Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 7:25PM
Jo Giessner

1895 December 6, The 4th Class Post Office was established at Beegum, Shasta County and by moving it 1/4 mile on 18 January 1900, ended up in Tehama County, California. It was then discontinued on 31 December 1917, and the residents received their mail through the Knob Post Office. Located 10 miles southeast of Knob and 42 miles northwest of Red Bluff, Beegum is a colloquial synonym to describe a bee colony. The nearby peak was honeycombed with holes inhabited by bees. Sarah Wolcott was the first postmaster.~

1895 December 6, Mrs. Sarah Wolcott, Postmaster, Shasta County location.~

1900 January 18, Lemuel D. Graves, Postmaster, Tehama County location.~

1901 April 8, John D. Graves, Postmaster, Tehama County.~

1903 August 28, John F. Goodrum, Postmaster, Tehama County.~

1908 November 16, William D. Linton, Postmaster, Tehama County.~

1916 January 3, Robert A. Howard, Postmaster, Tehama County.~

1916 November 15, William C. Wright, Postmaster, Tehama County.~

1917 December 31, Beegum Post Office discontinued. Service moved to Knob, Shasta County, California.~

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