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1900 January 4, The Post Office was established 4 January 1900, 4 miles NE of Stillwater (currently Mountain Gate) and 6 miles south of Baird to service the headquarters village of the Black Diamond Mining Company. The first Postmaster was Adam Kirk (1851-1918). Discontinued 31 May 1907, the mail service moved to Buckeye.

George Ludwig Bayha (1872-1935) was involved with mine ownerships and promotion. He partnered in the Evening Star as well as the Black Diamond and arranged for sales of some of the mines to foreign interests. Bayha is credited with building the Pit River Bridge Resort in 1922. Located where the Pit and McCloud Rivers merged prior to Shasta Dam, the resort was a popular social gathering place and service station for automobile travelers.~

1900 March 1, San Francisco Call - INTERESTS THE PEOPLE OF THE PACIFIC COAST - Washington, Feb. 28 - " A postoffice was to-day established at Bayha, Shasta County, and Adam S. Kirk was appointed Postmaster."

1900 December 5, Charles F. Rehwald, Postmaster.

1900 December 8, Press Democrat - PENSIONS & POSTMASTERS - Washington D.C., Dec 5 - Postmaster Appointed:  Bayha, Shasta County, C. F. Rehwald.

1901 April 30, Herman J. Seufert, Postmaster.

1901 May 1, San Francisco Call - INTERESTS THE PEOPLE OF THE PACIFIC COAST - Washington, April 30 -Postmaster Appointed - CALIFORNIA - H. J. Seufert, Bayha, Shasta County, vice C. F. Rehwald, resigned.

1903 January 13, Lawrence E. Peterson, Postmaster.

1907 May 31, The Bayha, Shasta County, California Post Office was discontinued and the service moved to Buckeye, Shasta County, California.

1911 November 7, Sacramento Union - SHASTA MINE SOLD - Kennett (Shasta Co.) Nov 6 - The Golinsky mines near Kennett were sold to a German syndicate for $100,000. The sale was made by George Bayha, a well known mining man of this county, who is now in Germany.~


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