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American Ranch

1855 July 19, A 4th Class Post Office was established at American Ranch, Shasta, California on 19 July 1855, and discontinued on 15 April 1878, when it was moved to the nearby Anderson townsite. The name stems from the American Hotel and Ranch which was a stopping place for freight teams enroute to the Shasta and Trinity mines. Located 27 miles north of Red Bluff, the Reading Land Grant property was first purchased by Thomas A. Freeman in May 1854, and then sold to Elias Anderson in 1856. Freeman was the first postmaster. American Ranch Post Office was the fifth postal station established in Shasta County. - History of California Post Offices 1849-1976 ~

1855 July 19, Thomas A. Freeman, First Postmaster.~

1855 October 29, Daily Democratic State Journal, New Post Office - A post office has recently been established at the American Ranch in this county [Shasta]  of which Thomas A. Freeman is Postmaster.~

1857 January 16, Elias Anderson, Postmaster.~

1857 July 26, Thomas A. Freeman, Postmaster~

1859 January 16, Elias Anderson, Postmaster.~

1860/61, American Ranch School established.~

1861 March 23, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California -Listing of 6 Post Offices in Shasta County at the time, American Ranch with E. Anderson as Postmaster being one of them. The others were French Gulch, Horsetown, Shasta, Whisky Creek and Millville. Cottonwood was in Tehama County.~

1863 August 8, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Board of Supervisors - Ordered that the place of voting be removed from William Lean's to the American Ranch and be known as "American Ranch Precinct."~

1872 August 24, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - American Ranch - We understand that Bedford and Wright will shortly start a store at the American Ranch where a new town has been laid out. [This would be the new town of Anderson not far from American Ranch and where the railroad had established a station.]~

1876 February 10, Name changed to Anderson.~

1877, Postal authorities established the post office at American Ranch in 1855 and moved it to the town site of Anderson in 1878. The railroad station was named Anderson in 1872 by the Railroad authorities for Elias Anderson who had granted railroad right away across his land. Consequently in the Great Register for the County of Shasta, California, 1877, residents are listed in both locales. The American Ranch residents list themselves as farmers, stockraisers, one laborer and one miner.

Elias ANDERSON, Kentucky, Farmer; George Henry ANDERSON, Missouri, Farmer; Thomas Boaz BELL, USA, Farmer; Manuel Joseph DAIS, Portugal, Farmer (Naturalization through Father); William Thomas GLOVER, USA, Laborer; William McHendree JOHNSTON, USA, Farmer; Francis JOSEPH, Portugal, Farmer; Alexander LIGGET, Ohio, Stockraiser; William LEAN, England, Farmer (Shasta Co.); Daniel ROBERTSON, Ohio, Farmer; John Wesley SPANN, USA, Farmer; Samuel Bosworth SHELDON, USA, Farmer; James SUNDERLAND, Indiana, Stockraiser; William H. STINE, USA, Miner; William STULL, Pennsylvania, Farmer.~

1868 August 15, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Election Precincts - American Ranch: E. Anderson, Inspector; D. Robinson and W.A. Johnson, Judges; J.W. Spann and C.I. McCrea, Alternates.~

1878 April 15, Elias Anderson, Postmaster. American Ranch Post Office discontinued and the post office moved to nearby townsite called Anderson and became Anderson, Shasta County, California Post Office.~

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