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Anderson was established as a railroad station town in 1872. Named for Elias Anderson of American Ranch and proprietor of the American Hotel of that location, Elias Anderson also bought one of the first 12 lots sold for the township of Anderson and moved his hotel to that location renaming it the American Ranch Hotel. It was located on the northwest corner of Main and Ferry Streets, near the Railroad Depot. In 1878, the American Ranch post office was discontinued and the Anderson Post Office was established 15 April 1878.~

1877, A list of Anderson residents from The Great Register for the County of Shasta, California:

Elias Fleming ANDERSON, Kentucky, Railroad Clerk (son of Elias Anderson); William Somers ANDERSON, California, Farmer (son of Elias Anderson); George BAKER, New York, Cabinet Maker; Reuben BAKER, Pennsylvania, Farmer; John Leland CASTO, Indiana, Farmer; Joseph William DAILEY, Ohio, Farmer; Joseph FRATUS, Azore Islands, Laborer (Trinity Co., CA); William Marion JOHNSTON, Jr., California, Laborer; Riley Blythe MANN, Missouri, Farmer; Joseph Samuel PARHAM, Iowa, Laborer; Jonathan Stoner SCLEIGH, Pennsylvania, Blacksmith; George Horace SNOW, Missouri, Farmer; Harry STRODE, Pennsylvania, Stockraiser; Addison Marion STARK, Indiana, Farmer.~

1878 April 15, The American Ranch Post Office discontinued in April 1878 and the service was moved to the newly established community of Anderson 15 April 1878. Anderson, named for Elias Anderson, the owner of the American Ranch and American Hotel, had deeded property to the Central Pacific Railroad for the laying of the railroad track. The town was actually a railroad station in 1872, and then lots were sold for private dwellings. W. W. Elmore erected the second house in the town and said he had to cut through the manzanita to get to his house.

1878 April 15, The Anderson Post Office was ranked as a First Class post office in 1878, with Elias Anderson as the first postmaster. Some records show William S. Anderson as the first postmaster. 

1878 April 22, San Francisco Bulletin - Pacific Coast Postal Changes -  Washington April 21 - Post Office Names Changed:  American Ranch, Shasta county to Anderson. Postmasters appointed: Anderson, Shasta County, W. Anderson.

1880 January 29 - San Francisco Bulletin - Twenty-four cars of beef cattle have been shipped from Anderson, Shasta County, since January 1st. They were driven from Siskiyou County and said to be in splendid condition.~

1880 October 9, San Francisco Bulletin - A farmer has just arrived at Anderson, Shasta County, from the Bald Hills, with 1,500 turkeys, which he is pasturing in the vicinity.~

1880 December 8, George H. Anderson, Postmaster.

1880 December 13, San Francisco Bulletin, Washington, December 12th - Postmasters appointed:  George W. Anderson, Anderson, Shasta county...

1882 February 17, Postal Contracts let on 17 February 1882 included Anderson to Igo to Jerry Culverhouse for $448.00 per annum. The star route mail service was for the term of four years according to the Post Office Department.~

Then on 13 October 1882 an announcement came from Postmaster George Anderson of Anderson that the Postmaster General of Washington D.C. had discontinued the mail route between Anderson and Igo. Dunham and Leiter of Igo are carrying Wells, Fargo and Company treasury and as an accommodation are again conveying the mail backward and forward. It was understood that the Postmaster General had been informed of the true facts of the case and would probably order the route re-established. This route accommodates so many people in the county that it should be re-established.~

1883 November 25, Charles W. Richardson, Postmaster.

1885 July 10, James F. Bedford, Postmaster.

7 May 1886 - Anderson:  The much talked of free bridge of this place was decided on by the Board of Supervisors last night. There has been a bitter sectional fight in the county for three months over this matter and the actions of the board are being appreciated by the culmination of much enthusiasm here.~

6 May 1886 - The location of the bridge across the Sacramento River of this place was decided on by the Supervisors to-day to be at Wells Ferry.~

9 July 1886 - Shasta - The contract for an all iron bridge over the Sacramento River at Anderson, in this county, was to-day awarded to Captain Burrell of Oakland representing the California Bridge Company. The contract price is [unreadable]. The contract provides for five iron spans crossing the entire river. This will be the fifth bridge which this company has built across the Sacramento River, and the people of Anderson and the county generally are well pleased with the action of the Board of Supervisors.~

1887 Nov 22, Evening News, Anderson, Cal., Nov 22 - as Mrs. William Gates was returning from Texas Springs to her home in this place, at 8 o'clock last evening, she met persons in a carriage who fired a gun. Her horse ran away, throwing her into a ditch and wrecking the buggy. Three hours later she was found by passers unconscious and she has been insensible with slight intermission ever since. The perpetrators of the outrage it seems, fired the gun along the road out of pure deviltry.~

1889 December 7, James H. Beacher (Beecher?), Postmaster.

1894 June 15, Charles J. Bedford, Postmaster.

1894 December 17, Ira M. Fickas, Postmaster.

1899 February 8, Daniel Zumwalt, Postmaster.

1904 February 11, Grace E. Fuller, Postmaster.

1907 January 10, Grace E. Fuller, Postmaster.

1910 March 8, William S. Anderson, Postmaster.

1914 March 10, Edwin L. Story, Postmaster.

1920 October 1, O. F. Oliphant, Postmaster.

1920 December 17, Riverside Independent Enterprise - Cracksmen last night blew open the safe of the Anderson, Shasta county, postoffice says a special dispatch to the Sacramento Bee and obtained $200 in stamps, $39 in cash and a package of jewelry. The robbery was discovered this morning by Postmaster O. F. Oliphant. No clues were left.~

1921 November 8, Augustus H. Johnston, Postmaster.

1925 November 25, Lloyd E. Smith, Postmaster.

1928 November 1, Annie G. Bedford, Postmaster.

1930 December 25, Anderson Valley News - Mr. and Mrs. Leon Miller will have as their Christmas guests Tom Robinson and Harvey Miller of Sacramento; Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Robinson, Frank Miller and Roy Couey of Ono. Misses Clarabelle and Alma Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Forschler of Redding. ~

1938 February 1, Mrs. Mary Ella Dow, Postmaster.

1958 January 31, Richard A. Wallace, Postmaster.

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