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Piety Hill & Texas Springs - Church Focus

An unusual entry in the Book of Records in Shasta County Courthouse is one drawn 7 August 1862 by the Rev. Noah Burton for the Methodist Church. It reads,  "Know all men of these present that I, Noah Burton, by virtue of my office as preacher in charge at Piety Hill and Clover Creek circuit . . . do hereby appoint John B. Webb, John Blunkall, J.H. Baker and Wimmiam Kinney, as board of trustees of certain property situated at Piety Hill, Shasta County, and known as the parsonage, together with the stable and carriage house, also a small cabin on the south side of the above named buildings; also whatsoever appertaineth to said buildings - the same to be held in trust by them for use and benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church . . .They shall at all times permit such ministers belonging to the said Church as from time to time be sent to occupy the same."

"As the years drew on, Piety Hill changed its name to Igo, the population decreased, and the church ceased to be. The same change overtook Texas Springs except that the town had disappeared entirely, and is not so much as mentioned in the Directory of 1881. Mrs. M.E. Simmons was a member of the Methodist Church there, and in her home, one mile south of the town, prayer meetings were sometimes held. This home was once the home of Joaquin Miller. Other active members in the early days included Mr and Mrs Willis Elmore, George Couey and family, Marion Webb, the John Prices, the McCullins, the McLaughlins, and the McFarlins. George Reese, father of Winona Simmons, was an active member also." - Chase, Don M. Pioneers, Sketches of Pioneer Days in Shasta, Tehama, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties with Emphasis on the Beginnings of Religious Organizations. Printed by Author in Redding, California, 1945. Located in  the Boggs Collection of the Shasta County Library, Redding, California.