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7th Infantry - California Civil War Regiment

Mustered In:  December 1864; Mustered Out:  June 28, 1866

Total Enrollment 994 men of which 5 men were killed in action or died of wounds; 40 men died of disease; and 10 men were discharged for disability.

Organized at large October to December 1864.

Attached to Department of the Pacific Companies A, C, and K ordered from San Francisco to Camp Drum, Southern California in March 1865. Companies A and K to Fort Yuma. Company C to Fort Mojave. Regiment moved to District of Arizona in June 1865, and duty there, stationed at various posts until June 1866.

Field and Staff Officers: Colonel Charles W. Lewis; Lieutenant Colonel Madison Bulware; Major Alfred Morton; Surgeon Edward Phelps; Assistant Surgeon Joseph W. Davis; Adjutant William E. Emery and Quartermaster Charles P. Dudley.

For Company I, in which my 2nd Great Grandfather, William Samuel Kidder served as a Private, the Captain was George D. Kendall; First Lieutenant William McNeill, and Second Lieutenant Edwin Darling.

Information from: History of California Civil War Regiments:  Cavalry and Infantry by Christopher Cox, 2013.


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