1857 July 28,  Post Office established as Jonesville, Plumas, California and named for David A. Jones, pioneer and first Postmaster. No record of location in Postal records.

1858 September 13, Post Office discontinued.



1910 January 25, Post Office established as Keddie, Plumas, California located 8 miles north of Quincy. Named for Arthur W. Keddie, county surveyor (1870-71). The location was a mining camp and then a Western Pacific Railroad terminal.

Robert F. Koontes, First Postmaster.

1914 June 5, Charles O. Phillips, Postmaster.

1925 September 30, Harry R. Isbell, Postmaster.

1929 May 17, Cora C. Magruder, Postmaster.

1932 July 13, Charles O. Phillips, Postmaster.

1934 May 8, Mildred Chapman, Postmaster.

1945 November 8, Mildred Chapman, Postmaster.

1961 February 17, Jean Anne Shipman, Postmaster.

1962 July 24, Sara Jane Mathews, Postmaster.

1963 December 19, Nellie O. Mathews, Postmaster.

1966 January 14, Gloria Jean Raymond, Postmaster.

1966 February 11, Changed from 4th class Post Office to Rural Branch of Quincy.



1901 January 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Keep, Plumas, California located 14 miles west of Spanish Ranch. Named for Keep Brothers Trading Post in which the Post Office was located. The location was an 1850's placer gold diggings abandoned in 1882.

Walter S. Cooley, First Postmaster.

1902 April 11, San Francisco Call, Of Interest to the People of the Pacific Coast, "Post Office discontinued April 30;  California - Keep, Plumas County; mail goes to Spanish Ranch."

1902 April 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Spanish Ranch.



1899 April 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Kettle, Plumas, California located per Postal Route Map 6 miles southeast of Beckwith (Beckwourth). Named for pioneer family with surname of Kettle.

Fred John Neseman, First Postmaster.

1902 February 15, Hattie H. Campbell, Postmaster.

1906 October 29, Post Office moved 1 mile southeast with Clara G. Gulling as Postmaster.

1907 June 22, Jessie B. Marble, Postmaster.

1910 October 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Beckwith (Beckwourth).



La Porte

See:  Rabbit Town > La Porte


Lassen View

1937 May 10, 4th Class Post Office established as Lassen View, Plumas, California located 7 miles south of Westwood. Named for view of Lassen Peak.  

Frank L. Van Ronk, First Postmaster.

1941 August 31, Post office discontinued and the service moved to Westwood, Lassen County.



1861 June 19, 4th Class Post Office established as Longvile, Plumas, California located 12 miles north of Belden. Named for William Black Long, who built a hotel and sawmill on the Humbug Road from Prattville to Butte County.

Andrew Miller, First Postmaster.

1871 June 13, Andrew (Allen) Wood, Postmaster.

1871 October 10, Plummer R. Welsh, Postmaster.

1884 November 21, Andrew Miller, Postmaster.

1904 January 2, Mabel L. Miller, Postmaster.

1907 October 19, Andrew Nisbet, Postmaster.

1911 March 4, George P. Sharkey, Postmaster.

1918 November 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Belden.



See:  Hartwell > Marston



1917 November 3, 4th Class Post Office established as Massack, Plumas, California located 7 miles east of Quincy. Early day miners named a creek Massack Crrek and a town rose up arounfd the sawmill built there.

Charles N. Cox, First Postmaster.

1923 May 21, Joseph V. Jaeger, Postmaster.

1926 March 23, George W. Kells, Postmaster.

1927 January 6, Samuel S. Franovich, Postmaster.

1936 November 4, Joseph F. Bannerman, Postmaster.

1937 March 22, Post Office moved 1/2 mile north.

1937 September 30, William H. Rapp, Jr., Postmaster.

1937 December 21, Jack H. Prideaux, Postmaster.

1938 July 1, George C. Bump, Postmaster.

1939 June 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Quincy.


Meadow Valley

See:  Meadow Valley > Spanish Ranch for the first Meadow Valley Post Office.

1864 March 23, The Meadow Valley, Plumas, California Post Office was re-established in Meadow Valley separately from Spanish Ranch.

Merdad D. Smith, First Postmaster.

1871 July 3, Sarshel C. Brown, Postmaster.

1875 March 23, Hamilton Brown, Postmaster.

1880 August 26, Thomas Hughes, Postmaster.

1893 September 21, Edwin E. Phelps, Postmaster.

1907 January 30, Leslie J. Stratton, Postmaster.

1913 July 3, Harvey P. Rogers, Postmaster.

1917 December 24, Henry M. Perry, Postmaster.

1921 May 5, Nellie M. Perry, Postmaster.

1921 August 9, William E. Frick, Postmaster.

1926 June 5, Charles S. Keon, Postmaster.

1926 November 27, Mrs. Garnet N. Nail, Postmaster.

1930 February 10, William E. Frick, Postmaster.

1935 August 9, Julia A. Underhill, Postmaster.

1941 February 16, Howard Train, Postmaster.

1948 February 15, Mary S. Cooley, Postmaster.

1950 November 30, Thelma H. Snyder, Postmaster.

1952 October 15,  Mrs. Jean Bader, Postmaster.

1955 June 27, Warren F. Junge, Postmaster.


Meadow Valley > Spanish Ranch

1855 October 3,  4th class Post Office established as Meadow Valley, Plumas, California. Name stemming from the meadow area ten miles west of Quincy.

Orlando Fuller was the first Postmaster.

1857 September 19, John J. McEwen, Postmaster.

1858 May 3, William S. Ingersoll, Postmaster.

1859 January 18, Francis B. Clark, Postmaster.

1861 October 4, Meadow Valley Post Office was discontinued, moved 2 miles north to Spanish Ranch and re-established.

1861 October 4, 4th Class Post Office established as Spanish Ranch, Plumas, California located 8 miles west of Quincy. Name stems from 1850's when two Hispanic men set up a camp that later became a supply center for the gold mines of the area.

George W. Miner or I. J. Harvey?, First Postmaster.

1862 August 21, Richard Thompson, Postmaster.

1901 May 1, William Mayo Cleaveland, Postmaster.

1904 May 6, Charles A. Sheldon, Postmaster.

1908 September 15, Frank J. Brown, Postmaster.

1908 September 16, San Francisco Call, POSTMASTERS APPOINTED - "Spanish Ranch, Plumas County, Frank J. Brown, vice C. A. Sheldon, resigned."

1909 January 23, William Konradi, Postmaster.

1909 January 24, San Francsco Call, "Spanish Ranch, Plumas County - William Konradi, vice C. A. Sheldon, resigned."

1913 July 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Quincy.


Mohawk Valley > Mohawk

1870 August 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Mohawk Valley, Plumas, California located per Postal Route Map, 5 1/2 miles southeast of Cromberg.

J. Hurley, First Postmaster.

1870 December 12, William Knott, Postmaster.

1875 July 20, Palmer Bigelow, Postmaster.

1875 October 18, William Knott, Postmaster.

1881 November 3, Post Office moved 1 1/2 miles southeast and the "Valley" dropped from the name. William Knott was the Postmaster.

1887 March 18, John C. Knickrem, Postmaster.

1908 April 7, Maud Cheyney, Postmaster.

1910 November 11, Grace Pauly, Postmaster.

1915 March 5, Louise Knickrem, Postmaster.

1923 January 12, Mrs. Nell Z. Brier, Postmaster.

1926 May 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Blairsden.


Nelson Point

1870 August 12, 4th Class Post Office established as Nelson Point, Plumas, California located 13 miles south of Quincy. Named for the discoverer of gold in Nelson's Creek.

Sylvester Myers, First Postmaster.

1871 October 28, Plumas National - It has lately come to light that some Chinamen working on the Middle Fork [Feather River] below Nelson Point, about four months ago found a nugget of gold weighing fourteen pounds. The Company buys their goods and sell their dust at Myers Store at Nelson Point, and several times lately Mr. Myers has found pieces of gold in their dust apparently out from a chunk. The exact location where it was found is not known, but either in the river or in the mouth of Batchelor's Creek which heads somewhere in the neighborhood of Claremont Hill.~

1876 September 1, Nicholas O. Pauly, Postmaster.

1903 October 1, Benjamin Pauly, Postmaster.

1912 July 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Eclipse.


Nelson's Creek

1855 March 30, Post Office established as Nelson's Creek, Plumas, California located 17 miles south of Quincy. Named for the man who disocovered gold in the creek location.

John C. Lewis, First Postmaster.

1856 December 3, Francis S. Fox, Postmaster.

1859 October 10, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Quincy.


Onion Valley > Sawpit > Onion Valley

1855 August 16,  4th class Post Office established as Onion Valley, Plumas, California and named for the wild onions growing in the valley located 12 miles north of LaPorte.

James E. Whitson, First Postmaster.

1858 January 4, Arthur E. Waits, Postmaster.

1859 October 3, Abraham E. Minium, Postmaster.

1862 March 20, Henry W. McGhee, Postmaster.

1863 March 17, John B. Overton, Postmaster.

1868 August 10, William A. Hunter, Postmaster.

1870 April 22, William Metcalf, Postmaster.

1870 June 3, Onion Valley Post Office was discontinued and moved to Sawpit.

1870 June 3, Post Office moved from Onion Valley and established as Sawpit, Plumas, California located 13 miles northeast of LaPorte. A sawpit was made by placing a frame over a pit or hole in the ground. The tree sections were placed on the frame and then whipsawed into boards.

Finely A. McMartin, First Postmaster.

1873 February 27, Sawpit Post Office discontinued and the service moved to LaPorte.

1918 October 26, William A. Hunter, Postmaster of newly re-established Onion Valley Post Office.

1923 March 31, Onion Valley Post Office again discontinued and the service moved to La Porte.



AKA:  Soda Bar (no Post Office) in the gold mining days.

1917 July 26, 4th Class Post Office established as Paxton, Plumas, California located 7 miles north of Quincy and 5 miles southeast of Keddie. Named for Elmer E. Paxton, manager of the Indian Valley Railroad.

Cornelius L. Eaton, First Postmaster.

1931 August 9, Charles O. Penfield, Postmaster.

1935 July 5, Mrs. Marguerite Allen, Postmaster.

1935 October 28, Mrs. Clara I. Williams, Postmaster.

1938 August 19, Mrs. Helen F. Strong, Postmaster.

1939 August 2, Post Office moved 1/2 mile south.

1951 June 20, Mrs. Alma R. Wilson, Postmaster.

1952 February 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Keddie.




1906 August 25, 4th Class Post Office applied for as Penn, Plumas, California. No record of operation.

1907 March 7, Postmaster appointment rescinded.


Plumas Rangers

1882 - History of Plumas County, California by Fariss & Smith and reproduced in 1987 by the Plumas County Museum Board of Trustees through Howell-North Books in Burbank, California.

[I've retyped this portion of the book -with more paragraphs for easy reading- to use as an example of how and why "military units" formed and disbanded throughout the northern counties in various settlements.] 

Plumas Rangers (pages 282-283)

1855, "This was an independent military company, organized in Quincy in December 1855. E.T. Hogan received a commission from the governor as captain.

The history of the organization may be briefly stated as follows:  In November there came to Elizabethtown [near Quincy] an Indian from the vicinity of Goodyear's Bar, Sierra County, to whom Judge Hogan had formerly showed a kindness, and gave a warning of impending danger. He said that the Pit River Indians had at a recent council decided to begin a war for the expulsion of the whites.

Judge Hogan immediately called a meeting of the citizens to consider the situation, and also disseminated the news throughout the mining camps, so that th people might be on their guard.

At the meeting it was decided to form a military company for the protection of the people, and the judge was chosen to take command. Eighty-two men signed the roll, were supplied with muskets by the state, and prepared for war.

The expected outbreak did not occur, and the company confined itself to parades and drills until two years later, when they went to Honey Lake valley to aid the settlers there in their trouble with the Indians. There they were not called upon for bloody deeds; and after a brief campaign, they returned without any scalps.

Judge Hogan resigned his commission in the spring of 1858, having been chosen county judge, and Robert I. Barnett succeeded him.

Again in 1859, was the company called upon to go to Honey Lake for the protection of the settlers during the progress of the Potatoe War. Hostilities had ceased when they arrived, and the warriors returned to their homes.

Captain Barnett was succeeded in the command by Noble C. Cunningham, who held the position until the company disbanded, in 1860."



1909 September 13, 2nd Class Post Office established as Portola, Plumas, California located 6 miles west of Beckwith (Beckwourth). Name commemorates Gaspar de Portola, explorer and the first Governor of Spanish - California.

Also known as:  Headquarters; Mormon; and, Reposa. (No post offices)

William H. Lear, First Postmaster.

1913 August 19, Esther B. Hensel, Postmaster.

1918 November 15, Alfred N. Waite, Postmaster.

1918 November 21, Andrew M. Isom, Postmaster.

1918 December 6, Nelson R. Feirl, Postmaster.

1919 December 12, Seth J. Johnson, Postmaster.

1921 October 11, Clara J. Finnstone, Postmaster.

1926 April 5, Rose McCann, Postmaster.

1930 June 24, Myrtle E. Pollock, Postmaster.

1932 March 10, Myrtle Vance, Postmaster.

1944 June 16, Joe A. Steeley, Postmaster. 

1953 June 30, Alden H. Stookey, Postmaster.

1956 May 18, Thearis J. Bohling, Postmaster.

1971 June 26, Mrs. Ora J. Anderson, Postmaster.



See:  Big Meadows > Prattville