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1894 April 26, 2nd Class Post Office established as Chester, Plumas, California located 14 miles northwest of Prattville. Named for Chester, Vermont. Sometimes known as Big Meadows.

Burwell Johnson, First Postmaster.

1908 February 8, Post Office moved 1 1/2 miles west and Maude R. Gay was appointed Postmaster.

1908 March 6, Sacramento Bee - POSTMISTRESS NAMED - Chester, Plumas County - Notice has just been received here from the First Assistant Postmaster General appointing Mrs. Maud R. Gay Postmistress of Chester to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Burwell Johnson. The Post Office has also been moved to Olsen's Ranch, where it will be conducted in the future.~

1930 July 3, Maude R. Gay, Postmaster.

1940 February 1, Mrs. Eunice Conners, Postmaster.

1943 May 1, Mrs. Eunice Kiehl, Postmaster.

1962 September 24, Frank W. Murphy, Postmaster.


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