent mission there killed his first Indian. While Crook and his men had been fighting Indians, the dragoons under Captain Gardiner had been busy building the fort. Gardiner is the one who named it Fort Crook (1 Jul 1857). Crook was then called back to Fort Jones and given the mission of establishing a temporary military post at the mouth of the Klamath River. This was Fort (or Camp) Ter-Waw on north bank of Klamath River about 6 miles up from the mouth (1857-1862).

1864 August 11, San Francisco Bulletin via Red Bluff Independent  - Gen. G.W. Crook, lately appointed Major-General for gallant and meritorious conduct, was formerly a lieutenant at Fort Jones, in Siskiyou County, and from him Fort Crook took its name. In 1856, while on an Indian scout with a portion of the troops from Fort Jones, he was brought into Scott valley, which prevented him from assuming command of the military post which he had established in the Fall River Valley. Hood, who has superseded Johnston at Atlanta, was also stationed at Fort Jones in 1856.~

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