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Cayton Valley

1879 May 6, Cayton Valley School established.

Cayton Valley School & Fremont SchoolPer the notes of Clarence Bosworth: "School had been established. A log building in the lower end of the valley was replaced by a frame building farther north on the west side. Here, Carrie Bosworth taught, also a sister-in-law of John Snell's, Etta Crews. This building was destroyed by fire and a school was established half way down the hill toward the Pit River and the crossing at Peck's Bridge."

"These were summer schools. Teachers were Sadie Hays, Ella P. Braden, Augusta Marsh, Mrs. Hudspeth, Laura Greer and a number of others."

"The school district was divided in 1909, and a nice school house was built near the Pit River. Because the stamped school books were moved there, it became the Cayton Valley School. The north half was named Fremont, established on the west side of the valley on the road. Thirteen pupils were enrolled with Sophronia Brown the teacher."

"A huge bell in the Fremont school was rung promptly at 8:30 in the morning by one of the older pupils who worked as janitor, and the sound could be heard all over the valley. This was a winter school."~

"There have been six different sites of the Cayton School. The first was one quite near the present turn-off to Cayton [from State Highway 89]. It burned and was rebuilt on the opposite side of the road. Another school at the edge of what is now Lake Britton, between Cayton and Clark Creeks. There were so many settlers from Missouri in Cayton that the school was nicknamed "Missouri College." The attendance became so large that another school named Fremont was started in upper Cayton. The school continued there until the P.G. & E. started to build the No. 3 Powerhouse. At that time a school was built at Clark Creek and was more centrally located. That school continued there until about 1940 and it lapsed due to lack of pupils. Albion School was moved to its present location about 1925 and it lapsed about the same time the Cayton School was closed. Then in 1944 the Cayton and Albion districts agreed to consolidate in order to have enough children to open one school. The consolidation was made and the school was called Albion."-  Undated paper [abt 1967] by Ellen Podbielski from listening to Elsie Bosworth [of Cayton Valley] and with Mrs. Myrna Hewett as a Resource Person.~

Per the notes of Bertha Felch Stevenson Maynard:  "Cayton Valley School established 6 May 1879. On 10 November 1908, the district split. The part left in the original Cayton Valley was called Fremont, and the part left near the river was Cayton Valley School. Archie Weaver taught here. Mrs. Pearl Doney taught for some years, also Effie Alwardt (Rhoades)."



Central School

Not the same as near Anderson-Oak Knoll. This Central School was located in Northeastern Shasta County.

1880 May 5, Central School District established.~


Grant School

1885 July 6, Grant School established.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle, Shasta County Teachers, Grant School:  Jessie Dunn.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Grant:  Sarah Oliver.~

1904 July 15, Weekly Searchlight, Redding, California - Mrs. Alice Tracy has been chosen as the teacher for the ensuing term of the Grant School.~

1908 -  Alice Tracie, Teacher.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teacher Appointments - Alice Tracie.~

1915 August 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - TEACHERS CHOSEN - Grant - Mrs. Olive Fish.~


Jefferson School

1899 March 8, Jefferson School established.~

1908 - Clemence Stiltz, Teacher, Jefferson School.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Jefferson: Clemence L. Stilz.~


Live Oak School

1891 May 9, Live Oak School established.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle, Shasta County Teachers - Live Oak School:  Nellie Young.~


Nomwauket School

1895 August 19, San Franciso Chronicle, Shasta County Teachers - Nomwauket School:  Alice Terry.~


Oak Grove School

1881 August 2, Oak Grove School established.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle, Shasta County Teachers, Oak Grove School:  Ella Martin.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed -Oak Grove, Lena Harris.~


Olive School

1885 May 4, Olive School established.~

1892 October 15, Free Press, Redding, California - REPORT - Report of Olive School for month beginning September 12th and ending October 7, 1892:  Number of days taught, 20; number enrolled, 12; average number belonging 9 3/4; average daily attendance, 9 1/4; percentage of attendance, 95; Neither absent nor tardy during the month -- Benton Jepson, Carle Jepson, Clemmy White, Clarence White, Edith Jepson.  Visitors -- Miss Annie Gray, Misses Ida and Minnie Jepson, Mrs. W.S. Grant, Mrs. F.C. Hartman, Miss Edna Bishop.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Olive School:  John Dailey.~

1903 - Pearl Waldorf, Clara Voss, Teachers, Olive.~

1904 - C.C. Middleton, Teacher, Olive.~

1905 - Clara Seiter, Teacher, Olive.~

1906 - Helen Brown, Lucy Buffum, Teachers, Olive School.~

(Olive transferred to Pine Grove and Junction Districts)~


Pleasant School

1888 January 5, Pleasant School established.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Pleasant School:  Carrie Greer.~