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1896 July 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Clairville, Plumas, California located 6 miles north of Mohawk and 11 miles west of Beckwith (Beckwourth). Named fro Claire Bowen. The site was a transfer point for rail freight to wgon teams.

Rutherford L. Chandler, First Postmaster.

1897 February 8, James M. Engle, Postmaster.

1899 January 14, Adam C. Neale, Postmaster.

1901 January 21, Eva F. Neale, Postmaster.

1902 July 19, Joseph H. Flynn, Postmaster.

1903 May 9, Post Office moved 1 1/4 miles east and Emma A. Newman became the Postmaster.

1906 June 2, Post Office moved 1 1/2 miles west and John W. Middleton became the Postmaster.

1910 October 15, Post Office disocntinued and the service moved to Clio.

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