The Alberg Family story appears in the book:  A History of Shasta County, 1984. It is written by John Alberg's granddaughter, Julia Crosby Baker Edmonds, 1898 - 1990.

"John Alberg, a native of Sweden, and Sarah Reiner (or Reinborn, which was dropped) also a native of Sweden, met in Chicago and lived there where he worked in the railroad shops. Three children were born there, Alice, my mother, 1n 1870; Sally, and Charlie. They were living in a place called Kankeekee County at the time of the great Chicago fire when so much of the town was destroyed. They had much to tell about that happening.

The Albergs moved to California about 1874, settling on a place on Cottonwood Creek above Rainbow Lake. There another son was born, Bernard in 1875. They raised vegetables, mostly potatoes for sale and milked cows and made butter. Mr. Alberg, hoping to find a better living for his family went to the state of Oregon. While there he died suddenly and is buried there. The place is unknown to the family.

Mrs Alberg [Sarah] got work cooking at Mr. Prince Baker's sawmill on Hoover Creek where the boys grew up doing chores and learning the sawmill business. Her daughter, Sally, lived with a family named Voss near Ono and her daughter, Alice, stayed with Grandma Hubbard who ran a boarding house for miners on South Fork Creek above Igo.

While working for Mr. Baker, Mrs. Alberg took her citizenship papers to become a U S citizen, making the long trip by horseback to the county seat in the town of Shasta. [18 July 1888, Superior Court]

Neither of the Alberg boys married and Sally married a man named Venske and had three children. They lived on a place near Cottonwood.

Sarah Alberg, Sally Venske, Charlie and Bernard are buried in the Ono Cemetery. Alice, her husband Prince Baker, and little boy are buried at Igo." - Julia C. Edmonds

The Alberg Livestock Brand was recorded 29 Aug 1898 - the letters S A side by side disconnected, by Sarah Helen Alberg, Mrs John Alberg, Ono. Sons, Charles and Bernard continued the use of the brand.~



An Ono Cemetery List, Alpha A-I

Alberg, Bernard

Alberg, Charles

Alberg, Sarah Helen Reiner

Albright, Aaron

Albright, Franklin Hiram

Albright, Susan Eveyln "Susie" Smith

Baker, Almareane Wellborn

Baker, Sydnie Marshall Apperson

Barker, Florence

Barr, Edna Leona Kidder

Barr, Frances Van Elsberg

Barr, Harriet Cordelia "Hattie" Albright

Barr, Harry William "Bill"

Barr, James Justin

Barr, James Justin, Jr.

Barr, Oscar Smith

Barr, Terrill Justin

Beebe, Alvis Celeste Thompson

*Beebe (Baby)

Beebe, Day

Beebe, Dellivan R.

Beebe, George Oscar

Bidwell, Rochelle Elaine

Boyd, Amy Bell

*Boyd (Baby)

*Boyd (Baby)

Boyd, Benjamin Franklin

Boyd, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Baker

Boyd, Glenn

Boyer, Amanda Malvina Duncan

Boyer, David Duncan

Boyer, William Henry

*Buchanan, Mary E.

Chase, Roberta Lee

Clark, Merla Jean Foster Barber

Clarke, Arthur

*Clevenger, Nettie J.

Clevenger, William Howard "Joe"

Cole, Helen Louise Graves

Coleman, Margaret Lowry

Coleman, Maude V. Noble Shelton

Couey, (Boy, Twin Baby)

Couey, (Boy, Twin Baby)

Couey, George Marion

Couey, Martha Alice Taylor

Couey, Mary Ann "Mamie" Kidder

Couey, Roy William

Cowden, Jackson Bunyon

Cowden, Rosetta M. Waldo

Crawford, Martha Frances "Marnie" Kidder Linn

Creech, James Edward

Crews, Calvin DeForest

Crews, Chester B. "Chet"

Cushman (Baby)

Cushman (Baby)

Cushman (Baby Girl)

Cushman, Edith E.

Cushman, Grace G. "Gracie"

Cushman, James Emory

Cushman, Norman

Cushman, Susan Malvina "Susie" Gage

*Davis, Catherine C (wife of Eugene Herbert Davis)

Davis, Eugene Herbert

Dickerson, James Harvey

Doll, Harriet Emma "Hattie" Schmidt (Smith)

Doll, Valentine

*Domody, William M.

Driscoll, Lena Stanton Foster

Driscoll, Martin

Dunn, George Washington

Edmonds, Charles Franklin

Edmonds, Edward Preston

Edmonds, Julia Crosby "Doogie" Baker

Edmonds, Nancy Anna "Anna" Emery

Edmonds, Richard Robert "Dick"

Edmonds, Thomas Filmore

Erickson, Andrew

Erickson, Charles

*Erickson, Matilda ____ Miller

Forrester, Dane R.

Forrester, Frederick William

Forrester, Maren Christine Oveson

Forschler, Vivian Elizabeth Barr Friday

Foster, James Lee - Memorial

Foster, Lee Stanton - Memorial

Franck, Clara Belle Shoup

*Frank, David

*Garcia, Jim

Gaunce, Carole Ann

Gill, Marshall Booker

Gill, Mary Effie Lemon

Graham, Alec Coffey

Graves, Addie Baker

Graves, Clay William

Green, Nancy Six McCormick

Greenwell, Lester Theodore

Griffin, Frances Evelyn "Frankie" Barr

Hammans, Beverly Jean Perdue

Hammans, Earl Eugene "Gene"

Hammans, Virginia Inez Dare

Hatter, Doris Alfreda Huddle Perdue

Hatter, Jean H.

*Hayward, June

Heaton, Emma Elizabeth Powers

Heaton, Emma Elizabeth (twin baby)

Heaton, George Elmo (twin baby)

Howard, Jessie E.

Hudson, Joseph Osborn

Hufford, Frances Malvina Boyer

*Humphrey II, Michael J.

* Iverson, Fred




An Ono Cemetery List, Alpha J - Z

James, Thomas

Johndrow, Joy Ann

Jordan (Baby)

Jordan, Craig Eugene

Jordan, Ruth Gwendolyn Davis

Jordan, Irby Holt (b: 1887)

Jordan, Irby Holt (b: 1840)

*Jordan, Josephine E.

Jordan, Josephine Elizabeth Murphy

*Jordan, R.

Jordan, Robert Hamilton

Jordan, Robert Powell

Jordan, William Thomas

Jordan, William Valentine

Keltner, Melvin W.

Kidder, Charles William

Kidder, Mary Elizabeth McFarlin

Kidder, William Samuel (Reverend)

Knoderer, John Arthur

Krause, Charles Otto

Lees, David Allen

Lees, David Theodore

Lemon, Loveden Leonard

Liming, Margaret Adella "Peg"

Linn, Eva (baby)

Long, Emma Rhuamah Robinson

Long, William Lawrence

Lonnberg, Florence (living)

Lonnberg, John P.

Lowry, Jefferson Davis

*Maffery or Mavity???

Matod, Joseph Clairfoss

McCambell, Lillian Elenora Nelson

McCarty, Una Lorraine Chamberlain

McCormick, Martha G. Smith

McCormick, William

McFarlin, Anna

McFarlin, Edna

McFarlin, Charles Floyd

McFarlin, Clifton George

McFarlin, John Taylor

McFarlin, Viola

McGrew, Everett Hamilton

McGrew, Flora Ethel

McGrew, John

McGrew, Julia Louisa Cunningham

McKee, Alison Royden

Miller, Adeline Viola "Addie"

*Miller (Baby)

Miller, James Thomas

Miller, John Franklin

Miller, Julia Ann Simmons

Miller, Laura E. Wakefield

Miller, Ruth Lucille Boswell

Miller, Stephen Riley (b: 1831)

Miller, Stephen Riley (b: 1848, nephew)

*Miller, T.

Moore, J. W.

Moore, Joseph B.

Moore, Lena Voss

Morton, John James

Morton, Lizzie Miller

Moxley, Frances Albright


(Murphy & Murphey same family)

Murphey, Charles Marshall

Murphey, Henry Clay

Murphey, Floyd Marshall

Murphey, Glenn A.

Murphey, James Randolph

Murphy, Jarusha Philena Dickenson

Murphey, John Albert

Murphey, Johnnie Raymond

Murphey, Lucy Smith

Murphey, Nellie Celeste Beebe

Murphy, William Valentine

Murray, Jacob

Nelson, Elanora Francisco Meyer

Nicol, Ellinora Mae Noble

Nicol, William Don "Bill" (tombstone has middle initial "F")

Noble (twin baby)

Noble (Twin Baby)

Noble, Don

Noble, Fannie Caswell Maloney

Noble, Lena Watson

Norden, Michael Davis

Norden, Stacey Lynn

*Owen, Regina Gallant Lugg "Gina"

*Owen, Rutter Lugg, III

Peel, Mary Belle

Peterson, Susan Ellen "Ella" Taylor

Peterson, Grant Tarwalt

Peterson, Rasmus

Poston, Darling Claudie

Poston, Ellis LeRoy

Powers, James Melton

Powers, Lewis

Powers, Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins

Quirk, Jessie Mae Kidder

Rector, Alonzo Hawley

*Reynolds or Richardson???

Rieger, Ardis Gill Paxton - Memorial

Rieger, Mary Ardis "Ardis" Gill Paxton

Rieger, Sherman Francis

Rios, Elizabeth Jane Lamberson Smith

Rios, Thomas

Robinson Baby (Burtis Allen)

Robinson, Clifford Albert

Robinson, Frances C.

Robinson, Frederick Dyckman

Robinson, Frederick Lawrence

Robinson, Irby Close

Robinson, L.

Robinson, Marie A. Smith

Robinson, Mary Frances Jordan Robinson (married brothers)

Ruff, John Lanaway

Ruff, Agnes Maria "Maggie" Robinson

Shoup, Bertram "Bert"

Shoup, Chester Harled

Shoup, Edgar (Baby)

Shoup, Erle Franklin - Memorial

Shoup, John Franklin

Shoup, Judy Lee - Memorial

Shoup, Laura Belle Webb

Shoup, Leslie Edgar

Shoup, Richard Alivin "Dick" - Memorial

Shoup, Verona Ila Stuart

Smith, Henry Caswell

Smith, Michael Dunfield

Smith, Margaret Conway

Smith, Margaret E. Murphy

Smith, Peter Dunfield

Stinson, George P.

Sublett, Elmer (baby)

Sublett, Luella May

Sykes, Henry E.

Taylor, Alanson

Taylor, Hettie Elizabeth Webb

Taylor, James William "Jim"

Taylor, Rowena Violet

Taylor, Sarah Susan McFarlin

Taylor, Violet Rowena Nelson

Taylor, William Alanson

Venzke, Sally Alberg

Voss, Carl George

Voss, Carl Henry

Voss, Julia Ellen Rector




Wallis, Eloise Evelyn Barr

Wells, Myrtle Olive Nelson

Wheelock, Mabel (infant)

Wilder, Delia Ione

Wilder, Frances

Wilder, Francis Marion "Frank"

Wilder, Mona May

Wilder, Susan Louisa Robinson


*Wright, Jane E.

Wright, William Parker

York, Alice May Baker

York, Leonard Marion




BAKER, Almareane Wellborn (1843 -1905)

1905 August 18, Shasta Courier -After an illness dating from July 1st Almareane W. Baker succumbed Thursday and was buried with Odd Fellow honors Friday afternoon.

Almareane Wellborn Baker, formerly steward of the Shasta County Hospital and one of the best known and highly respected citizens of Western Shasta County, was laid at his final rest in the cemetery at Ono Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Mr. Baker died Thursday morning at 9:30 o'clock and the news of his death reached Redding Thursday afternoon. Since early in July Mr. Baker has been a sufferer from dropsy and during the latter part of that month his life was despaired of. He rallied, however, and was apparently doing nicely, though he realized that he could not live long. Thursday morning he became suddenly worse and, after calling his wife to his bedside, bade her good-bye and passed away.


BARR, Edna Leona Kidder (1894-1968)

ONO - Funeral Services for Edna Leona Barr, 73, lifelong resident of Ono, will be conducted at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday in McDonald's Redding Chapel under the direction of Rev. Emmett Curtis.

Burial will be in the Ono Cemetery.

She was born in Ono, May 8, 1894 and died in a Redding convalescent hospital Friday [27 April 1968].

She is survived by her husband, James J. Barr of Ono; three sons, Jimmy and Harry Barr of Ono and Wayne Barr of Honolulu; a daughter Vivian Forschler of Igo; a sister, Mrs. Elsie Hodgins of Redding; eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.~

Notes: Edna Leona Kidder was the eighth child for the Reverend William Samuel Kidder and his wife, Mary Elizabeth McFarlin Kidder. She married James Justin Barr on  2 June 1917. The couple had five children:  Vivian Elizabeth Barr Friday Forschler (1918-2007); James Justin Barr, Jr. (1919-1984); Eloise Evelyn Barr Wallis (1922-1943); Harry William Barr (1924-1976); and Wayne Kidder Barr (1933- living in 2013)~


BARR, Terrell Justin (1950-1950)

In the Ono Cemetery there is a McDonald's Chapel Marker for the infant son of Harry William "Bill" Barr and his wife, Frances Van Elsberg Barr. Terrell Justin Barr was born 4 August 1950 and died the next day on 5 August 1950. He was the first child for Bill and Frances. The couple had two more children:  Lynne Eva Barr Rice (1951- died Washington, USA, 2008) and Erle Loran Barr (1953 - still living in 2013).~


BOYER, David Duncan (1883-1961)

David, Duncan Boyer, 77, died in a Redding hospital Wednesday [11 Jan. 1961]. He was born June 3, 1883 in Mountain Meadows, now Lake Almanor.

In his youth, Boyer lived in the Whitmore area. In the last 55 years he has been a rancher and miner in Ono and in Trinity County.

He leaves three nieces, Mrs. John Shuford of Redding, Ethel Batich of Redding, and Francis Hagert of LaHara; and one nephew, Walter B. Aldridge of Shingletown.

Graveside serives will be conducted at Ono Cemetery at 2 p.m. tomorrow. The Rev. Claude Porter will officiate. Arrangements have been made by Meininger-Dusel Mortuary.


CASWELL, E. V. Osburn (1822-1901)

After an illness that had duration of thirty years, Mrs. H. Caswell died at her home in Ono, Sunday, March 3rd. Mrs. Caswell was born Jan 30, 1822, in Monroe Co., Ohio, her maiden name being E.V. Osburn. She came to this County in 1878. She leaves a large family to mourn her loss. Mrs. Caswell was esteemed for her many virtues and excellent qualities. The relatives of the deceased lady desire to return sincere thanks to the people who so kindly rendered aid and sympathy in the hour of grief, especially to Rev. W.S. Kidder and family.


CLARK, Merla Jean Foster Barber (1943-2013)

2013 September 25 (Wednesday) Redding Record Searchlight:

Merla Jean Foster Clark, age 70 of Ono, California passed peacefully with family and friends by her side on September 17, 2013.

Merla was born April 14, 1943 in Redding, California to Lee and Mable Foster.

She is survived by her daughter Debra Clark of Cottonwood; son Michael Barber and wife Joanne of Ono; daughter Bobbi Tucker and husband Alan of Ono; son Michael Clark and wife Sharon of Redding. She was also blessed with 8 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild and her faithful dog Toto.

She is predeceased by her parents Lee and Mable Foster, husband Gerald Clark, son James Allen Clark and brother James Lee Foster, Sr.

Merla's life is distinguished not only by her love of family, but also by her generosity and devotion to preserving the past.  Merla had a special place in her heart for history, archaeology and preserving Native American burial and sacred sites. Merla did a lot more than study the past; she would roll up her sleeves and get to working in the dirt to make the world a better place. Merla worked as a monitor and as an Archaeological Assistant on many Native American digs. Merla's love for history and thirst for knowledge led her to take and retake many Archaeology classes just for the pure enjoyment of learning.

Merla was actively involved in the lcal community as a Grange Executive Board Member and Grange Hall Rental Manager. Merla was also a member of the Shasta historical Society, Trinity County Historical Society, Southwest Shasta Historical Group, and the Wintu Educational and Cultural Council.

The family would like to invite family and friends to a celebration of Merla's life Sunday, September 29, 2013.

Grave side services will be at the Ono Cemetery at 11:00 am and a potluck reception to follow at the Ono Grange Hall.

For information call 396-2446. Memorial donations may be made to the Ono Grange, P O Box 200, Igo, CA 96047 or the Wintu Educational & Cultural Council, 2955 Red Bud Lane, Anderson, CA 96007.

Merla donated blood for years. She would appreciate your donating of blood or platelets to help others as it helped her when she needed it most.~


CRAWFORD, Martha Frances Kidder Linn (1871-1958)

Martha Frances Crawford, a native of Ono, died at her home in Redding this morning [16 June 1958]. She was 87.

Mrs. Crawford was born Mar 12, 1871. She was a member of the First Baptist Church here and served as matron of nurses in the old St. Caroline Hospital in Redding in ___.

She leaves three sisters, Mrs. Edna Barr of Ono, Miss Della Kidder of Redding and Mrs. Elsie Hodgins of Chico.

Services will be conducted Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at McDonald's Chapel with the Rev. Claude Porter officiating. Interment will be in the Ono Cemetery.


GRAVES, Addie Baker (1887-1962)

Addie Baker Graves, a retired school teacher, died this morning [ 20 July 1962] in a Redding hospital. She was 74.

Mrs. Graves was born in Ono, [13 Dec 1887] and for 39 years she taught in Shasta County elementary schools.

She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Donna Bay of Redding, and Mrs. Helen Humphrey of Redding, a son, Wesley Graves of Central Valley; a sister, Mrs. Julia Edmonds, of Ono, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Services will be conducted at 10:30 am Monday at McDonald's Chapel. Interment will follow at the Ono Cemetery.


JORDAN, Irby H. (1838-1913)

Sacramento Union, May 1913 -

JORDAN - In Ono, (Shasta Co.) 9 may 1913, Irby H. Jordan, aged 75 years, father to Mrs. James L. Montgomery, Robert, William and James.


JORDAN, Irby H. (1887-1912)

Sacramento Union, Wednesday 10 Jan. 1912

JORDAN, In Redding (Shasta Co.) 8 Jan 1912, Irby H. Jordan, husband of Mrs. Winifred Jordan, son of Mr. & Mrs. Irby H. Jordan, brother of Mrs. James Montgomery, Robert, William and James Jordan; a native of California, aged 25 years.


JORDAN, Robert Powell (1880 - 1936)

ROBERT JORDAN, 56,  PASSES ON HERE SUNDAY, County Supervisor is Victim of Operation Performed Last Week - Robert Powell Jordan, 56 year old Shasta County Supervisor for the past 12 years, passed on at a Redding hospital Sunday morning as the result of an operation performed the early part of the week, from which he was apparently recovering when he took a sudden turn for the worse.

Jordan was elected supervisor four times in district 2, the first time in 1924, serving consecutive terms ever since. he was elected for the fourth time last November, and had just started his fourth term on January 4.

Born in Ono November 4, 1880, Jordan was a resident of Shasta cvounty all his life. He was a prminent stock raiser in the Ono district. Jordan never moved.

Surviving are his mother Mrs Josephine Jordan of Ono; a sister, Macie I Montgomery of Redding, County Superintendent of Schools; and two brother, William T. Jordan of Ono and James Jordan of Redding.

Funeral Services will be held at the grave side in the Ono Cemetery Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with the Western Star Lodge No. 2 Masonic Order of Shasta, of which he was a member, officiating.

Interment will be made by McDonald & Scott.


KIDDER, Charles William (1874-1943)

Charles Kidder Dies At Home - Charles William Kidder, 68, native of Ono and life-long resident of Shasta county, died at his home, 1620 Chestnut Street last night [20 December 1943.]

Kidder was born on Jan 11, 1874, and would have been 69 years of age next month. [BORN - At Eagle Creek, Jan 11th, to the wife of Rev. W.S. Kidder, a son.]

He served as an employee of the City of Redding for 20 years, working in the street department.

Previously Kidder had driven a stage between Redding and Ono.

His siter, Miss Della Kidder, is deputy tax collector.

Kidder leaves five sisters, Miss Kidder of Redding, Mrs. Martha F. Crawford of Redding, Mrs. Lottie Hammans of Redding, Mrs. Edna Barr of Ono and Mrs. Elsie Hodgins of Redding.

Funeral services will be conducted at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at McDonald's Chapel with the Rev. Thomas L. Kilpatrick officiating. Interment will be in the Ono Cemetery.~


SHOUP, John Franklin (1868*-1944)

JOHN F. SHOUP OF ONO DIES - John Franklin Shoup, 75, Shasta County rancher and stockman died yesterday [3 December 1944] at Mercy Hospital where he had been a patient eight days.

for many years he has owned and operated a stock ranch at Ono, at the same time maintaining a home in Redding. In recent years his sons have been associated with him in operation of the ranch.

He was a native of Illinois, born May 26, 1869, and came to California more than 63 years ago.

Shoup leaves his wife, Mrs. Laura Belle Shoup of 1261 East Street, Redding; five sons, Clarence, Leslie and Bert Shoup, all of Ono, Austin J. Shoup, Redding City Police Sergeant, and Erle Shoup of the U. S. Navy; two daughters, Mrs. Maude Maupin of Redding and Mrs. Clara Fredrickson of Santa Rosa; eight grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Nancy Webb of Redding.

Funeral Services will be held at McDonald's Chapel at 2 p.m. tomorrow. The Rev. Don Chase will officiate. Interment will be in the Ono Cemetery.

*Records vary between 1868 and 1869, Headstone reads 1869.


SHOUP, Laura Belle Webb (1875-1950)

Mrs. Shoup Dies; Native of Ono - Mrs. Laura Belle Shoup, 75, died yesterday [16 August 1950] in Memorial Hospital [Redding] after a week's illness.

The Rev. Ernest J. Troutner will officiate at services Friday at 2:30 p.m. in McDonald's Chapel. Interment will be in Ono Cemetery.

Mrs. Shoup was born [19 July 1875] in Ono and lived in Shasta County all her life. Her husband, John. F. Shoup, died in 1944. She was a member of the Methodist Church.

She leaves seven children:  Clarence E. Shoup, Leslie E. Shoup, Bert A. Shoup and Erle A. Shoup, all of Ono; Austin J. Shoup of Redding, Mrs. Maude E. Maupin of Redding and Mrs. Clarabelle Fredrickson of Santa Rosa. She leaves two sisters, Mrs. Belle Long of Redding, and Mrs. Hettie Taylor of Redding; a sister-in-law, Mrs. Nancy Webb of Redding; several grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

A son, Chester Harold Shoup (1912-1913) predeceased.


SMITH, George Arthur (1872-1916)

San Diego Union, 9 Apr 1916 - DIES IN SHASTA COUNTY:  George Arthur Smith, 44 years old, well known in San Diego, where he was a frequent visitor, died at Ono, Shasta County, California a few days ago, according to a letter received yesterday from Mrs. M. A. Smith of Ono. Smith was a member of the San Diego Chapter of Knights of Maccabees. He leaves a widow and a son five years old. Interment was at Ono.


TAYLOR, Alanson (1829 -1895)

1895 October 5, Shasta Courier -

A. Taylor, one of the Jurors on the Lewis case, who has been sick for some time, was called to a higher Court Tuesday night [2 Oct 1895]. His death will delay the case again, which was to have come up Monday.


TAYLOR, Sarah Susan McFarlin (1845-1931) 

1931 November 17, The Searchlight - MRS. SARAH TAYLOR, RESIDENT OF SHASTA, 78 YEARS, DIES AT HOME OF DAUGHTER, DEATH CAME WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THAT OF FRIEND OF HALF CENTURY - Mrs. Sarah Taylor who watched the development of Shasta County for 78 years passed away last evening at the home of her daughter Mrs. Edith Bartell, at Millville - She was 86 years old.

Death came within 24 hours after Mrs. Elizabeth Larkin, her closest friend in Shasta County for half century died. It was only recently that she called upon Mrs. Larkin in Redding.

Mrs. Taylor was born in Wisconsin. When a small girl her parents brought her across the plains, her mother driving the span of horses and her father an oxen team. The family came through the Donner pass and settled near Texas Springs, Shasta County.

Mrs. Taylor is survived by a son, George Taylor, four daughters:  Mrs. Edith Bartell, Mrs. Alice Couey of Ono, Mrs. Nettie Bartell of Anderson and Mrs. Daisy Hagedorn of Olinda. Two sisters:  Mrs. Mary Kidder and Mrs. T.B. Smith and a brother, A.J. McFarlin.

[Sarah Susan McFarlin Taylor, b:  7 March 1845, Lancaster, Grant, Wisconsin; m:  13 October 1861, Ono, Shasta, California, Alanson Taylor; d:  14 November 1931, Millville, Shasta, California, aged 86 years 6 months, 7 days; buried Ono Cemetery; Mother of 7 children:  Ellen Susan Taylor Peterson, William Alanson Taylor; Martha Alice Taylor Couey; Nettie Mae Taylor Bartell; Daisy Dell Taylor Hagedorn; Edith Edna Taylor Bartell; George Washington Taylor.]