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An Ono Cemetery List, Alpha J - Z

James, Thomas

Johndrow, Joy Ann

Jordan (Baby)

Jordan, Craig Eugene

Jordan, Ruth Gwendolyn Davis

Jordan, Irby Holt (b: 1887)

Jordan, Irby Holt (b: 1840)

*Jordan, Josephine E.

Jordan, Josephine Elizabeth Murphy

*Jordan, R.

Jordan, Robert Hamilton

Jordan, Robert Powell

Jordan, William Thomas

Jordan, William Valentine

Keltner, Melvin W.

Kidder, Charles William

Kidder, Mary Elizabeth McFarlin

Kidder, William Samuel (Reverend)

Knoderer, John Arthur

Krause, Charles Otto

Lees, David Allen

Lees, David Theodore

Lemon, Loveden Leonard

Liming, Margaret Adella "Peg"

Linn, Eva (baby)

Long, Emma Rhuamah Robinson

Long, William Lawrence

Lonnberg, Florence (living)

Lonnberg, John P.

Lowry, Jefferson Davis

*Maffery or Mavity???

Matod, Joseph Clairfoss

McCambell, Lillian Elenora Nelson

McCarty, Una Lorraine Chamberlain

McCormick, Martha G. Smith

McCormick, William

McFarlin, Anna

McFarlin, Edna

McFarlin, Charles Floyd

McFarlin, Clifton George

McFarlin, John Taylor

McFarlin, Viola

McGrew, Everett Hamilton

McGrew, Flora Ethel

McGrew, John

McGrew, Julia Louisa Cunningham

McKee, Alison Royden

Miller, Adeline Viola "Addie"

*Miller (Baby)

Miller, James Thomas

Miller, John Franklin

Miller, Julia Ann Simmons

Miller, Laura E. Wakefield

Miller, Ruth Lucille Boswell

Miller, Stephen Riley (b: 1831)

Miller, Stephen Riley (b: 1848, nephew)

*Miller, T.

Moore, J. W.

Moore, Joseph B.

Moore, Lena Voss

Morton, John James

Morton, Lizzie Miller

Moxley, Frances Albright


(Murphy & Murphey same family)

Murphey, Charles Marshall

Murphey, Henry Clay

Murphey, Floyd Marshall

Murphey, Glenn A.

Murphey, James Randolph

Murphy, Jarusha Philena Dickenson

Murphey, John Albert

Murphey, Johnnie Raymond

Murphey, Lucy Smith

Murphey, Nellie Celeste Beebe

Murphy, William Valentine

Murray, Jacob

Nelson, Elanora Francisco Meyer

Nicol, Ellinora Mae Noble

Nicol, William Don "Bill" (tombstone has middle initial "F")

Noble (twin baby)

Noble (Twin Baby)

Noble, Don

Noble, Fannie Caswell Maloney

Noble, Lena Watson

Norden, Michael Davis

Norden, Stacey Lynn

*Owen, Regina Gallant Lugg "Gina"

*Owen, Rutter Lugg, III

Peel, Mary Belle

Peterson, Susan Ellen "Ella" Taylor

Peterson, Grant Tarwalt

Peterson, Rasmus

Poston, Darling Claudie

Poston, Ellis LeRoy

Powers, James Melton

Powers, Lewis

Powers, Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins

Quirk, Jessie Mae Kidder

Rector, Alonzo Hawley

*Reynolds or Richardson???

Rieger, Ardis Gill Paxton - Memorial

Rieger, Mary Ardis "Ardis" Gill Paxton

Rieger, Sherman Francis

Rios, Elizabeth Jane Lamberson Smith

Rios, Thomas

Robinson Baby (Burtis Allen)

Robinson, Clifford Albert

Robinson, Frances C.

Robinson, Frederick Dyckman

Robinson, Frederick Lawrence

Robinson, Irby Close

Robinson, L.

Robinson, Marie A. Smith

Robinson, Mary Frances Jordan Robinson (married brothers)

Ruff, John Lanaway

Ruff, Agnes Maria "Maggie" Robinson

Shoup, Bertram "Bert"

Shoup, Chester Harled

Shoup, Edgar (Baby)

Shoup, Erle Franklin - Memorial

Shoup, John Franklin

Shoup, Judy Lee - Memorial

Shoup, Laura Belle Webb

Shoup, Leslie Edgar

Shoup, Richard Alivin "Dick" - Memorial

Shoup, Verona Ila Stuart

Smith, Henry Caswell

Smith, Michael Dunfield

Smith, Margaret Conway

Smith, Margaret E. Murphy

Smith, Peter Dunfield

Stinson, George P.

Sublett, Elmer (baby)

Sublett, Luella May

Sykes, Henry E.

Taylor, Alanson

Taylor, Hettie Elizabeth Webb

Taylor, James William "Jim"

Taylor, Rowena Violet

Taylor, Sarah Susan McFarlin

Taylor, Violet Rowena Nelson

Taylor, William Alanson

Venzke, Sally Alberg

Voss, Carl George

Voss, Carl Henry

Voss, Julia Ellen Rector




Wallis, Eloise Evelyn Barr

Wells, Myrtle Olive Nelson

Wheelock, Mabel (infant)

Wilder, Delia Ione

Wilder, Frances

Wilder, Francis Marion "Frank"

Wilder, Mona May

Wilder, Susan Louisa Robinson


*Wright, Jane E.

Wright, William Parker

York, Alice May Baker

York, Leonard Marion



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