Aiken Gulch School

1885 September 7, Established.~

The Aiken Gulch School was located on the southwest side of the gulch in the middle of three trees on a hill above the gate. There was an outhouse for the girls, but the boys went over the hill.

The teachers for the Raymond children were Georgia Jones, Pearl Street, Ella McCandless and Miss Latham.

Miss Street handed out a card on the last day of school with pupil names printed on it. The list:  ROBINSON, Stephen, Myrtie, Grover, Maude and Martin; LONG, Mattie, Walter, Susie and Willie; RAYMOND, George, Carrie, Elida and Luella: YANCEY, Pearl, Emma and Lizzie; PIERSON, David, Marion, Mattie and Jimmie.

~ taken from The Family History of Elida Raymond Wells by Ruth Raymond Wells Caldwell~

1892 December 10, Free Press (Redding, California) - An Ono Marriage by Contract - A basket social came off last Saturday at Aiken schoolhouse to raise a little money to trim a Christmas tree with. A large number of people were present. In fact, almost the entire membership of the district.

After the literary exercises conducted by the able teacher, Miss Lack, were over, the baskets were sold to the highest bidders. They went from 80 cents to $8.50 each, the total sum raised being $35.95. After all were well filled with the contents of the baskets, W. S. Kidder called the crowd to order and then read the marriage contract signed by James R. Murphy and Miss Lucy Smith.~

1899 February 21, Searchlight (Redding, CA) -  Report of Aiken School for the month from January 23rd to February 17th:  Number enrolled, 13; average number belonging, 12. Not absent or tardy - Nellie and Annie Rennie, Lizzie and Ollie Edwards; tardy but not absent - Cora Pearl, Ned Chandler, Charles Walcott. Visitors - Mrs. Rennie, Valentine Rennie, Miss Laura Gill, and Leonard Goodrum. - Mrs. Georgia Bedford, Teacher.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School teachers - Aiken, Clara Hamilton.~

AIKEN GULCH CREEK - rises in Shasta County, in the southwestern part of T. 29 N., R. 7 W., at altitude 1,000 feet above sea level; flows southeastward 6 miles into Middle Fork Cottonwood Creek (tributary through Cottonwood Creek to the Sacramento); fall about 200 feet. - Gazetteer of Surface Waters of California, Part I Sacramento River Basin prepared by B.D. Wood under the direction of John C. Hoyt, 1912.~


Albion School

1882 August 10, Established. 

Named Albion for the white chalkish cliffs and near the community of Carbon (coal) so named for it's dark soil and contrast to white cliffs.

Notes of Bertha Felch Stevenson Maynard -

Mr. Cromwell was one of the first teachers. The pupils were the children of Fred and Helena Knoch: Clara, Mary, Lily and Dee Knoch. Additionally, Philip, Grant and Emma Dungan; Ida, George and Frank Scholfield; and, Frank and Archie Brown.~

1895 March 24, Shasta Courier, Miss Amanda Simmons, who spent the winter here [Redding] at home, has gone up to Carbon on Hat Creek to teach a term of School [Albion].~

1897 September 11, Shasta Courier, Teacher List - Albion:  Ella Maddox.~

1899 February 10, Searchlight, Redding, California - Albion School Report for moth ending February 1, 1899:  Number of days taught, 10; Number of pupils enrolled, 12; whole number of days attendance, 139; whole number of days absence, 30; cases of tardiness (owing to storm and distance), 116; average daily attendance 7 6-19; name of those not tardy during the month, Abbie Edwards; record of deportment during the month:  Robert Scholfied, 98; Abbie Edwards, 97; Lillie Schmittyer, 91; Otto Schmittyer, 91; Isaac Wolf, 98; Elmira Wolf, 95; Gilbert Gipson, 89; Brady Gipson, 80; Fearless Walston, 89; Deidy Walston, 95; Cildy Walston, 94; Daniel O'Neal, 89. Signed:  Mrs. Ella Braden, Teacher.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California, Shasta List of School Teachers - Albion: Adeline Latham.~

1903 - Daisy Garroute, Constance Middleton.

1904, 1905, 1906 - Ella Parham Maddox Braden.

1934 March 27, Sacramento Bee -  Born:  BEAN - In Los Angeles, March 14, 1934, to Mr. and Mrs. Harris Bean of Four Corners, Shasta County, a daughter. Mrs. Bean was the former Mae Brauer, teacher of the Albion School.~

1941 - Marian King.

1941 - Clerk - Mrs. C.O. Willis.~



American Ranch School

1860/61, Established.~


Anderson School

1876 February 10, Established by means of American Ranch School Districrt changing its name to Anderson School District.~

1881 July 23, Shasta Courier - List of School District Clerks - Anderson, J.F. Bedford of Anderson.~

1881 - Mrs. J.C. King; Mrs. Eliza P. Veeder

Per 1885 Shasta County Directory:

R. Berger, Principal. Teachers:  Mrs. A. Dodson, George O. English, Mrs. E.A. King, D.C. Reed, Miss L. Shaw.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Anderson:  E. Vickers, Annie Price, Myrtle Fuller.~

1899 December 3, Searchlight, Redding, California - Professor Vickers, principal of the Anderson schools, was visiting his brother, J.F. Vickers in Redding Saturday.~

1903 - Alice Dodson, Olive Bedford, Lutie Fisher, J.H. Creighton, A.D. Cunningham.

1905 - Alice Dodson, Olive Bedford, Lutie Fisher, J.H. Creighton, A.D. Cunningham, Macie I. Dack, James Matlock, Jr., Eliza Wagner, Estelle Matlock, Maude Anderson.

1906 - Same as above (1905).

1908 July 9, Sacramento Union - Teachers Selected for Shasta County Schools - Anderson - Miss Olive Bedford, Miss Myra Giles, Miss Hazel Keeran and Miss Macie Dack.~

1911 May 23, Sacramento Bee - Anderson, Shasta County - The Anderson Grammar School closed today after a successful nine months term. The teachers for the past terms were:  Olive Bedford, Principal; Myra Giles, Macie Dack, and Elsie Shepherd.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers appointed:  Miss Olive Bedford, Myra Giles, Macie Dack, Eva Cornwall.~

1915 May 19, Searchlight, Redding, California - ANDERSON TEACHERS - The following teachers have been employed to teach the next term of the Anderson Grammar School:  Mrs. Eva Whalen, principal; Miss Iva Morris, Miss Ethel Anderson, Miss Leila Alexander and Miss Virginia Shanahan.~

1941 - H.A. Steidley, Anna B. Kimball, Elsie Morgan, Lucille Dailey, Virginia Spear, Teachers~



Anderson Union High School

1909 July 1, Established.~

1917 December 23, San Francisco Chronicle - Anderson, December 22 - Roy E. Simpson, for two years vice-principal of the Anderson Union High School, has resigned his position to go to Washington to take a position in the quartermaster department.~


Antelope School

Location near Bald Hills known as Antelope. Named for the animal. Supposedly there were large herds in the area at one time.

1881 August 2, Established.~

1908 December 4, The Searchlight, Semi Weekly, Redding, California -

Antelope School - The following is the report of the Antelope School for the month ended November 27: Days taught = 18; days attendance = 238; time tardy = 2; average belonging = 14; daily attendance = 11; percentage of attendance (unreadable) Pupils being neither absent nor tardy during the month were: Frances Venzke, Emil Venzke, Albert Venzke, Ruth Dewlaney, Ruby Dewlaney and Elmer Dewlaney. Visitor:  Frank Ponte. Laura E. Boyce, teacher.~

In the 1916 to 1918, School Register for Gas Point School, I noticed that in the visitor list, Mrs. J. L. Boyer and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Moore as well as a Mrs. M. J. Moore gave their address as Antelope.~

Notes from Bertha Felch Stevenson Maynard:

"Antelope School was established 2 August 1881, 10 miles west of Cottonwood on the south side of Gas Point Road. May K. Giles was the first teacher followed by Carrie Hayden. The familes were:  Riggins, Shelton, Scovell, Duggins. The school was discontinued about 1940."


1903 - Mrs. L. Cunningham.

1904 - Mrs. L. Cunningham.

1905 - J. May Stevens.

1906 - Mrs. E. Leschinsky.~


Asbury School

1914 Januray 10, Established.~

Asbury Peak (also known as Black Butte near Shingletown) was named for William Asbury who homesteaded on the south slope.

1923 March 25, Searchlight, Redding, California - John Hall, a farmer living in the Asbury school district on Battle Creek, visited the courthouse Saturday.~


Atkins School

1890 May 10, Established.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers, Atkins School:  Mrs. K.A. Brincard.~

Located east of Whitmore.

Notes of Berta Felch Stevenson Maynard -


1903 -  Clara Hufford

1904 - Clara Hufford, Mary V. Joseph.

1905 - Cora Cravens

1906 - C.C. Middleton~



Bailey School

1905 March 10, Established.~

Notes of Bertha Felch Stevenson Maynard -

Located 3 miles west of Viola on the old Emigrant Road from McCumber's Mill to John Hill's Trading Post. School District formed from Lassen District in 1905 and was suspended in 1921.


1905 - Mrs. S. Sorenson

1906 - Pearl Petty~



Bald Hills School 

1872 November 7, Established.~

1881 July 23, Shasta Courier - List of School District Clerks - Bald Hill, F.D. Robinson of Gas Point.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle, Shasta County Teachers -Bald Hills - Emma Frank.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California, Shasta's List of school Teachers - Bald Hills:  Eva Jones.~

Per Bertha Felch Stevenson Maynard:  "Bald Hills School established 7 November 1872."

1903 - J.J. Miller, Macie Jordan, (James Barr, labor).

1905 - Olie Thomasson.

1906 - Eva M. Jones.~

Per Josephine E. Jordan in her Pioneer Bald Hills Days Paper:  "Nora Chandler was our first teacher. The neighbors hired the teacher and she boarded around the neighborhood by turns. Our first school was in an old store building on the Thad Jones place. As the families moved around, the school house was moved to meet the demand. Our last school house is still standing about three quarters of a mile from my home but it is not used for lack of children in the neighborhood. I also attended school in Horsetown where my teacher was Alice Mahoney, the mother of Jessie Dunn of Redding."

Josephine Elizabeth Murphy (1860-1943) was the daughter of William Valentine Murphy (1829-1900) and Jerusha Philena Dickenson Murphy (1831-1910). She married Irby Holt Jordan (1840-1913) on 5 Nov 1879. The couple had five children. Josephine experieced life in or near the Bald Hills both in growing up and as a married woman and mother.