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Town, 3.5 miles west-northwest of Millville - The Albertson Post Office (1883) changed its name to Roberts (1885) and then Palocedro (as one word, 1893) and finally Palo Cedro (1906) - Schools:  Junction, Olive

1866 December 15, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - MARRIED - On Clover Creek, December 6th, by W.N. Guptill, Esq., Mr. William A. Albertson to Miss Elizabeth F. Chism, both of Shasta County.~

1869 July 31, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - On South Cow Creek, July 27th, the wife of William A. Albertson of a daughter.~

1881 May 2, Junction School established, located near what became Palo Cedro.~

1883 June 4, The 4th Class Post Office named Albertson was established in the farming area 4 miles west of Millville. It was named for William Armstrong Albertson (1834-1897), Ohio native, farmer and miner. On 17 November 1885, William's second wife, Martha Emily "Mattie" Branstedter Willfoung Albertson (1840-1905) became licensed as a Sole-Trader in the location of Millville as her husband was ill or disabled and she had to support the household by farming and raising livestock.~

1883 June 4, Albertson Postmaster:  William Armstrong Albertson.~

1883 August 4, "A new post office has been established at the junction of the Anderson, Redding and Millville roads, three miles this side of Millville. The new post office is called Albertson with Mr. Albertson as Postmaster."~

1884 February 18, Albertson Postmaster:  Mary M. Roberts.~

1884 August 20, Shasta County Marriages - Martha Emily Branstedter Willfoung and William Armstrong Albertson.~

1885 May 4, Olive School established.~

1885 September 22, Roberts continued as a 4th Class Post Office as the name was changed from Albertson on 22 September 1885 and Mary Margaret Stanford Roberts became the first Postmistress. The name Roberts honored Benjamin Franklin Roberts (1846-1897), a pioneer teacher in the area. In 1880, B.F. Roberts was the Federal Census Enumerator for Township No. 7 and listed his occupation as Teacher. The 1885 Shasta County, California Directory lists B. F. Roberts as operating a general merchandise, hotel, feed corral and acting as Postmaster. The Roberts Post Office was discontinued 28 May 1893 when the name changed to Palocedro.~

1885 September 22, Roberts Postmaster: Mary M. Roberts.~

1888 August 7, Roberts Postmaster:  Annie E. Lilly~

1889 May 1, Roberts Postmaster:  Annie E. Forrester.~

1889 August 26, Roberts Postmaster:  William A. Albertson.~

1892 April 23, Free Press, Redding, California - SCHOOL REPORT - Report of Junction School for the month ended April 1, 1892:  Not absent nor tardy, Evan Poston, Omar Poston, Edgar Albertson; Visitors: Mesers. J.L. McCarty, Emory Poston, Ira Poston, Charley Blay, D.W. Poston,D.W. Lytle, Wm. Browne and S.H. Whitmore. Signed:  Wm. E. Whitmore, Teacher.~

1892 October 15, Free Press, Redding, California - REPORT - Report of Olive School for month beginning September 12th and ending October 7, 1892:  Number of days taught, 20; number enrolled, 12; average number belonging 9 3/4; average daily attendance, 9 1/4; percentage of attendance, 95; Neither absent nor tardy during the month -- Benton Jepson, Carle Jepson, Clemmy White, Clarence White, Edith Jepson.  Visitors -- Miss Annie Gray, Misses Ida and Minnie Jepson, Mrs. W.S. Grant, Mrs. F.C. Hartman, Miss Edna Bishop.~

1893 May 28, Palocedro, which is Spanish for Cedar trees, became the name of the Post Office on 28 May 1893. The trees growing in the vicinity served as a landmark. The Postal Department granted the spelling change to two words, Palo Cedro, in 1906. Loraine A. Rodgers was the first Postmistress for the newly named community.~

1893 May 29, Palocedro Postmaster:  Loraine A. Rodgers (Rogers).~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle, Shasta County Teachers - Junction School:  Jennie McDonald.~

1895 August 19San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Olive School:  John Dailey.~

1899 April 7, Palocedro Postmaster:  Edward O. Messinger.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Junction:  Mrs. E.O. Messinger.~

1901 July 31, Palocedro Postmaster:  Franklin R. Love.~

1903 - Pearl Waldorf, Clara Voss, Teachers, Olive.~

1904 - C.C. Middleton, Teacher, Olive.~

1905 - Clara Seiter, Teacher, Olive.~

1906 - Helen Brown, Lucy Buffum, Teachers, Olive School.~

1906 March 12, Name spelling now Palo Cedro.  Postmaster:  Mary F. Love.~

1910 December 24,  Samuel E. Lilly, Postmaster.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Mrs. Gertrude Forester.~

1915 August 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - TEACHERS CHOSEN - Junction, Miss Myra Giles.~

1921 August 9, Florence Gullixson, Postmaster.~

1924 November 11, Eli Addington, Postmaster.~

1939 September 29, Mrs. Sarah Addington, Postmaster.~

1949 May 20, Mrs. Mary E. Jones, Postmaster.~

(Date needed - Olive transferred to Pine Grove and Junction Districts)~

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