Davies Mill > Graeagle

1918 July 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Davies Mill, Plumas, California located 1 mile south of blairsden and 3 miles northwest of Clio. Named for the operator of a mill on the nearby Middle Fork of the Feather River.

Maggie A. Davies, First Postmaster.

1920 May 20,  Davies Mill Post Office disocntinued and the name changed to Graegle. Laura E. Mortensen was postmaster when the change occurred.

1920 May 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Graeagle, Plumas, California located 1 miles south of Blairsden. Named for Gray Eagle Creek.

Mrs. Laura E. Mortensen, First Postmaster.

1923 August 30, Mrs. Mae Beaton, Postmaster.

1927 January 28, Mabel A. Tuttle, Postmaster.

1937 September 7, Mrs. Mabel A. Slaughter, Postmaster.

1937 October 1, Mrs. Florence L. Conant, Poatmaster.

1958 June 30, Gordon D. Laird, Postmaster.



1927 September 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Delleker, Plumas, California located 2 miles west of Portola. Named for W. H. Delleker, stockholder in the sawmill built on the site in 1905. The mill operated until 1954 and was dismantled.

Earl C. Bradbeer, First Postmaster.

1929 June 22, Guy Burns, Postmaster.

1942 December 9, Mrs. Martha L. Sanders, Postmaster.

1945 September 15, Vernon C. Gardner, Postmaster.

1946 August 23, Charles A. Crumby, Postmaster.

1947 January 24, Mrs. Sadie R. Evans, Postmaster.

1954 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Portola.



1901 June 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Drake, Plumas, California located 18 miles northwest of Chester. Named for E. R. Drake, an 1860 settler. Site of mineral hot springs. AKA:  Drakesbad Resort.

Alexander Sifford, First Postmaster.

1902 September 8, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Chester.



Dutch Hill

1874 December 30, 4th Class Post Office established as Dutch Hill, Plumas, California located near the present day Seneca. The miners of German ethnicity were sometimes called "Dutch."

Samuel N. Scott, First Postmaster

1877 April 12, Post Office discontuned and the service moved to Prattville.



1897 January 5, 4th Class Post Office established as Eclipse, Plumas, California located 7 miles northwest of Gibsonville (Sierra County) and 9 miles south of Nelson Point. Named for Eclipse Mining Claim owned by the Bonnie Hydraulic Mining Company (1876). The site was an 1850's mining camp.

Mary E. Mullen, First Postmaster.

1912 December 31,  Post Office disocntinued and the service moved to Quincy.


Elizabethtown > Quincy

1855 March 2, 4th Class Post Office established as Elizabethtown, Plumas, California located 8 miles east of Meadow Valley. Named for Elizabeth Stark Blakesley. An 1851 mining camp. AKA: Betsyburg

Lewis Stark, First Postmaster.

1855 December 17, Post Office discontinued, moved, and name changed to Quincy.

1855 September 27, Daily Democratic State Journal - A paper to be called The Old Mountaineer, is to be established, says the Marysville Herald, at Quincy.  It will be conducted by J.K. Lovejoy, formerly of the Mountain Messenger. Quincy is the seat of justice of Plumas county.~

1855 December 17,  1st class Post Office established when the post office was moved from Elizabethtown. H. J. Bradley was the founder and named the site after his hometown in Illinois.Located 8 miles E of Meadow Valley per the Postal Route Map. AKA:  American Ranch.

Lewis Stark, First Postmaster.

1859 March 31, William S. Ingersoll, Postmaster.

1859 October 18, William K. Logan, Postmaster.

1861 June 19, James W. Duesler, Postmaster.

1862 January 10, John Moore, Postmaster.

1866 April 3, John S. Root, Postmaster.

1869 February 12, Corydon Lee, Postmaster.

1874 December 10, Thomas F. Hersey, Postmaster.

1878 October 16, James H. Whitlock, Postmaster.

1878 October 21, San Francisco Bulletin - Postmasters Appointed:  James H. Whitlock, Quincy, Plumas County, California.~

1885 April 18, Daily Alta California - Deputy United States Marshal Peterson arrested Gustav Schubert three days ago at Quincy, Plumas County, for raising a Post Office order from $1 to $100. He was examined yesterday and his bail fixed at $2,500.~

1885 April 19, Daily Alta California - A CLEVER FORGER - The case of Gustave H. Schubert, of Plumas county, charged with raising a $1 Post Office order on Chicago to $100, came up before United States Commissioner Sawyer yesterday, and the defendant was held to answer, with bail at $2,500. United States District Attorney Hilborn has evidence of Schubert having raised another order on the Chicago Post Office for $2 to $29, and an order on the New York Post Office for $1 to $100. The evidence in the two last instances was not used by the United States Attorney, as the first charge was so well established. The orders when forged were forwarded to Eastern publishing houses, and after subscribing for their papers, requested them to use the balance of the orders for sending a miscellaneous collection of articles, consisting of books, stationery, elastic pens, etc.~

1885 September 9, Andrew W. Cook, Postmaster.

1886 April 20, Clark J. Lee, Postmaster.

1886 October 12, San Francisco Bulletin - Pacific Coast Items - The Quincy stage was stopped near Gimletville, Plumas county, yesterday. Gen. Day, a passenger, was wounded through the hip. But a small amount of money was taken, and that from the passengers.~

1890 October 20, Edmund Northrop, Postmaster.

1897 September 9, Walter J. Ford, Postmaster.

1906 January 15, Walter J. Ford, Postmaster.

1907 February 10, San Jose Mercury News- Quincy:  While attempting Monday to replace a footbridge across Spanish Creek from Camp 9 to the tunnel of the Western Pacific, Gus Kummerl was drowned. It appears the ropes had been stretched across the creek and fastened to a trestle next to the camp and the unfortunate man was attempting to place boards across the ropes when the trestle gave way and let the ropes into the water.~

1907 May 5, San Jose Mercury News -Quincy, Plumas Co., May 4 - For the alleged stealing of an old black hat, Thomas Kelley may have to spend several years of his life in one of the State prisons. Kelley was arrested for having entered the home of John Smith and taking away a hat.~

1910 January 26, Walter J. Ford, Postmaster.

1911 August 22, LaFayette Cate, Postmaster.

1915 December 17, F. D. Robertson, Postmaster.

1919 April 29, Harvey P. Rogers, Postmaster.

1925 December 21, Idessa G. Moody, Postmaster.

1927 October 26, Ora L. Dunn, Postmaster.

1929 August 1, Verbenia M. Hall, Postmaster.

1933 April 8, Renel A. Barr, Postmaster.

1956 April 30, John Redstreake, Postmaster.

1970 December 12, Berle L. Brents, Postmaster.



1916 July 22, 3rd Class Post Office established as Engelmine, Plumas, California located 25 miles northeast of Taylorsville per the 1917 Postal Route Map. Named from Engel Copper Mining Company.

Vivian P. Rankin, First Postmaster.

1919 October 18, Eileen J. Shrieve, Postmaster.

1924 January 24, Orrin B. Camp, Postmaster.

1928 May 14, Mrs. Nan G. Cary, Postmaster.

1930 October 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Crescent.


Eureka Mills

1875 October 20, 4th Class Post Office established as Eureka Mills, Plumas, California, located 1 mile south of Johnsonville. Named for Eureka Lumber Company.

Palmer Bigelow, First Postmaster.

1878 February 19, John Daly, Postmaster.

1878 April 30, William Johns, Postmaster.

1881 August 29, Thomas B. Inch, Postmaster.

1895 March 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Johnsonville.


Geneseo > Genesee

1865 September 19, 4th Class Post Office established as Geneseo, Plumas, California, located 7 miles southeast of Taylorsville and 18 miles northwest of Red Clover. Named after Geneseo, New York.

Peter Kern, First Postmaster??

1868 October 12, Post Office discontinued.

1880 June 3, Post office re-established as Genesee with Edwin D. Hosselkus as Postmaster.

1892 August 19, Frank B. Hosselkus, Postmaster.

1921 October 21, Mont Berg, Postmaster.

1940 January 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Taylorsville.



See:  Davies Mill > Graeagle



1906 January 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Gray, Plumas, California located 17 miles east of Belden. Named for John W. Gray. AKA:  Gray's Flat.

John W. Gray, First Postmaster.

1906 May 23, Rescinded and service moved to Belden.



1867 February 14, (Possibly 1864?) 2nd Class Post Office established as Greenville, Plumas, California located 5 miles northwest of Crescent Mills. Named for Mr. Green, an 1852 settler, who operated a tavern for the miners.

Henry McClellan, First Postmaster.

1870 September 9, Isaac Summerland, Postmaster.

1871 January 4, Jonathon B. Bacheldor, Postmaster.

1874 April 14, James H. Whittock, Postmaster.

1876 August 3, John McBeth, Postmaster.

1884 December 29, H.H. Williams, Postmaster.

1885 December 3, John S. Bransford, Postmaster.

1889 January 15, John A. Ketchum, Postmaster.

1891 June 17, John R. Murray, Postmaster.

1911 April 10, Lewis P. McIntyre, Postmaster.

1912 January 24, William M. Bryant, Postmaster.

1913 December 11, William P. Boyden, Postmaster.

1914 September 1, Frank L. Miller, Postmaster.

1915 June 3, Josephine Castar (Costar?), Postmaster.

1942 July 1, Mrs. Elsie Ann Hannon, Postmaster.

1943 April 16, Fred M. Taylor, Postmaster.

1962 April 6, Ralph E. Lozano, Postmaster.







Hartwell > Marston

1910 April 5, 4th Class Post Office established as Hartwell, Plumas, California located 4 1/2 miles northeast of Quincy at the Western Pacific Railroad Station. Was the Hartwell Ranch.

Mrs. Frances Sexton, First Postmaster.

1911 February 28 or 1911 March 16, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Quincy.

1913 July 17 or 1913 June 12, 4th Class Post Office established as Marston, Plumas, California located 4 1/2 miles northeast of Quincy. Named for a Mr. Marston who financed the building of the Western Pacific Railroad to the site.

Mrs. Alice E. Morebeck, First Postmaster.

1913 November 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Quincy.

Location now known as Quincy Junction, no Post Office.




1900 August 14, 4th Class Post Office established as Humboldt, Plumas, California located 9 miles west of Prattville. Name honors Alexander von Humboldt, explorer and geographer, who published an essay on the area in 1811.

Martha J. Faniani, First Postmaster.

1900 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Prattville.


Indian Falls

1909 April 12, 4th Class Post Office established as Indian Falls, Plumas, California located 19 miles north of Quincy. The Falls are on the North Fork of the Feather River.

Gilbert H. Goodhue, First Postmaster.

1915 March 18, Cora M. Goodhue, Postmaster.

1916 December 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Paxton.




See:  International > Walkermine


International > Walkermine

1918 August 26, A 4th Class Post Office established as International, Plumas, California located per application for post office 25 miles northwest of Portola. The name was given to a mine in the vicinity by the Walker Mining Company.

Vernon A. Hart, First Postmaster.

1923 August 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Portola.

1930 November 13, A 4th Class Post Office established as Walkermine, Plumas, California located 25 miles northwest of Portola. 

Mrs. Frances R. Deal, First Postmaster.

1937 February 1, Mrs. Doris W. Folsom, Postmaster.

1939 September 9, Gertrude Cox, Postmaster.

1941 December 22, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Portola.



Jamison > Johnstown > Johnsville

1871 June 12, 4th Class Post Office established as Jamison, Plumas, California located 2 1/2 miles northeast of Eureka Mills and 3 miles southwest of Mohawk Valley per the Postal Route Map. The site was along Jamison Creek which was named for the prospector who discovered gold in the creek.

Beno Scheelin, First Postmaster.

1877 September 13, Post Office discontinued.

1880 April 5 ,Post Office re-established with Frederick Olsen as Postmaster.

1882 January 24, Joseph Lavy, Postmaster.

1882 October 9, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Eureka Mills.

1882 October 10, Post Office moved and re-opened as Johnstown with Henry Willoughby as Postmaster. Named for William Johns, manager of the Plumas Eureka Mills.

1882 December 11, Post Office moved and the name changed to Johnsville with Joseph H. Fletcher as Postmaster.

1888 December 21, Miss Alice Menzies, Postmaster.

1891 September 29, Benjamin L. Jones, Postmaster.

1892 August 5, John Nevill, Postmaster.

1893 October 5, Henry S. Dunn, Postmaster.

1896 March 30, Mrs. Annie R. Dunn, Postmaster.

1897 May 18, John Nevill, Postmaster.

1899 July 8, William B. Mathews, Postmaster.

1907 December 11, John Caravento, Postmaster.

1908 April 16, Florence E. Mathews, Postmaster.

1910 November 18, Charles G. Heath, Postmaster.

1911 April 1, Mary A. Carter, Postmaster.

1914 January 22, John N. Sobrero, Postmaster.

1918 December 28, Angelina M. Redstreake, Postmaster.

1934 November 1, Elizabeth Heaney, Postmaster.

1935 December 11, Mrs. Anna Belle Bowen, Postmaster.

1937 December 3, Milton Brown, Postmaster.

1940 May 25, Mrs. Gertrude King, Postmaster.

1941 June 20, Mrs. Gertrude Jeskey, Postmaster.

1946 November 30, Mrs. Velma R. Lyman, Postmaster.

1947 September 6, Mrs. Eileene S. Frost, Postmaster.

1948 February 15, Mrs. Blanche McNally, Postmaster.

1950 September 15, Elza H. Polick, Postmaster.

1952 May 15, Douglas B. Honston, Postmaster.

1953 April 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Blairsden.




See:  Jamison > Johnstown > Johnsville



See:  Jamison > Johnstown > Johnsville