See:  Elizabethtown > Quincy


Rabbit Town > La Porte

1855 September 13, Post Office established as Rabbit Town, Sierra, California.

Eli S. Lester, First Postmaster.

1857 July 6, Jesse C. Lester Postmaster for Rabbit Town, sierra, California.

1857 November 19, Post Office established as La Porte, Sierra, California located 14 miles northeast of Strawberry Valley per the Postal Route Map. Was Rabbit Town. Came into Plumas County with Boundary change of 1866. Named for La Porte, Indiana.

Jesse C. Lester, First Postmaster.

1861 April 18, John Freeman, Postmaster.

1863 July 15, William F. Nace, Postmaster.

1864 July 22, Edwin J. Bryant, Postmaster.

1865 November 15, John H. Thomas, Postmaster.

1868 July 23, John R. Robinson, Postmaster. Postal Department used this date as change from Sierra County to Plumas County.

1868 December 30, John H. Thomas, Postmaster.

1869 January 8, Elevator - The Union formerly published at Quincy, Plumas County, has been removed to LaPorte.~

1873 March 18, Julius C. Auburtus, Postmaster.

1874 April 22, Marysville Daily Appeal - Fire at LaPorte - Downieville, April 21st -  A fire this morning at LaPorte, burned the roof off of the Alturas brick block and the fire-proof cellar of J.H. Thomas. The fire originated in Thomas' cellar, and it is believed the work of incendiaries.~

1874 November 27, Henry Washington, Postmaster.

1899 June 19, Annie C. Greely, Postmaster.

1902 September 21, Riverside Independent Enterprise - Lotta Crabtree (1847-1924) was only between five and six years old when the miners at LaPorte, Plumas County, Cal., started her on the road to fortune by showering her every night with gold nuggets. Under the care of the old time minstrels Ben Cotton and Joe Murphy, she became famous as an actress and one of the wealthiest women in the theatrical world.

[A short biography of Lotta states she was born Charlotte Mignon "Lotta" Crabtree, and when her gold seeking father John Crabtree sent for his family to come west, they lived at Grass Valley. Famous neighbor, Lola Montez, began teaching the young Lotta to sing and dance. The height of her career was reached in San Francisco and that is where she invested in real estate. Lotta never married.]~

LaPorte was a mining camp located on the flat land on both sides of Rabbit Creek. Rabbit Creek was a tributary of Slate Creek in the southwest corner of what today is Plumas County. The place was called Rabbit Creek from 1850 to 1857 and as it populated with permanent structures and residents, the name was changed to LaPorte. After the hydraulic mining ceased the community population dwindled to less than 50 in 1932. Many of the wooden buildings burned in the devastating fires (1861, 1869 and 1871) and the brick replacement buildings turned to ruins from time and weather.

On June 24, 1928, at the west entrance to town, a granite monument was placed by the Native Daughters of the Golden West and the Native Sons of the Golden West of Plumas County, to mark the old Emigrant Trail and to commemorate the discovery of gold on Rabbit Creek in 1850 leading to the establishment of LaPorte.

Today LaPorte is a small hamlet populated year around with an abundant visiting population in the summer and winters for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, relaxing in the summer mountain air and snow mobiling in the deep snows of winter. In LaPorte's heyday, the wooden snow ski races were very popular.~

1907 July 13, Elizabeth C. Caya, Postmaster.

1919 May 24, William H. Pike, Postmaster.

1935 March 9, Georgia M. O'Rourke, Postmaster.


Red Clover

1879 December 8, 4th Class Post Office established as Red Clover, Plumas, California located in Red Clover Valley, 16 miles north of Beckwith (Beckwourth) and 29 miles southeast of Genesee.

Richard Bagley, First Postmaster.

1882 January 31, Post Office discontinued.

1887 August 9, Post Office re-established with Moses Chase as the Postmaster.

1897 January 14, Arthur H. Horton, Postmaster.

1899 November 30, Post office discontinued and the service moved to Beckwith.


Rich Bar > Rich > Rich Bar

1862 August 23, 4th Class Post Office established as Rich Bar, Plumas, California located on the North Fork of the Feather River 4 1/2 miles northeast of Belden. Name common to mining locations/camps.

Jacob W. Snyder, First Postmaster.

1863 May 22, Post Office discontinued.

1913 December 5, Post Office re-established as "Rich". The "Bar" was dropped. Annie L. Hottman, Postmaster.

1920 December 6, Alice L. McHugh, Postmaster.

1922 August 10, John B. Stocker, Postmaster.

1929 June 1, Sarah Reynolds, Postmaster.

1931 March 16, Robert M. Reynolds, Postmaster.

1931 March 29, Ada B. Mower, Postmaster.

1934 July 2, Lewis A. Snider, Postmaster.

1935 January 24, George Chase, Postmaster.

1934 April 25, Charles B. Davis, Postmaster.

1935 June 1, "Bar" added back to name again, "Rich Bar."

1935 September 17, George H. Chase, Postmaster.

1936 April 15, Mrs. Florence Campbell, Postmaster.

1937 June 14, George D. Prentice, Jr., Postmaster.

1940 October 4, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Leigh-Kendall, Postmaster.

1942 October 14, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Belden.


Round Valley

1863 June 3, Post Office established as Round Valley, Plumas, California located 10 miles west of Taylorsville and 17 miles northwest of Quincy in the geographic name of the area, Round Valley.

George W. Miner, First Postmaster.

1864 December 2, John D. Compton, Postmaster.

1870 January 28, Post Office discontinued.

1870 May 2, Post Office re-established with John D. Compton as Postmaster.

1873 May 2, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Quincy.



See:  Onion Valley > Sawpit > Onion Valley



1899 October 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Seneca, Plumas, California located 15 miles southwest of Greenville per Postal Route Map. Named in 1854 after Seneca, New york. The location later was 6 miles south of Canyondam on the North Fork of the Feather River.

Lena Bresnan, First Postmaster.

1900 January 2, Application Rescinded.

1902 February 20, Post Office re-established with John Kelley as Postmaster.

1902 October 9, Mary E. White, Postmaster.

1905 May 29, Henry C. Arnold, Postmaster.

1909 February 26, Laura B. McMillan, Postmaster.

1910 June 18, Guido H. Taber, Postmaster.

1911 August 31, Clara M. Dunn, Postmaster.

1912 November 7, Clara M. Lazarovich, Postmaster.

1918 November 15, Post Office discontinued.

1923 January 5, Post Office re-established. 

1923 February 6, Oleta Fay Dean, Postmaster.

1925 January 23, Keith R. Miller, Postmaster.

1925 September 25, Oleta Fay Dean, Postmaster.

1930 December 11, Thomas P. O'Neil, Postmaster.

1931 November 2, Laura B. McMillan, Postmaster.

1933 December 1, Oleta Fay Dean, Postmaster.

1934 March 17, Lucius A. Bunnell, Postmaster.

1940 January 20, John H. Snow, Postmaster.

1940 April 19, Post Office moved 1/2 mile south.

1941 July 15, Post office moved 1/2 mile north.

1943 March 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Greenville.


Sierra > Spanish Creek

1925 May 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Sierra, Plumas, California located 10 miles west of Quincy along Spanish Creek.

Frank L. Thompson, First Postmaster.

1942 April 4, Sierra Post Office discontinued and the name change to Spanish Creek for the vacation resort.

1942 April 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Spanish Creek, Plumas, California located along Spanish Creek 10 miles west of Quincy. A vacation resort in the Mt. Hough Game Refuge.

Frank L. Thompson, First Postmaster.

1945 April 30, Post Office discontinued.

1947 July 1, Post Office re-established with Fredric B. Zimmerman as Postmaster.

1952 July 31, Robert F. Curran, Postmaster.

1955 June 28, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Quincy.




1914 June 6, 4th Class Post Office established as Sloat, Plumas, California located 111 miles northwest of of Blairsden per the Postal Route Map. Named for Commodore John D. Sloat of 1846 Monterey, California fame.

Neva E. Turner, First Postmaster.

1918 March 1, Herbert C. Edmunds, Postmaster.

1920 April 23, Howard Mortensen, Postmaster.

1924 October 2, David F. Frick, Postmaster.

1929 July 19, L. E. Schexnayder, Postmaster.

1929 December 20, Eleanor Diack, Postmaster.

1930 March 13, Paul A. Zimmerman, Postmaster.

1945 September 16, Mrs. Mary Louise Reid, Postmaster.

1949 August 3, Betty Jo Gilliam, Postmaster.

1951 June 21, Mrs. Eleanor Manich, Postmaster.

1953 March 16, Mrs. Eleanor Hoskins, Postmaster.

1954 November 22, Mrs. Wilma E. Graham, Postmaster.

1956 November 16, Clarence F. Elworthy, Postmaster.

1962 March 21, Melvin L. Scharnweber, Postmaster.

1963 September 6, Clyde R. Reason, Postmaster.

1967 April 7, Ralph G. Willigus, Postmaster.



Spanish Creek

See:  Sierra > Spanish Creek


Spring Garden

1910 September 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Spring Garden, Plumas, California located 10 miles east of Quincy. Named in the 1850's Spring Garden Ranch. Also a stage stop to the Nevada mines. In 1910 the Walker Mine Company built a 9-mile tramway to bring ore to the railroad at this location.

Melvin L. Pratt, First Postmaster.

1915 March 1, Sacramento Union, Postmaster Appointed:  Spring Garden, Plumas county, Melvin L. Pratt.

1927 July 9, Norman L. Henderson, Postmaster.

1929 October 1, August Henderson, Postmaster.

1930 April 10, Norman L. Henderson, Postmaster.

1933 April 1, August Henderson, Postmaster.

1933 June 21, Cora E. Henderson, Postmaster.

1936 January 1, William A. Harrison, Postmaster.

1947 March 15, Roy A. Harrison, Postmaster.

1961 February 1, Changed from 4th Class Post Office to Rural Station of Quincy.

1966, Changed to Rural Branch.



1926 March 25, 4th Class Post Office established as Storrie, Plumas, California located along the Feather River 36 miles northeast of Oroville. Named for Robert C. Storrie, builder of dam and power plant at the site.

Robert C. Storrie, First Postmaster.

1928 August 27, Zenopa P. Nelson, Postmaster.

1937 May 18, David Bagley Ogle, Postmaster.

1937 December 10, Mrs. Maida K. Pinkston, Postmaster.

1945 September 30, Mrs. Esther L. Landrum, Postmaster.

1951 July 17, Mrs. Malah M. Humble, Postmaster.

1958 January 31, Georgia C. Benedict, Postmaster.

1960 November 17, Vera H. Whipple, Postmaster.

1961 March 31, Mrs. Marion R. Habball, Postmaster.

1961 December 8, Mrs. Clara E. Wilburn, Postmaster.



Summit > Vinton

1864 May 24, 4th Class Post office established as Summit, Plumas, California located at the Summit of Beckwourth Pass, 32 miles from Reno, Nevada.

Jasper G. Halbert (Healbert), First Postmaster.

1870 June 8, Simon Scheeline, Postmaster.

1877 December 11, David, Peyser, Postmaster.

1880 May 18, Richard Martin, Postmaster.

1897 February 16, Summit Post Office discontinued, moved 2 1/2 miles west and the name changed to Vinton.

1897 February 16, 4th Class Post Office established as Vinton, Plumas, California located 11 1/2 miles (RR) east of Beckwith (Beckwourth) Named for Vinton Bowen, a Sierra Valleys Railway Official.

Amel L. Peterson, First Postmaster.

1900 June 2, William T. Remington, Postmaster.

1900 July 14, George F. Kinney, Postmaster.

1901 September 27, Robert N. Canonica, Postmaster.

1919 September 27, Guilio S. Sobrio, Postmaster.

1946 February 14, Mrs. Carmen I. Robinson, Postmaster.

1952 July 31, Mrs. Eula Hathaway, Postmaster.




Taylor's Ranch > Taylorsville

1861 September 17, 4th Class Post Office established as Taylor's Ranch, Plumas, California located 17 miles northeast of Quincy and 6 miles east of Crescent Mills per the Postal Route Map. Site named for Jobe T. Taylor who built a grist mill and hotel in 1852-56.

Jobe T. Taylor, First Postmaster.

1864 January 7, "Ranch" dropped and "ville" added to make Taylorsville.

1864 January 7, Jobe T. Taylor, Postmaster.

1872 December 18, Wiliam S. Price, Postmaster.

1874 February 5, George W. Hodgkins, Postmaster.

1876 May 15, William C. Young, Postmaster.

1878 July 2, John C. Young, Postmaster.

1886 September 16, Harris Goodman, Postmaster.

1891 September 25, John C. Young, Postmaster.

1907 March 14, Marion C. Young, Postmaster.

1912 March 22, Claude E. Young, Postmaster.

1924 June 3, James T. Taylor, Postmaster.

1924 September 9, George E. Boyden, Postmaster.

1940 February 1, Marcus Bowman Herring, Acting and then Postmaster on August 15, 1940.

1952 March 21, Mrs. Helen F. Stephenson, Acting Postmaster.

1954 March 18, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Sobrero, Postmaster.

1968 November 1, Mrs. Carol L. Kingdon, Acting PM; then Postmaster on June 30, 1971.

2000 November 9, Kathleen S. Erickson, Officer in charge.

2002 February 23, Kathleen S. Erickson, Postmaster.





See:  Cedar Glen > Tobin



1910 October 23, 4th Class Post Office established as Twain, Plumas, California located 7 miles west of Keddie. Name assigned to its station by the Western Pacific Railroad in 1907 for Mark Twain.

Herbert G. Porter, First Postmaster.

1913 December 6, Cora P. Porter, Postmaster.

1934 February 17, Timothy L. Bell, Postmaster.

1935 November 9, Stanley M. Markham, Postmaster.

1936 August 1, Elmer E. Johnston, Postmaster.

1938 July 1, Blanche M. Scott, Postmaster.

1940 January 10, Post Office moved 1 mile west.

1941 September 26, Millie Winsell, Postmaster.

1943 November 1, Nellie M. Mercer, Postmaster.

1946 February 5, Gladys L. McElroy, Postmaster.

1946 April 25, Cecile Mercer, Postmaster.

1950 March 31, Norman R. Gaustad, Postmaster.

1952 September 30, Floyd Blankenbaker, Postmaster.

1955 June 24, Myrtle T. Field, Postmaster.

1958 August 27, Floyd F. Blankenbaker, Postmaster.

1963 January 25, Dayton S. Olinger, Postmaster.

1971 June 30, Mrs. Carol L. Kingdom, Postmaster.




See:  Summit > Vinton



1929 January 8, A 4th Class Post Office established as Virgilia, Plumas, California located 2 1/2 miles west of Twain. Name honors the daughter of Virgil Bogue, Chief Engineer of the Western Pacific Railroad.

Dorothy M. McGuffin, First Postmaster.

1929 May 8, Margie J. Cayton, Postmaster.

1929 September 26, Mary Ellen Trusty, Postmaster.

1944 July 1, George Allen Moffitt, Postmaster.

1947 March 28, George Allen Moffitt, Postmaster.

1948 July 27, Vera Sturm, Postmaster.

1949 January 1, Clara R. Morris, Postmaster.

1951 September 18, Miss Violet K. Morris, Postmaster.

1954 November 18, Clara R. Morris, Postmaster.

1965 August 10, Mertlea C. Myers, Postmaster.

1965 December 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Twain.




See:  International > Walkermine


Wash > Clio

1875 August 27, 4th Class Post Office established as Wash, Plumas, California located 27 miles southeast of Quincy in the Mohawk Valley. Named fro a pioneer settler the original Post Office was located in the Postmater's Mohawk Valley ranch home.

Mrs. Rebeckah King, First Postmaster.

1900 January 21, Harry C. Reed, Postmaster.

1903 October 22, Petrine C. Brake, Postmaster.

1904 August 10, Post Office disocntinued, moved from the Postmaster's house to the Railroad Depot and the name changed to Clio.

1904  August 10, 4th Class Post Office established as Clio, Plumas, California located 27 miles southeast of Quioncy. Several name suggestions were rejected by the Post Office Department until the application asked for Clio the brand of a popular heating stove of which one was in the combination store and post office. Clio was a shipping point for nearby mines. Locals state Fred King was the Postmaster when the move and name change was made from Wash to Clio.

Petrine C. Brake, Postmaster.

1935 February 25, John Adolph Meyn, Postmaster.

1935 November 4, Floyd A. Colby, Postmaster.

1943 August 26, Mrs. Geraldine Diana Cetta, Postmaster.