Ball's Ferry (Community)
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See also:  Parkville.

1875 October 4, A 4th class Post Office was established at this location 6 miles northeast of Cottonwood on 4 October 1875. It was named for William Wallace Ball (1826-1888), the first postmaster. Ball operated a  ferry across the Sacramento River and was the proprietor of the Ball's Ferry, Shasta, California, Hotel. The ferry was replaced by a bridge in 1897.

1875 October 4, was also the discontinuation of the Parkville Post Office which had been located 1 mile north on Ash Creek. Moving it 1 mile south, it became the Ball's Ferry Post Office.

1875 October 11, San Francisco Bulletin, Postal Changes for the Pacific Coast, Washingto, D.C., October 10 -Name changed--"Park View (s/b Parkville), Shasta County, California, to Ball's Ferry, and William W. Ball appointed Postmaster."

Before the Post Office discontinued on 29 February 1916, postmasters included:  Willaim W. Ball, George Wright, Robert Beck, Willie Flowers, Harry Hall, Timothy Goodman and William G. Hall. Upon closure, the residents received their mail through the Cottonwood Post Office.~

1877, Per the Great Register of the County of Shasta, California:  Philip Joseph GLASS, Germany, Farmer; Frank KENYON, Missouri, Laborer; William T. WILLIAMSON, California, Ferryman.~

1881, History and Business Directory for the County of Shasta, California listed eight businessmen for Ball's Ferry:  James ARNOLD, Farmer; W.W. BALL, Hotel; G.W. HALL, Farmer; William LOSAN; Farmer; A.J. LOSAN, Farmer; E.H. LOSAN, Farmer; Isaac SHOUSE, Farmer and J.F. WINSELL, Farmer. [LOSAN should be LOGAN]~

1888 June 30, George P. Wright, Postmaster.

1891 September 29, Charles J. Ball, Postmaster.

1899 December 1, Robert O. Beck, Postmaster.

1900 December 15, Willie Flowers, Postmaster.

1902 February 28, Harry Hall, Postmaster.

1902, May Day Edition of the Cottonwood Herald - "Harry Hall, the genial and popular member of the firm of Hall & Morgan, Balls Ferry, is a son of W.S. Hall who came to Tehama county in "the days of forty-nine." Mr. Hall, when he became of age, went into the livery business at Anderson where he remained two years, afterwards dealing in stock. Early this year he formed a partnership with George Morgan, purchasing the Balls Ferry Hotel and Store. The firm is doing a good business and have a promising future."~

1902 May, This glowing report was a special article in the May Day Edition of the Cottonwood Herald - Along the picturesque Sacramento River, there is not a prettier spot than that occupied by the Balls Ferry Milling Company. The mill enjoys the proud distinction of being the only one in Shasta County which places its product direct on the market made from grain grown within its surroundings.

That the output under the management of Mr. L.D. Cheney, has proven successful, it is only necessary to say that the mill, which has a capacity of fifty barrels a day, is worked to the fullest extent, and arrangements are already in progress to increase the output.

The roller process -- the very latest, run by water-power which secures the best results in flour-milling-- is still adopted with he best results, being operated by one of the oldest and best miller in the state.

The Herald learns with much satisfaction that the trade both here and at Redding, De LaMar, Copper City and other places in the county, has been doubled since Mr. Cheney took charge of the mill.

Everything in and around the mill has been improved and renovated, and not a feature that would add to the perfecting of a flour mill has been neglected in the new arrangements.

That the mill will meet with success in the future is a foregone conclusion; the article speaks for itself and behind it is the right man in the right position. ~

1903 November 17, Timothy D. Goodman, Postmaster.

1904 February 7, Seattle Daily Times (Seattle, WA) - Ad. - Flour Mill for sale or exchange for stock of merchandise. A 50-bbl.roller, sifter system, water power mill in most prosperous part of California. Mill is practically new; abundance of grain, fine mill door trade; entire output marketed in vicinity. address L.D. Cheney, Ball's Ferry, Cal.~

1914 August 6, William G. Hall, Postmaster.

1914 August 8, Sacramento Union - NAME CALIFORNIA POSTMASTERS - Washington D.C., Aug 7 - The following fourth class postmasters for offices in California have been named:  Balls Ferry, Shasta county, William G. Hall. . .

1916 February 29, Ball's Ferry Post Office discontinued and  service moved to Cottonwood.

1958 September 7, San Diego Union- The Wildlife Conservation Board is spending $48, 131. for boat launching ramps along the Sacramento River - At Anderson and Balls Ferry in Shasta County, and at Bend Bridge, Tehama County.~

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