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Barge: "Governor Hayes"

1877 December 17, San Francisco Bulletin - The Colusa Sun of the 15th instant has the following concerning the sinking of the barge Governor Hayes in the Sacramento River:  Last Sunday morning the barge Governor Hayes, in tow of the steamer Dover, Captain Brewington, ran on a log at what the boatmen call 20-mile bend just below the Grand Island mills, and sunk. It seems that she made it over the log, but broke and went down, nose foremost, in 18 feet of water. She had on board 10,300 sacks of wheat, worth at Jacinto, $3 a sack, belonging to Dr. Glenn. Some 3,000 sacks were taken off the barge in a more or less damaged condition, and was sold at from 25 to 75 cents a sack. The barge has been raised, and will not be a total loss. The loss on the wheat is about $30,000. We learn that was fully insured. It seems that this log lies in a short bend of the river, where it cannot be avoided, and that it has given more or less of trouble to all the boats on the river. It was no one's business however, to remove it, although a small job, and so it remained. The Government ought certainly to give us a small appropriation towards keeping the river free from snags. If the Government will not, it would pay Colusa County to have a small amount of work done.~


Bridge: Clear Creek

1864, May 7, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Board of Supervisors Meeting for the May term, 1864 - Renewal of license granted to G. I. Taggart [Grant I. Taggart] for ten years, to keep a toll bridge across Clear Creek at the Tower House.~ 


Bridge: Graff >  Ludwig's

1853-54, John Graff built a bridge across Cottonwood Creek taking care of the travel that passed through the Hooker District to and from Shasta.~

1855 June 16, William Ludwig purchased the bridge from John Graff.

1856, The bridge was lost in high water.

1865, August 12, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California (Board of Supervisor's Meeting of 7 August 1865) License granted to William Ludwig to keep a toll bridge across Cottonwood Creek for one year.~


Bridge:  Hale

1860 May 12, Shasta Courier - Proceeding of the Board of Supervisors, Shasta County - Ferry license granted to John X. Hale to keep the toll bridge across the Sacramento on the Pit River Road at a point about one mile below H.C. Hartman's house, Sugarloaf Township.~


Bridge: Landrum & Briggs

1852 December 6, Bridge on Clear Creek at Briggsville below Horsetown licensed by the Shasta County Court of Sessions for Messrs. Landrum and Briggs, a partnership.~


Bridge: Squaw Hill > Woodson

1921 October 22, Red Bluff Daily News - 90 Years Ago (2011) - Bordwell & Zimmerman, contractors for the Squaw Hill Bridge, now in the course of construction, are rushing work there with all possible speed, to avoid delays later from high water, it was stated today by County Surveyor W.F. Luning. The swing span pier has been completed.~


Bridge: Stockton & Andrews

1858 November 6, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Board of Supervisors Meeting of 1 November 1858 - The road leading from Stockton & Andrews' Bridge, up the hill on the ridge south of Clear Creek, and being the new road recently constructed by the citizens of Horsetown, connecting on the said ridge with the road leading from Piety Hill to Red Bluffs; and also the road leading from said intersection and connecting with the road leading from Briggsville to Cottonwood about four miles from Briggsville, being the one recently obstructed by Stephen Lean, are hereby declared public highways.~


Bridges:  Bell

1860 July 21, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - BRIDGE NOTICE - Notice is hereby given to all, that the undersigned will make application to the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Shasta County California at their next regular term in August, for a renewal of license for both of his bridges - one on Clear Creek and the other on Cottonwood Creek - both on the main road from Shasta to Red Bluff. Signed:  J.J. Bell. Clear Creek Bridge, July 2, 1860.~


Creek: Gregory 

1908, In Shasta County, the Antler(s) Post Office was established 5 February 1908 from the Gregory Post Office that had been established in the location in 1900, after the Central Pacific Railroad built a station in 1898. The same location had served as the Smithson Stage Station in 1879.

The Gregory Hotel, 32 miles N of Redding and about 100 yards from the Sacramento River, built by James Franklin "Frank" Gregory (1863-1936), in 1901, became popular with hunters and fishermen. Before long, several sets of antlers adorned the walls, thus the name change to Antler(s) in 1908.

Frank Gregory was the first Postmaster for both Gregory and Antler(s), often assisted by his wife, Martha Ellen "Mattie" Nelson Greenwood Gregory (1856-1952). Mattie was also active as an operator for the Telephone Company of America.

There was Gregory Creek flowing 1.5 miles into the Sacramento River named for this family.

1914, The Antler Post Office closed on 15 January 1914 when the mail service for the area relocated 7 miles N to Bayles.~


Creek: Middle Creek

In 1899-1900, Waugh (of Waugh's Ferry and Hotel) was the post office for Middle Creek, a station on the Southern Pacific Railroad, three miles north of Redding. At one time Middle Creek was a prosperous mining camp, there being one hundred miners, or more, engaged in working the placers at the mouth of the creek and on the bars of the Sacramento River. There are yet several mines in the vicinity that are worked on a small scale. When the railroad was built, Middle Creek was made a station to accommodate the people of Shasta, and a depot and hotel were erected.

Andrew Cussick ran a saloon; Mrs. M. Cussick operated the hotel and was postmistress; P.M. Epperson was the agent for Southern Pacific Railroad and Wells Fargo; E.W. Richardson was a farmer and Frank W. Whipple a resident miner. - Shasta County Directory published 1900.~


Dam:  Shasta

1950 June 6, Omaha World Herald - Shasta Dam Nearly Ready for Business - The main structure of the California Central Valley Irrigation and Flood Control program is Shasta Dam. On June 17 [1950] it will release water for the first time when the dam is dedicated as part of the Shasta Centennial Ceremonies. The dam's spillway towers three times the height of Niagra Falls.~


Ferry > Bridge:  Ball's

1860 July 21, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - FERRY NOTICE - Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that the undersigned will make application to the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Shasta County, California, for a renewal of his Ferry license, for one year, at their next regular meeting in August. Signed:  Henry S. Ball [Henry Seymour Ball]. Ball's Ferry, July 2d, 1860.~

1860, Principal lumber shipping point.

1864 May 7, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Board of Supervisors, May term 1864 - ordered that a renewal of ferry license be granted to H.S. Ball [Henry Seymour Ball], for 5 years.~

1868 January 25, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - FERRY LICENSE - Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply to the board of Supervisors of the county of Shasta, at the February term, 1868, and on the first day of said term, for a license to establish and run a ferry, for ten years, at a point on the Sacramento River, in said county, heretofore known as Ball's Ferry, and about two miles below Davis' Ferry. Signed:  N. Ballard. Dec 23d, 1867.~

1872 April 27, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - FERRY NOTICE - Notice is hereby given that at the next regular meeting of the board of Supervisors, I will apply for a license to keep a toll ferry across the Sacramento River for ten years at a point known as Ball's Ferry. signed:  W.W. Ball [William Wallace Ball]. Shasta, March 16th, 1872.~

1897 - Ferry replaced by bridge.~


Ferry > Bridge:  Bell's

1851, Bell's Ferry is said to have been established across Clear Creek, near the present day Highway 273, by Joseph Jones Bell.~

1852 December 10, Bell's Toll Ferry licensed by Shasta County Court of Sessions for J. J. Bell.

1853 December, Bridge licensed by Shasta County for J.J. Bell, succeeding the Ferry on Clear Creek.

1862 February 15, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Board of Supervisors - License granted to J.J. Bell to keep a ferry across Clear Creek until a bridge can be built.~


Ferry > Bridge:  Bend

1892, Established across the Sacramento River by Herbert Kraft with Jake Davis as the paid operator. After Davis, Went Goodridge took over operation for about 12 years. Then the County of Tehama took over until a bridge replaced the ferry in November 1932.

1932, Bend Bridge dedicated.


Ferry > Bridge:  Jelly's

See:  Jelly & Jelly's Ferry under Tehama County.


Ferry:  Adams

1861 February 9, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - DISSOLUTION - The Co-partnership heretofore existing between Lafferty & Adams, in keeping a public ferry and ranching business, was dissolved on the 12th of January, 1861, by mutual consent.

All indebted to the firm will please make immediate payment to Adams & Bragg, who are alone authorized to settle the business of the firm. signed:  Fountain Lafferty. J.W. Adams. Oakley Ferry, Feb. 6, 1861.~

1861 February 9, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - FERRY NOTICE - notice is hereby given that we, the undersigned, will apply to the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Shasta County, at their next regular meeting on the first Monday in May next, or as soon thereafter as we can be heard, for a License to keep a public Ferry across the Sacramento River at the point heretofore known as Haycraft & Lafferty's Ferry. Signed:  Joseph W. Adams. Henry W. Bragg. January 19, 1861.~

1861 February 9, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California -Board of Supervisors Meeting - Ordered that Messrs. Adams and Bragg be granted a license to keep a toll ferry across the Sacramento river until the 2nd day of May, 1861.~

1863 August 15, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - DISSOLUTION - The co-partnership heretofore existing between J.W. Adams and H.W. Bragg, under the firm name of Adams and Bragg, is dissolved by mutual consent. 

The ferry known as Adams' Ferry, at "Oakley Ranch," will be continued by J.W. Adams, who will remain upon the ranch.

All persons indebted to the company will please call and settle with J.W. Adams, he being the legal owner of said claims, and those having demands against the company will present them to him for settlement. Signed:  J.W. Adams. H.W. Bragg. -Red Bluff, July 21, 1863.~

1864 June 4, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - BELLIGERENT - In the early part of the week Mr. Justice Ward issued process for the arrest of a man named Vehon for threats to kill, and destroy the property of Mr. Adams, of Adams' Ferry, on the Sacramento river. Officers after an absence of thirty-six hours, returned, not having been able to find their man, he being secreted by friends in the vicinity.~

1865 August 12, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California (from the Board of Supervisors meeting of 7 August 1865) - Ordered, that Auditor issue warrant on General Fund to J.W. Adams, for $21., over plus on ferry license.~

1869 May 8, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - KILLED - At Adams' Ferry, Sacramento river, on Saturday last, John Ringer was kicked in the stomach by a horse and died a few hours afterwards from the effects of the injuries received. Deceased was a native of Pennsylvania, ages 29 years.~

1871, Adams Ferry has a Shasta County Post Office address of American Ranch which is 24 miles southeast of Shasta. Sacramento River crossing - J. W. Adams, hotel proprietor and general merchandise. Simon Darrah was a lumber dealer at the location. - The Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1871-1873~

1878 March 23, Weekly Bee, Sacramento, California - Thomas Logan was drowned yesterday at Adams' Ferry, on the Sacramento River, twenty miles above Red Bluff.~


Ferry:  Andrews

1862 February 15, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Board of Supervisors - License granted to A.R. Andrews to run a ferry across Clear Creek.~


Ferry: Ballard > Bridge:  Centennial

1874, Ballard Brothers, Curtis and Charles, were issued a license to build and operate a ferry and pontoon bridge across the Sacramento River at Red Bluff, at the foot of Pine Street. In operation in 1874 until completion of bridge in 1876.

1876, Centennial Bridge completed and ferry closed.

1876 November 17, Weekly Journal Miner - The Board of Supervisors of Tehama county, California, have done themselves an honor and the people a great service by bulding a substantial bridge across the Sacramento River, at the town of Red Bluff. It is a pleasure for people to pay taxes when they can see real benefits like that arising from it.~


Ferry:  Daingerfield

1853 December 7, Ferry across the Sacramento River at the mouth of Bear Creek licensed by the Shasta County Court of Sessions for Daingerfield.~