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Harrison Gulch 

Log Town, Harrison Gulch, Knob, Goldsboro - locale names of the area used interchangably until Harrison Gulch became the most common.

The name Harrison refers to William R. Harrison, the first elected Judge for the newly formed county of Shasta in the new state of California. His swearing-in ceremony took place at Hamilton in Butte County on October 7, 1850. Hamilton, near Bidwell Bar, or today's Oroville, was the first county seat for Butte County. Many people confuse Butte County's Hamilton with Hamilton City (Glenn County) which wasn't founded until 1905-06.

1896 September 5, History of California Post Offices 1849-1976 -Post Office established at Knob, Shasta, California on 5 September 1896, for the growing community that housed many of the Midas Mine workers and their families. This particular location in the Harrison Gulch vicinity was named for Knob Peak. The Post Office Department would not accept the longer name of Harrison Gulch, so residents shortened Knob Peak to just Knob. George M. Green was the first postmaster. The post office provided service for 48 years and was discontinued 15 May 1944. Residents were then served by Platina Post Office. The Knob Post Office was located 7 miles NW of Platina.~

Stanley A. McIntosh, General Merchandise Firm, formerly known as Whybark & McIntosh

Kauffman Brothers (spelled Koffman on a map) of Corning opened a branch store in Harrison Gulch with Thomas Morrissey as manager.

Jud Van Matre of Hayfork opened a Butcher Shop.

Gasper Zerr, Butcher Shop

Arnold Sanford "Dick" Hammans owned a liquor store and saloon. He had a rectangular lot on Main Street and a triangle shaped lot attaching behind to Alley. His Main Street lot was between Koffman Bros. and John W. Shutts.

Midas Gold Mining Company occupied a building on the corner of Mill and Main Streets for their main office.

Doctors:  C. A. Mueller, T. J. Edgecomb

Photographer:  Oscar Cromwell

As individuals, A. J. Fowler and J. H. Hunter owned several lots in Knob.

C. F. Goodridge also had a street named Goodridge Avenue for him in the town of Knob.

1901 May 2, Map of the Town of Harrison Gulch, Shasta Co., California Surveyed 2 May 1901 - Lot Owners:  J Wallace, D. Mercer, John Martins, P.S. Green, Daniel Bigger, Joseph Peck,  C. Nealey,  C. D. Scranton, S. A. McIntosh, C. F. Goodridge,  C. W. Heibner,  A. J. Fowler, Oscar Markham, Joseph Anlauf, Van Meter (Van Matre), Mrs. R. C. Ryan (2), Koffman (Kaufmann) Bros., O. Q. Large (possibly Carge), J.H. Hunter, Joseph Williams, Gasper Zerr, Z. T. Weyand, Midas Gold Mining Company, A.S. Hammond s/b Hammans (2), John W. Shutts, D. S. Patten, George Green, F. C. Barker (2), Mrs. M.E. Packard, Town Hall Association,  John Gullart, W. J. Thurman, W.W. Markham, S.C. Heibner, Edward Crawford, I. Barns, W. I. Hammond (I believe to be W. J. Hammans or William Joshua Hammans, my Great-Grandfather), Miller, Baker

Further defined:

Area 1:  Streets = Main, Mill and Alley 1 - Joseph Peck, 2 - Daniel Bigger, 3 - P. S. Green, 4 - John Marting, 5 ?, 6 - S. A. McIntosh, 7 - D. Mercer, 8 - J. Wallace, 9 - George Green, 10 - Mrs. M.E. Packard, 11 - F. C. Barker, 12 - Joseph Anlauf, 13 - D. S. Patten, 14 - F. C. Barker, 15 - Jail Yard, 16 - John W. Shutts, 17 - Arnold Sanford "Dick" Hammans, 18 -  Koffman [Kaufmann] Brothers, 19 - Arnold Sanford "Dick" Hammans, 20 - Midas Gold Mining Company

Area 2:  Streets = Main, Goodridge Avenue 1 - S.C. Heibner, 2 - W.J. Thurman, 3 - Stanley A. McIntosh, 4 - John Martins, 5 - George Green

Area 3:  Streets = Mill, Alley, Main, Washington 1 - Koffmann Bros, 2 - Mrs. R.C. Ryan, 3 - Mrs. R.C. Ryan, 4 - Van Meter (Van Matre), 5 - Joseph Anlauf, 6 - Oscar Markham, 7 - W. J. Thurman

Area 4:  Streets = Washington, Church and Main 1 - A. J. Fowler, 2 - C.W. Heibner, 3 - John Gullart, 4 - Town Hall Association

Area 5:  Streets = Church, Main & Harrison Information Missing

Area 6: Streets = Harrison1 -2 -3 -4 -

Area 7:  Streets = Main, High, Church 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 - W. I. Hammond s/b William Joshua Hammans, 6 - J. H. Hunter, 7 - J. H. Hunter, 8 - J. H. Hunter, 9 - J. H. Hunter, 10 - Miller, 11 - Baker

Area 8:  Streets = High, Main, Church 1 - A. J. Fowler, 2 - W. W. Markham

Area 9:  Streets = Main, Goodridge 1 -, 2 - C. Nealey, 3 - A. S. McIntosh (S.A. McInstosh?), 4 - C. D. Scranton, 5 - C. F. Goodridge, 6 -, 7 -, 8 - Z. T. Weyand, 9 - J. H. Hunter, 10 - Gasper Zerr, 11 - A. J. Fowler, 12 - Joseph Williams, 14 - A. J. Fowler, 15 - J. H. Hunter, 16 - O. Q.  Large (Carge?), 17 -, 18 - C. L. Blak???, 19 - I. Barns, 20 - Edward Crawford, 21 - J. H. Hunter, 22 - J. H. Hunter~

1904 March 31Evening News, Redding March 31 - The mail stage bound for Redding from Harrison Gulch was coming down Arbuckle Mountain, forty-five miles west of Redding. It was being driven cautiously along the stretch of road where the mountainside had been slowly sliding down for weeks, but the earth suddenly shot down the mountainside carrying the stage and horses with it.

The vehicle turned over three times in the rapid descent of 100 feet to the bottom of the canyon. Driver Jack Miller was uninjured and the horses escaped any hurt. There were no passengers. The stage was smashed up.

The debris was left by Miller who got out the horses and mail in safety and made his way, five miles to the next stage station, where another vehicle was secured and the journey continued.~

The Harrison Gulch School was located in Log Town, two miles from the town of Knob.

1984, The Covered Wagon, Elaine Miller TielAccording to Hugh H. Shuffleton, Jr., in 1901, Virginia Kelley taught the primary grades one through three in the community church in town, while he (Shuffleton) taught grades four through nine at the school at Log Town. In 1901, he had taken over grade four also, as Miss Kelley had enrolled close to fifty pupils. With that change, both teachers had about forty students each.

Shuffleton went on to become Principal of the Harrison Gulch School District.

Other teachers, during the "heyday" of the Gulch, were Margaret Franceway, Eva Jones Whalen and Anna Sprague.

Anna Sprague (Mrs. Frank Rose) received her training at San Jose Normal School and taught her first two years (1896-1897) at Harrison Gulch School.~