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Kidder, William Samuel

1860 September 15, Sacramento Daily Union - Religious Intelligence - Ordination of Ministers - On Sunday night last, at the Baptist Church in this city, the Rev. Messrs. Kidder and Spencer, of Shasta County, were publicly ordained to the full work of the gospel ministry. Rev. Mr. Rhees, of Marysville, preached the ordination sermon; Rev. Mr. Barnes of Coloma, offered the prayer; Rev. Mr. Shuck, of Sacramento, delivered the charge; and Rev. Mr. Hackley, of Shasta, gave the hand of ministerial fellowship. Rev. Mr. Kidder read the closing hymn, and Rev. Mr. Spencer pronounced the benediction, when the large and interested audience separated.~

1867 December 11, Sacramento Daily News - MARRIED at Eagle Creek, Shasta County, December 5th by Rev. Isaac N. Newkirk, Rev. Wm. S. Kidder to Mary E. McFarlin; also, by Rev. Wm. S. Kidder, Thomas B. Smith to Martha A. McFarlin.~

1877 February 1, Weekly Rescue (Sacramento, California) - Shasta County - Bald Hills Lodge, No. 170, recently gave an "oyster supper," the net proceeds of which, $40. was applied in liquidation of hall debt. Brother William S. Kidder, the Lodge Deputy, says the hall debt will soon be wiped out, when something substantial will be done for the Orphans' Home Fund. The "dime collection" was not taken, but a temperance meeting will be held on the 11th inst., when the collection will be for the benefit of the "N.T.S. dime collection."~

1879 July 21, San Francisco Bulletin - "In the afternoon the following nominations were made: . . .Assessor, W.S. Kidder, Rep. . . "~

1879 December 1, San Francisco Bulletin - Pacific Coast Religious News - Rev. W. S. Kidder, Baptist Minister at Igo, Shasta County, is also one of the Assessors of that county.~

1911 March 18, San Francisco Call, Redding, Mar 17 - MARRYING PARSON DIES AT HIS HOME IN ONO - REV. W.S. KIDDER READ WEDDING SERVICES 50 YEARS - Rev. W.S. Kidder, pioneer and old soldier, died last night at his home near Ono, where he had lived for 50 years. He was known as the "marrying parson" as he had officiated at almost every wedding in the western part of Shasta county for the last half century. He was 77 years old.~

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