Oak Grove School

1881 August 2, Oak Grove School established.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle, Shasta County Teachers, Oak Grove School:  Ella Martin.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed -Oak Grove, Lena Harris.~


Olive School

1885 May 4, Olive School established.~

1892 October 15, Free Press, Redding, California - REPORT - Report of Olive School for month beginning September 12th and ending October 7, 1892:  Number of days taught, 20; number enrolled, 12; average number belonging 9 3/4; average daily attendance, 9 1/4; percentage of attendance, 95; Neither absent nor tardy during the month -- Benton Jepson, Carle Jepson, Clemmy White, Clarence White, Edith Jepson.  Visitors -- Miss Annie Gray, Misses Ida and Minnie Jepson, Mrs. W.S. Grant, Mrs. F.C. Hartman, Miss Edna Bishop.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Olive School:  John Dailey.~

1903 - Pearl Waldorf, Clara Voss, Teachers, Olive.~

1904 - C.C. Middleton, Teacher, Olive.~

1905 - Clara Seiter, Teacher, Olive.~

1906 - Helen Brown, Lucy Buffum, Teachers, Olive School.~

(Olive transferred to Pine Grove and Junction Districts)~


Pit River School

1868 August 12, Pit River School established.~

1868 August 15, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Board of Supervisors - Ordered, that the petition of citizens of Pitt River Valley, praying for a school district, be allowed, on recommendation of County Superintendent, said district to be known as Pitt River District.~

1872 March 16, Shasta Courier - School Money from State - Pit River, 45 children, $98.28.~

1883 October 13, Shasta Courier, School Notes - September 18th:  Pit River School closed for short vacation. The people of this district have with commendable enterprise erected a large and elegant school house in a delightful location and propose to furnish it in the most approved manner. A good well of water is on the premises. School will open in a short time and will continue through the winter. F.C. Palmer, clerk.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Pit River School:  Grace Horner.~

1908 - Mabel M. Guthrie, Teacher, Pit River School.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Lydia M. Joiner, Pit River School.~


Pleasant School

1888 January 5, Pleasant School established.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Pleasant School:  Carrie Greer.~


Prairie School

1882 May 6, Prairie School established.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle, Shasta County teachers, Prairie School:  Mrs. M. Leven (sp).~


Redding School


1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Redding School:  R.F. Allison, W.O. Blodgett, Nellie Carrecht, Carrie Bosworth, Rosaline Bell, Kate Crocker, Margaret Poore.~

1908 - Francis Hoadley (Principal), Miss Avis Hopkins, Miss Etta Polk, Miss Jessie Dunn, Miss Margaret Strouse, Mrs. E. McKean, Miss Etta Merrill, Miss Grace Grattan, Miss Macie Jordan, Loraine Heath, and Lovetta Taylor, Teachers.~


Shasta County Schools News Items

1860 May 12, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Three new School Districts created, viz:  Millville, Canon House and Cottonwood districts. [Board of Supervisors using May 9, 1860 as established date for all three.]

1863 August 1, Shasta Courier, Shasta California - SCHOOL APPORTIONMENT - [Summary of article] Eighteen existing School districts in Shasta County to receive money:  Shasta, Buckeye, Stillwater, Oak Run, Clover Creek, Cow Creek, Sierra, Clear Creek, Piety Hill, Eagle Creek, French Gulch, Whisky Creek, Texas Springs, Millville, Canon House, Cottonwood, Parkville, Churntown.~

1865 November 18, Shasta Courier,  Shasta, California - Board of Supervisors - Boundaries of School Districts of Shasta County Set -[There were 22 descriptions] to be continued.

1868 February 1, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - BOARD OF EXAMINATION - At the regular meeting of the County Board of Examination, held on the 25th ult., six applicants were present and certifications were issued as follows:  First grade, M.S. Babcock; Third grade, Miss Lottie Loag, Miss Sarah Mullen and Miss Lizzie Grant.~

1872 January 27, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - STATE SCHOOL MONEY - [Summary of article] Twenty-two existing school districts to receive apportionment: American Ranch, Buckeye, Burney Valley, Clover Creek, Cow Creek, Canon House, Cottonwood, Centerville, Eagle Creek, French Gulch, Fall River, Millville,Oak Knoll, Piety Hill, Parkville, Pit River, Roaring River, Shasta, Stillwater, Sierra, Sacramento River and Whisky Creek.~

1875 - Mrs. D. M. Coleman elected for County Superintendent of Schools as a nomination of the Shasta County Republicans. 

1875 October 1, (Prescott, Arizona) - WOMEN ELECTED IN CALIFORNIA - So far as we have observed, and they are all within the range of our personal acquaintance in that State, Miss Mary N. Wadleigh of Trinity, Mrs. A. Coleman of Shasta, and Mrs. J.M. Woodman of Butte counties, in California, have been elected County Superintendents of Schools. These are all Republicans and elected in Democratic counties. This showing would be a sound argument in favor of a woman for Governor by that party next time.~

1876 April 15, San Francisco Bulletin - Arthur Schroter and Louis Ruth, two Shasta school boys, had a dispute, the other day, which resulted in Ruth stabbing Schroter twice with a knife, once in the hand and once in the side, inflicting serious injuries.~

1880, The Shasta Courier of 17 July 1880, reported the statistics from the Annual Report of the Shasta County School Superintendent for the year ending 3 June 1880.

Number of children in the county between five and 17 years of age: 2,276. Number attending public schools: 1,840. Number of school districts in which school was maintained six months or more: 44. Number of new districts established: 3. Number of teachers employed: 47.~

1881 - The Shasta Courier reported on 9 July 1881, the Shasta County school districts' apportionment amounts for the school year ending 20 June 1881.

Breaking out for southwest Shasta research:

Anderson, $27.52; Bald Hills, $6.88; Centerville, $12.90; Cottonwood, $13.76; Clear Creek, $9.46; Eagle Creek, $19.78; Kimball, $18.92; Piety Hill, $34.40.

1883, Schools receiving moneys from the Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, Mrs. D. M. Coleman, were:  Anderson, Antelope, Albion, Bald Hills, Bear Creek, Buckeye, Beaver Creek, Bunker Hill, Bates, Centerville, Clover Creek, Cottonwood, Cow Creek, Copper City, Cayton Valley, Clear Creek, Central, Cloverdale, Cove, Cedar Creek, Eagle Creek, Eureka, Excelsior, Fall River, Fall River Mills, French Gulch, Fort Crook, Flat Creek, Hatchet Creek, Island, Junction, Klotz, Kimball, Mill Creek, Millville, Mountain Grove, Mineral, Oak Knoll, Oak Run, Oak Grove, Pacheco, Parkville, Piety Hill, Pine Grove, Pit River, Phillips, Prairie, Redding, Round Mountain, Rockland, Sacramento River, Shasta, Sheldon, Sierra, Stillwater, Slate Creek, Smithson, and Whiskeytown.~

1899 December 20Searchlight (Redding, California) - A LARGE CLASS OF APPLICANTS - Just Twenty-five Young People Who Would Like to be Teachers - An extra large class of applicant are taking the examination for teacher's certificates, the class numbered twenty-five Tuesday morning at commencement of the examination. They were examined in spelling, mental and written arithmetic that day. The test studies will conclude with the examination in grammar Wednesday morning. A grade of 60 per cent is necessary in each test study for the applicant to continue the examination.

The applicants are Elsie Wright, Jennie Suthill, Arthur Tomlin and Erle Downing, Anderson; Lena Dale and Loraine Heath, Buckeye; C.M. Rathbun, College City; Agnes Heaney, Fall River Mills; Myrtle Adams and Mamie Adams, Inwood; Ray Hathaway, Mary Joseph, Marie Case, Pearl Waldorf, and Clara Hufford, Millville; Eva Darst, Montgomery Creek; James Estep, Oak Run; Daisy Taylor and Nora Bartell, Ono; Ella Bessmer and Annie Lyons, Redding; Clara Hamilton, Sutter; Etta Scott, Taylor; Eva Miller, Whitmore; Marie Miles, Ydalpom.~

1903 July 2The Free Press, Redding - The following named teachers will be appointed Monday to teach in the Keswick and other schools:

Keswick:  Beverley Wood, Principal; Miss Ora Coombs, Miss Lena Stevens and Miss M. Taylor

Bass:  Miss Clara Ledgerwood

French Gulch:  Miss Margaret Strouse

Cottonwood:  H.H. Shuffleton, Jr., Principal; Miss Loraine Heath

Centerville:  Sadie B. Honn

Igo:  Mrs. Lottie E. Cunningham~

1903 - 1905 - Kate Brincard, Superintendent of Shasta County Schools.~

1904 July 19, Weekly Searchlight, Redding, California - SHASTA SCHOOLS GET STATE MONEY - The Superintendent Apportions $13,000.40 To The Districts -  [Extracted names of School Districts. There were 97.] Albion, Anderson, Atkins, Bald Hills, Bass, Beaver Creek, Bear Creek, Beckwith, Bella Vista, Benton, Buckeye, Bunker Hill, Burney Valley, Campton, Castle Rock, Cayton Valley, Cedar Creek, Cedar Grove, Centerville, Churntown, Clear Creek, Clover Creek, Cloverdale, Columbia, Copper City, Cove, Delta, Ellis, Enterprise, Eureka, Excelsior,Fall River Mills, Fall River, Flat Creek, Fort Crook, French Gulch, Gas Point, Goldsboro, Grant, Harrison Gulch, Hat Creek, Igo, Indian Springs, Island, Jefferson, Junction, Kennet, Klotz Mill, Lassen, Latona, Lee, Lincoln, Lone Tree, Mason, Mill Creek, Millville, Mineral, Mistletoe, Mt. Burney, Mountain Grove, Mountain, North Cow Creek, Oak Grove, Oak Highlands, Oak Knoll, Oak Run, Old Diggings, Olive, Ono, Pacheco, Parkville, Phillips, Pine Grove, Pine View, Pineland, Pit River, Pitville,, Prairie, Redding, Rockland, Round Mountain, Sacramento River, Shasta, Sheldon, Sheridan, Sierra, Slate Creek, Smithson, Soldier Mountain, South Fork, Sunny Hill, Sweetbriar, Turner, Twin Valley, Union, Watson Gulch, Wilkinson, Winthrop, Whiskytown, Wooden.~

1907-1908 - Miss Lulu E. White, Superintendent Shasta County Schools.~

1909 November 5, Red Bluff News - SHASTA TEACHERS GO BACK HOME TICKLED - Scores of school teachers from the Teachers Association of Northern California meeting in Red Bluff, flocked to Redding Friday evening, preparatory to taking stage or train to their various school districts, says the Searchlight. They all came laughing and chatting, after three busy days of work and play in the Tehama county metropolis, where the best entertainment was provided for visitors and the advantages of a combined teachers institute made evident to all.

Red Bluff rallied well to the task of suppling accomodations and hospitable care of six hudred guest, all of whom return to their stations with a mead of praise for the lower town.

Among the teachers to arrive Friday evening were Mrs. Alice McCarty, Castella; Mrs. Gertrude Forrester, Delamar; Miss Lucy Stevens, Mammoth; Miss May Kingsbury, Igo; Miss Elsie Smith, Cassel; Miss Nora E. Taylor, Ono; Miss Addie Baker, Whitmore; Miss Lydia N. Joiner, Pitville; Mrs. S. M. Joiner, Pitville; Miss Mabel M. Guthrie, Pitville; Miss Sadye Peterson, Miss Amy Peterson, Miss Mabel Couey and Miss Ella Harris of Pacheco, and Miss Mary Walker, Cove.~

1911 December 30, Only two out of thirteen applicants passed the teachers' examination concluded a week earlier. The successful were Irene Bidwell of Hat Creek and Bessie Forschler of Igo. - from Record Searchlight, Today in History, 30 Dec 2011~

1913 August 12, Sacramento Union - Miss Lulu E. White of Redding, County Superintendent of Schools of Shasta County, was married this morning to Professor J.O. Osborn, Principal of the Shasta County High School, by Judge W.A. Anderson.

The bride is prominent in school work and has been honored by the northern California Teachers' Association. Mr. and Mrs. Osborn will spend their honeymoon in the San Joaquin Valley and in Southern California.~

1915, April 3Searchlight (Redding, California) - Summer Schools in Seven Districts Will Open Monday Morning, April 5, with teachers in charge as named:  Cedar Creek - Miss Agnes Vickers; Cedar Grove -Miss Merle Stevenson; Indian Springs - Mrs. A.A. Weaver; Kenyon - Miss May Newton; Rockland - Mrs. Ellen Pritchard; Twin Valley - Miss Agnes Christison; Sierra - Miss Irma Craig.~

1920 September 4, Red Bluff Daily News - SIXTEEN TEACHERS ARE STILL NEEDED IN SHASTA COUNTY - Mrs. Charlotte Cunningham, County superintendent of Schools, says sixteen districts in Shasta County, some of them in town, are still unsupplied with teachers.~

1922 July 25, Sacramento Union - FIVE WOMEN SEEK OFFICE IN SHASTA - Redding, Shasta Co., July 24 - Five women are candidates for county offices at the primaries here August 29. They are:  Mrs. Edna Behrens-Eaton and Mrs. Winona Reese-Simmons, out for county treasurer; Mrs. Charlotte Cunningham and Miss Jennie Dunn, for county superintendent of schools; Mrs. Lucy Tierney-Alvares, for county recorder.~

1930, Anderson Valley News, 25 December, 1930 - Teachers in Shasta Elementary Schools are given Certificates -

With all members of the board of education present the following teacher's certificates in the elementary schools were granted last Saturday:  Mrs. Ethel Myers, Mrs. Augusta Stevenson, Mrs. Gladys Leal, Misses Lorena Thatcher, Stacy Spoon, Doris Lewis, Grace Jack, Flora Hall, Margaret Flannagan, Cecil Cook, Evelyn Voge, Hilda Jessen, Mildred Haynes, Nelda Brown, Mrs. Mildred Haaley, Mrs. Nelita Hunt, Mrs. Ethel Shoup, and Mrs. Clara Gill, high school.

There were no applicants for the examination on the constitution.

The members of the board of education are:  Miss Myra E. Giles of Anderson, W.L. Gay, Palo Cedro, Mrs. Sydnie Jones, Igo, J.P. Gallagher, Castella and Miss Bertha Merrill, Redding.~


Turner School

1886 May 3, Turner School established. (Same as Lee School?)

1895 August 17, San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Turner School: Ettie Klotz.~ 

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