ANDREWS, Mary Ann Dudley (1829-1914)
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 12:32PM
Jo Giessner

OLDEST PIONEER LADY OF SHASTA COUNTY IS CALLED - MRS. MARY ANN ANDREWS PASSES AT THE AGE OF FOUR SCORE AND FIVE - Mrs. Mary Ann Andrews, perhaps the oldest woman pioneer of Shasta County, passed away quietly in the home of her daughters, Mrs. Lynn Gillespie and Mrs. Ella Sutton, in this city [Redding] at 4:30 Thursday afternoon. She had been ailing for several weeks, asthma troubling her greatly, together with the infirmities natural to one who had reached the age of four score years and five.

Mrs. Andrews was born in Kentucky. She came to California in 1856, then the bride of the pioneer Alex R. Andrews, who had settled in Shasta County in 1849. Mr. Andrews went back to Kentucky in 1856 and was married there. The pioneer couple lived first at Horsetown and later on Andrews Creek and Roaring River in the southwestern part of the county, where Mr. Andrews for years ran a sawmill. The "Andrews Place" is still a landmark farm in the vicinity of Gas Point. The decedent was half owner of the valuable place to the last.

In later years Mr. and Mrs. Andrews moved to Shasta and finally to Redding where Mr. Andrews died in 1900.

Ever since her husband's death, Mrs. Andrews had made her home in Redding, generally with Mrs. Lynn Gillespie, her daughter. The closing years were spent in ease, quiet and contentment. Mrs. Andrews was a faithful member of the Baptist Church.

The pioneer leaves three daughter - Mrs. Ella Sutton, Mrs. Lynn Gillespie, and Mrs. Mary Sweeny. She was the grandmother of Dudley V. Saeltzer and Rolph A. Saeltzer. Mrs. Sweeny is supposed to be on her way home to Redding from New York, and until the time of her arrival can be determined the time of the funeral cannot be announced. The Houston Company is in charge.

[Mary Ann Dudley was born August 1829 in Kentucky. Alexander Robertson Andrews was born 22 February 1829 in Martha Mills, Fleming, Kentucky. The couple married 18 March 1856 in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. The couple had four daughters and one son all born in Shasta County, California. Mary Ann died 19 November 1914 at the age of 85 years. Alex had died 25 December 1900 at the age of 71.]

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