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Ono Voters, 1900

The Voters Register is a good place to find full or legal names, ages, and addresses, and possible relationships.

ONO PRECINCT 1900 - taken from the Shasta County Voters Register book publication. [Alphabetical order corrected.]

Adkins, Harry Olonzo, 21, Ono; Adkins, John Thomas, 55, Ono; Alberg, Bernard, 24, Ono; Alberg, Charles, 26, Ono; Arkarro, Henry, 36, Ono; Baker, Almareane W., 57, Ono; Baker, Arthur A., 32, Ono; Baker, Sidney Clay, 24, Ono; Barnett, John Thomas, 41, Ono; Beall, William Ryland, 36, Ono; Beebe, Millard Fillmore, 23, Ono; Bosen, Christian C., 63, Ono; Brass, Ferdinand P., 26, Ono; Brown, James Moore, 62, Ono

Caswell, Henry, 62, Ono; Comstock, James W., 43, Ono; Couey, George, 62, Ono; Couey, George Marion, 35, Ono; Couey, Lewis Elmer, 30, Ono; Cushman, Frank Emory, 24, Ono; Cushman, James E., 58, Ono

Daniels, Jobe, 34, Ono; Davis, James Alexander, 55, Gas Point; Dexter, John Wesley, 70, Ono; Dickerson, Horace F., 62, Ono; Dickerson, James Harvey, 66, Ono; Doll, Valentine, 63, Ono; Driscoll, William, 22, Ono

Eairrout, George, 61, Ono; Erickson, Andres, 63, Ono; Erickson, Paul M., 26, Ono; Evans, Evan Rees, 59, Ono

Freitas, Joseph, 66, Ono; Felker, George Washington, 87, Ono

Gill, Edward Sinclair, 30, Ono; Gill, James William, 68, Ono; Gill, Marshal Booker, 26, Ono

Huelsman, Herman, 45, Ono

Jones, Edward Ricketts, 66, Igo; Jones, Robert, 22, Ono; Jones, Thaddeus A., 67, Ono; Jones, Jr., Thaddeus A., 29, Ono; Jordan, Irby Holt, 60, Ono; Joseph, Frank, 55, Ono

Kester, Herbert Harlow, 37, Ono; Kidder, Charles William, 26, Ono; Kidder, William S., 65, Ono

Labude, August, 67, Ono; Lemon, Loveden Leonard, 56, Ono; Lockhart, James Thomas, 66, Ono; Loeffler, Gottlieb, 52, Ono; Long, Andrew Wallace, 21, Ono; Long, Frederick Lee, 23, Ono; Loomis, Arthur W., 33, Ono; Loomis, Charles Plato, 35, Ono; Losekann, Christian, 49, Ono

McCormick, William, 63, Ono; McFarlin, Andrew J., 39, Ono; McGrew, John, 56, Ono; Mavity, William Carr, 77, Ono; Miller, Andrew, 34, Ono; Miller, Stephen Riley, 69, Ono; Moon, Archibald, 72, Ono; Moon, James Luman, 36, Ono; Moore, Marlon Martin, 41, Ono; Morton, John James, 65, Ono; Murphy, Charles C., 31, Ono; Murphy, William V., 70, Ono

Pemnatal, Joe, 57, Ono; Peterson, Marten Julius, 40, Ono; Peterson, Rasmus, 62, Ono; Philpot, Alexander C., 68, Ono; Pitts, Eugene Hiram, 29, Ono

Quirk, Edmund S., 30, Ono; Quirk, Harry Chester, 38, Ono

Rabbit, Manuel, 64, Ono; Rector, Alonzo Hawley, 65, Ono; Rior [Rios], Thomas, 72, Ono; Robinson, Fred B., 43, Ono

Shoup, John Franklin, 32, Ono; Smith, Calvin Jefferson, 40, Ono; Smith, John Ogborne, 53, Ono; Smith, Nicholas Taylor, 49, Ono; Smith, Thomas Osborne, 44, Ono; Smith, William Burger, 41, Ono; Stewart, Willard Read, 42, Igo; Story, John Chamberlain, 58, Ono; Stuck, Creed Hamond, 27, Ono; Stuck, Mathias, 38, Ono

Taylor, William A., 35, Igo; Thurman, Harvey E., 39, Ono; Tortell, Vincent, 28, Ono

Voss, Carl George, 51, Ono; Voss, Theodore Carl, 53, Ono

Wagner, Eli Hu, 69, Ono; Weaver, George Lincoln, 36, Ono; Webb, George W., 28, Ono; Weiss, Otto E., 24, Ono; Wheelock, Frederick J., 24, Ono; Wheelock, John Jones, 65, Ono; Williams, Joseph, 51, Ono;Wodey, Jean, 39, Ono.~ 

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