Railroad: Central Pacific RR Company

1870 June 14, Sacramento Daily Union - Marysville, June 13 - The Central Pacific Railroad Company has resolved to continue the California and Oregon Railroad as fast as possible to the connecting point with the Oregon Central, and also push forward the work on the San Joaquin Valley Railroad.

Ten or twelve emigrant familes went up on the California and Oregon Railroad to-day, enroute to Jacksonville, as an advance party of a colony of 200 families from Maine.~


Railroad: California & Oregon

1871 December 21, Oregonian - From the Yreka Journal - The railroad is now in running order to Red Bluff, which does away with any more river freighting to Northern California, unless the railraod charges become too steep.

There are over 400 men at work grading the road this side of Red Bluff and stakes are set to Cottonwood in Shasta county to which point the railroad company intends building this winter as winter is the best time to build roads in that section on account of the ground being soft and free from overflow.

The company will determine this winter, upon a thorough examination of surveys made this summer, where they will cross the Siskiyou. Many think the route up Cottonwood (Siskiyou county) is the easiest and cheapest to build on, but we suppose the company will choose the route that benefits them the most.

The Oregon railroad company, owing to the flooded and swampy character of the ground in winter in the Umpqua Valley, will be unable to do much before next summer, though the Oregon company put things through when it was possible to do anything and may beat the California Company yet to the line, and locate the junction.~


Road: Public Highway, 185

On 8 February 1854, the Court of Sessions accepted as a public highway a road from Horsetown to Bald Hills with a branch running south of Clear Creek.


Route: Hong Fang (or Tang) Stage Road

Known as both, Hong Fang or Tang, the same stage road, connected mining areas on Roaring River with the Middle Fork of Cottonwood Creek.

Also used by Chinese gardeners to move produce to more populated areas for marketing.~


Route: New Mail Route 1851

1851 May 24, California Gazette - A new mail route has been established running from Shasta City (otherwise called Reading's Springs) across the coast range and down to Humboldt Bay striking the Bay at Uniontown, which is the main town in that vicinity. The mail, we understand, is to be carried every two weeks.~


Route: Post Road #150

1864 September 10, San Francisco Bulletin -

From Red Bluff via Jelly's Ferry, Battle Creek, Parkville, Millville, and Buckeye to Shasta City.

From Susanville, in Lassen county, California to Boise City, in Idaho Territory.

From Crescent City, California to Waldo, Oregon.~



Route: Post Road #54

1858 June 30, Daily National Intelligencer:  

From Shasta City via nobles Pass to Susanville, Utah Territory.

From Colusa to Marysville.

From Crescent City via Indian Creek, Happy Camp, Scott River to Yreka.

From Trinidad via Orleans Bar, Salmon River to Yreka.

From Yreka via Shasta Valley, Soda Springs, Portuguese Flats, Dog Creek, Churntown to Shasta.~


Route: Post Road #61

1852 September 8, Daily National Intelligencer -

From Sacramento City daily via Marysville, Hamilton, Chico to Shasta City.

From Shasta City via Weaverville, weekly to Yreka in Siskiyou County.

From Trinidad to Yreka via Tompkins Ferry, Orleans Bar, Happy Camp and Scotts Bar.~


Route: Postal Map 1884

Igo > Ono > Happy Valley > Gas Point > Pinckney.


Route: Igo & Anderson Stage Line

W. Dunham, Proprietor

Leaves Igo every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at 3 o'clock with Wells, Fargo & Company express matter for Anderson connecting with the up train and returning will arrive in Igo at 11 o'clock p.m. A magnificent four seated coach has been purchased for this line and a reliable driver employed. Fare is $1.00.

Undated note from Behrens-Eaton files. (obtained on 27 April 2011)

1881 April 21, a Redding Newspaper -Robbery of Igo-Anderson Stage. Igo Express in way to Anderson held up at four in the afternoon about two miles below Igo near the junction of the Horsetown Road. Walt Page, Driver. Robber broke into the Wells Fargo box with a sledge hammer and got $992 in dust and $10 in coin, Way Bills and letters recovered.

Later the robber killed in Trinity County. Had lived at Igo. Wilson by name.