A Pinckney Cemetery List (A-Z)

Also referred to as "Gas Point" Cemetery. The names Janesville, Gas Point and Pinckney seem to be used interchangeably quite often in history recordings.

Re:  Dr. Davidson - "When he knew he would have to arrange his affairs, he deeded a parcel of his property to my grandfather, except one acre for a burial ground, on the 23rd of May in 1884. He died December 12th, 1884, four days after his eighty-third birthday, and was buried at Pinckney Cemetery which he had donated to the community. As Rev. Samuel Kidder held the funeral service, a wild deer was seen in the cemetery. He [Davidson] was a devoted Christian man of sterling character and strong principles." - The Family History of Elida Raymond Wells by Ruth Raymond Wells Caldwell.

AUSTIN, Theodore A. (1901-1982)

BAKER, F. D. (1822-1891)

BENSON, Charles E. (1863-1914)

BENSON, Dora Hagler (1864-1914)

BONE, Lena B. (1940-1944)

BONE, Leslie L. (1915-1955)

BONE, Robert C. (1949-1949)

BOYER, Josephine Louisa Roberts (1846-1938)

CARPENTER, Bert (1890-1890)

CHRISTISON, Colin (1846-1912)

CHRISTISON, Edward Colin (1884-1885)

CHRISTISON, Jessie (1889-1890)

CHRISTISON, Mary (1880-1906)

CHRISTISON, Mary Shuffleton (1859-1923)

CHRISTISON, Nellie (1899-1905)

CHRISTISON, Sydney Hugh (1904-1904)

CLELAND, Zavala Dolly "Dolly" Thibaut (1911-1938)

COBIAN, Joseph Ricky (1988-1989)

CURTIS, (1942-1994)

*DAVIDSON, M.D., Kenneth Anderson (1801-1884) - Land Donor for Cemetery

DAVIS, Julia "Judy" Barber (1912-1990)

DIEHL, Harry E. (1904-1918)

DIEHL, Leopold Lee (1866-1936)

DIEHL, Mary Elizabeth Kell (1878-1965)

DREW, William Bowden (1907-1964)

FOX, Edward Luther III "Luke" (1994-1994)

GARRETT, Sarah Elizabeth Hightower Kell (1862-1917)

HAGLER, Mary (1825-1910)

HARBIN, Ivan Vascom "Vas" (1898-1965)

HARDMAN, William F. (1844-1929)

*HARRIS, Lillie Marietta Williams Fisher (1860-1948)

Re: Lillie - "1948 Lillie Williams (1) Fisher (2) Harris died at Santa Cruz and was buried at Pinckney." - The Family History of Elida Raymond Wells by Ruth Raymond Wells Caldwell

HAWK, Ricky Lynn (1962-1987)

HENNINGSEN, Robert (1919-1993)

HIENS (HEINS), Harriet Henrietta (1848-1928)

HIENS (HEINS), Henry (1867-1950)

HODGES, Lucille Benson (1918-1951)

HODGES, Neida N. (1947- ????)

HODGES, Verl C. (1916-1986)

HODGES, Virginia L. (1918-1951) Is this the same as Lucille Benson Hodges?

HODGES, Zelma K. James (1919-1994)

KELL, James William (1885-1955)

KELL, Robert Fitzsimmons "Bob" (1901-1949)

LERCH, Arthur D. (10 mo 28 days)

LESCHINSKY, Jacob (1829-1897)

LICEA, Adolfo (1923-1984)

MAUPIN, Charley (1844-1929)

MOFFETT, Daniel (1855-1925)

McKAY, Edward William (-1934)

McKENZIE, Moses Edwin (1858-1944)

McMULLEN, Mary (1914-1914)

PATTERSON, Annie Hiens Lechinsky (????)

RAINS, Albert (1888-1973)

RAINS, Edwin Marion (1923-1955)

*RAYMOND, Elida Frances "Ida" Williams (1855-1946) (m: FAGAN after DIV: RAYMOND)

Re: "Ida" - "She died of pneumonia in Red Bluff on January 22, 1946 at age ninety. She was buried in the family plot at Pinckney Cemetery on a very rainy day. Aunt Carrie and Mama and probably Aunt Nellie bought a gravestone for their mother. Later, Uncle Theodore insisted on reimbursing them for it. People in Soquel knew her as Elida Fagan, but her grave marker reads "Elida Ida Frances Raymond." -  The Family History of Elida Raymond Wells by Ruth Raymond Wells Caldwell.

RICKARD, Anna Bell Reagan (1875-1923)

RICKARD, Cassie (1897-1913)

RICKARD, Douglas Eugene (1911-1985)

RICKARD, Freda (1916-1922)

RICKARD, Johnny A. (????)

RICKARD, Leslie W. "Les" (1904-1963)

RICKARD, Manuel Daniel (1868-1955)

RICKARD, Norman (1895-1903))

RICKARD, Rodger E. (1948-1965)

ROCKHOLD, Henry Madison "Doc" (1840-1924)

RUSH, Edna H. Diehl (1898-1918)

SHELTON, Arva Juanita Goble (1906-1989)

SHELTON, Fredrick Albert "Fred" (1888-1949)

SHELTON, Fredrick Richard (or Richard Fredrick) (1922-1925)

SHELTON, George Washington (1894-1965)

SHELTON, Mary Isabelle "Belle" Philpot (1862-1948)

SHELTON, Katherine Evelyn "Katie" McKenzie (1893-1925)

SHELTON, Maggie Mae Kell (1896-1916)

SHELTON, Robert McGarvey (1879-1920)

SHELTON, Vernon Edward (1915-1915)

SHUFFLETON, Hugh Hall (1830-1919)

SHUFFLETON, Mary Melissa Hardman (1844-1907)

SHUFFLETON (dates unknown; child of Edward T. & Laten Nordyke Shuffleton)

SIMON, John Francis (1853-1932)

SIMON, Louis (1882-1899)

SIMON, Peter A. (1828-1893)

SORAHAN, Frances L. (1914-1962)

SORAHAN, Francis Joseph (1884-1958)

SORAHAN, Lester (1911-1989)

SPOHN, Raymond Allen (1937-1937)

SPOHN, Paul Scott (1901-1901)

SPOHN, Raymond L. (1956-1956)

STUART, Albert (1911-1913)

STUART, Bertram William (1900-1948)

STUART, Mabel (1903-1904)

THIBAUT, Elizabeth Bridget "Lizzie" Neagle (1882-1964)

THIBAUT, Leocadie "Katie" Bodson (1830-1912)

THIBAUT, Leon Jules (1870-1930)

THIBAUT, Nicholas (1835-1907)

THOMSON, William Dustin (1900-1964)

TIPTON, Charles Monroe (1862-1940)

TIPTON, Charles Monroe, Jr.(1891-1931)

TIPTON, Elizabeth Mary Markwick (1873-1955)

TURNER, George B. (1898-1983)

VENZKE, Isabell Vivian Key (1908-1931)

VENZKE, Mamie M. (1881-1943)

VENZKE, Mary Rockhold (1884-1942)

WARD, Irene Mabel (1910-1934)

*WILLIAMS, John Shepherd (1823-1883) (First Burial, son-in-law of K.A. Davidson, M.D., before the acre was set aside for the Cemetery)

*WILLIAMS, Mary Elizabeth (1863-1887)

*WILLIAMS, Sarah Elizabeth Davidson (1830-1893)

*WILLIAMS, Sarah May (1879-1879)

Re:  Sarah May "Born 25 Sep 1879 and died at one month at Gas Point."  Daughter of Kenneth Shepherd and May Ward WILLIAMS. Buried in Pinckney Cemetery before Dr. Davidson assigned the one acre cemetery to the community.

*WILLIAMS, Theodore Harvey (1869-1947)

WOLFE, Marjorie "Mamie" Rickard (1905-1980)

WOLFE, William L. (1904-1982)

*Members of Dr. Kenneth A. Davidson's family.


A Good Woman Passes Away

1906 November 19, Sacramento Union, Redding, Nov 18 - Miss Mary Christison, Long a Resident of Redding, Died Friday at Her Home in Igo, Shasta County. - Miss Mary Christison, long a resident of Redding, died Friday afternoon in Igo at the home of her aunt, Mrs. C.H. Stevens. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Colin Christison.

Miss Christison was a pupil in the high school when it first started, and lived with Mrs. E. G. Logan, who has always stood as another parent to her. After completing her high school work she took up nursing as a profession, and it was while serving her term of probation in San Francisco that she contracted the disease which resulted in her death. She was in charge of a very serious case, and not liking to leave her patient for a moment, lay down upon the bare floor for her rest. As a result she caught a severe cold which settled on her lungs and developed into tuberculosis.

Miss Christison was a patient sufferer, and though she knew her chances for recovery were slight, when she was sent home for treatment she was never known to repine or rebel against her fate. She was 24 years of age at the time of her death and leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her departure.

The funeral took place this morning from her home at Gas Point, and the body was interred in the plot where several children of the family have preceded.~


Forty-Niner Dies

1919 March 12, Evening News (San Jose, California) - By United Press, Redding, Cal, March 12 - H.H. Shuffleton, ages 89, the only forty-niner of Shasta county died here early this morning.~


Mrs. Leocadie Thibaut Buried at Gas Point

1912 September 7, Redding Record Searchlight - The funeral of Mrs. Leocadie Thibaut, whose death occurred in this city Friday evening was held Sunday afternoon at Gas Point the home of the decedent for many years. Interment was made by the graveside of the devoted husband. The funeral was largely attended by former friends around Gas Point and by relatives and friends who went from Redding.~