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Northern California Notables

Per Don M. Chase, 1945 - Pioneers Sketches of Pioneer Days in Shasta, Tehama, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties with Emphasis on the Beginnings of Religious Organizations

John W. Studebaker, from Red Bluff, Tehama County, United States Commissioner of Education

Clair Engle, from Cone Community, Tehama County, Congressman

Will Morrish, from Bully Hill, Shasta County, prominent in Bay Area banking circles and leading Methodist layman

Earl Lee Kelly, from Redding, Shasta County, San Francisco Bank Executive and one time State Public Works Director

Judge Rankin, from Shasta County, Judge in Willows, Glenn County Court

Rev. W. P. Rankin, from Shasta County, brother to Judge Rankin

Royal T. Sprague, from Shasta County, Chief Justice of California Supreme Court

James R. Kean, from Shasta County, national financial figure

Daniel Callaghan, from Shasta County, well-known San Francisco financial man

Alpheus Bull, Tehama and Shasta Counties, well-known San Francisco financial man


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