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1939 June 27, Riverside Daily Press- Christopher "Bud" Tomar, wanted for questioning in the murder of D. E. S. Branstetter, who was found dead in a cabin near Redding, Shasta County, May 26, was taken into custody at Corona yesterday and placed in the County Jail at 3 pm on suspicion of a felony.

Tomar's arrest was made without knowledge of his relatives in the Circle City, and when he failed to return home they sought the aid of police and requested that he be listed as "missing."

The arrest of Tomar was effected by Deputy Sheriff R.W. Smith on a telephoned request from the Sheriff os Shasta County received by Sheriff Carl F. Rayburn yesterday.

1939 June 29, Riverside Daily Press - TOMAR WILL FACE MURDER CHARGES - Christopher "Bud" Tomar, 43, arrested in Corona, is to be returned to Redding to face charges of murder for the death of D.E.S. "Doc" Branstetter, elderly rancher, Deputy District Attorney Alvin Cibula of Shasta County, said here today.

Cibula declared that he and Deputy Sheriff John King of the northern county, who have questioned Tomar the past two days, would start the trip to Redding with their prisoner "sometime today."

Branstetter, believed killed by blows inflicted by a metal bar, was found dead May 26. Cibula would make no statement as to the results of the questioning of Tomar only to say that "I think we have a good case."

Tomar formerly resided in Corona and had been living in the Redding district recently. He was with relatives when arrested in Riverside County on suspicion of a felony.

This morning Cibula visited the office of Dist. Atty. Earl Redwine to meet the members of the local prosecutors office.

1939 June 30, Riverside Daily Press- MURDER CONFESSION BY TOMAR REVEALED - Riverside County sheriff's officers today revealed that Christopher "Bud" Tomar, 43, arrested in Corona Monday, has confessed to the brutal crow-bar slaying of D. E. S. Branstetter near Redding two months ago.

Tomar made the admission to Riverside and Shasta County authorities early Thursday morning after hours of questioning, it was said. The suspect is now being transported to Redding to face formal charges of murder.

Word that Tomar had actually confessed the slaying was not made known until the defendant had been taken out of the county jail yesterday by Deputy Dist. Atty. Alvin Cibula and Deputy Sheriff John King of the northern county, on their request.

Tomar, who had come to Southern California after the slaying finally broke down and admitted to Deputy Sheriffs R.W. Smith and F.F. Labrum of Riverside and Cibula and King that he had killed Branstetter after an argument over a debt.

"I didn't mean to kill him, but I was so angry that i hit him twice with a crow-bar," Tomar is said to have declared. He asserted that Branstetter was trying to secure a gun when he struck the elderly rancher. The slaying occurred at Branstetter's ranch 30 miles from Redding.

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