Piety Hill, 1877
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 11:08AM
Jo Giessner

Per the Great Register of the County of Shasta for the Year 1877, the Piety Hill list of residents:

Allinson, Mark; England, Miner  (Dubuque, Iowa)

Baker, Prince Thompson, Maine, Miner, Piety Hill

Bock, Frederick; Germany, Miner (New York City, New York)

Casto, Jonathan Skiver; United States, Cooper

Casto, Vanson Dodge; Illinois, Miner

Cushman, James Emory; Maine, Laborer

Candy [Cundy], Thomas William; England, Blacksmith (Kewrenow Co., Michigan)

Everest, George; England, Miner (Through Father in Ohio)

Forschler, William; Germany, Miner (Shasta County)

French, Frank; Michigan, Farmer

Gardner, Frederick; Pennsylvania, Butcher

Hooker, Jerry Madison; New York, Miner

Hottman, Thomas; Germany, Miner (Shasta County, CA)

Kingsbury, Charles Nelson; United States, Carpenter

Kidder, William Samuel; England, Postmaster &  Baptist Preacher

Lindsey, Samuel; Kentucky, Miner

Lutz, John B.; Germany, Miner (Sacramento Co., California)

Larkin, John; Germany, Miner

Linn, Edward; Russia, Surveyor

Mertz, Louis; Bavaria, Blacksmith (Shasta Co.)

Mertz, Valentine' Germany, Saloon Keeper

Offord, Henry William; England, Miner

Philbrick, John Clark; United States, Miner

Petty, John Austin; Tennessee, Blacksmith

Pettee, James Algernon; Maine, Miner

Rothwell, Henry; United States, Miner

Reynolds, George; Wisconsin, Miner

Roberts, William; England, Miner (Trinity Co., CA)

Roth, Theodore; Bavaria, Miner (Buffalo, New York)

Ruster, William; Hanover, Miner

Shepard, Benjamin Allen; Missouri, Miner

Smith, Thomas Burton; Missouri, Miner

Stiller, Augustus Richard; Prussia, Farmer (Shasta Co., CA)

Sullivan, John Daniel; Ireland, Miner (Horten Co., Michigan)

Vanbel [Vaubel], Christian; Ohio, Miner

Wiedenbach, Frederick; Germany, Miner

Whitmore, Philander; Illinois, Miner

Wright, John Pettis; Missouri, Laborer

White, Thomas; England, Miner (Shasta Co., CA)

Wiliams, Christopher; England, Miner



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