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Monday, May 2, 2016 at 3:17PM
Jo Giessner

1861 September 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Buck's Ranch, Plumas, California located approximately 16 miles southwest of Quincy. Named for Horace "Buck" Bucklin, rancher in the area.

William Wagner, First Postmaster.

1868 June 11, Post Office discontinued, moved 10 miles southwest and the name changed to Buckeye Ranch.

1868 June 11, 4th Class Post Office esatablished as Buckeye Ranch, Plumas, California. Said to have been named by prospectors from Ohio, the "Buckeye" State. AKA: Buckeye Ranch Dry Diggings.

Joel Flinn, First Postmaster.

1868 August 10, Buck's Ranch Post Office re-established with William Wagner as Postmaster.

1870 January 28, Buckeye Ranch Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Buck's Ranch.

1894 August 3, "Ranch" dropped and Buck's Ranch became Bucks with William Wagner as Postmaster.

1909 September 30, Post Office discontinued.

1910 September 10, Bucks Post Office re-established.

1913 July 15, Post Office discontinued.

1927 January 7, Post Office re-established.

1927 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Quincy. 

1940 August 6, 4th Class Post Office establshed as Bucks Lake, Plumas, California located 17 miles southwest of Quincy and 48 miles northeast of Oroville, Butte County. Named also for Horance "Buck" Bucklin, pioneer rancher.

Mrs. Della M. Childs, First Postmaster. ( Record states she became postmaster on 11 July 1940.)

1942 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Oroville, Butte County.

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