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Igo, Rebekah Degree Lodge 

Rebekah Lodges are the female auxiliary of the independent Order of Odd Fellows, the name taken from the Biblical character of Rebekah.

1851 September 20- Rebekah Lodges founded

1868 September 25, Odd Fellows voted to establish Degree Lodges of the Daughters of Rebekah.

1874 - name change to Degree of Rebekah, or Rebekah Degree

1878 April 26- Rebekah Degree Lodge numbered 43 instituted at Igo.

1881, Directory of Shasta County, pg 104:

Igo Rebekah Degree Lodge, No. 43

This Degree Lodge was instituted at Igo, April 26, 1878, by T. B. Smith, D.D.G.M., assisted by S. Isaacks, P.G.; N.A. Beeves, P.G., A.W. Baker, P.G. and George W. McFarlin, P.G.

Charter members were:  Mrs. Martha Ann Smith, Mrs. W. Brummett, Nathan A. Beeves, Mrs. N.A. Beeves, Almareane W. Baker, Mrs. Sydnie Baker, George Washington McFarlin, H. Hillsman [Herman Huelsman], John J. Wheelock, Mrs. H. Wheelock, W.W. Elmore, Mrs. D. Elmore, Warren Dunham, Mrs. E. Dunham, J. M. Gleaves, Mrs. J.M. Gleaves, Theodore C. Voss, Mrs. W. Voss, Frederick Weidenbach, William Miller McFarlin, B.K. Hemminger, Mrs. B.K. Hemminger, M.N. Dickerson, Mrs. M.R. Dickerson.

Officers at institution of Lodge:  N. A. Beeves, N. G.; Mrs. M.A. Smith, V.G.;A. W. Baker, R.S.; Mrs. W. Voss, T.; Mrs. S. Baker, W.; Mrs. W. Brummett, C.; Mrs. B. K. Hemminger, I.S.G.; Mrs. H. Wheelock, O.S.G.; Mrs. N.A. Beeves, R.S. to N.G.; Mrs. M.N. Dicjkerson, L.S. to N.G.; T.B. S,ith, R.S. to V.G.; J.J. Wheelock, L.S. to V.G.

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