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The name Almanor was derived from letters of the names of the daughters of Guy C. Earl, President of the Great Western Power Company at the time the lake was created. The dam was completed in 1917.

Alice = Al; Martha = ma; Elinore = nor

Prior to "Almanor" being applied to the reservoir by Julius M. Howell, in charge of construction, the site was known as"Big Meadows Reservoir."

AKA:  Plumas Pines (no Post Office)

1932 July 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Almanor, Plumas, California located 13 miles northwest of Greenville.

Mrs. Adelaide Smith, First Postmaster.

1943 and 1944 -Summer Post Office not opened.

1951 September 30, Mrs. Leta W. Hughes, Postmaster.

1955 June 25, Eleanor R. Banhard, Postmaster.

1961 November 24, Eleanor R. Charles, Postmaster.

1967 May 19, Changed from 4th Class Post Office to Contract Rural Branch of Greenville.

1974, Dropped from Directory of Post Offices.

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