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 Often spelled Delamar or DeLamar, located near Sallee, South Sallee and Copper City serving Bully Hill mines and smelter -

1891 February 25, San Francisco Bulletin - The Delamar Mines Sold - A deed transferring the Delamar group of mines in Idaho to a London syndicate has been placed in escrow today with the Boise City National Bank until the money arrives from Europe. The purchase price of the mines is said to be $400,000. and the stock will be put on the London market in 300,000 shares of $1. each. J. R. Delamar retains 200,000 shares, or one-half the capital stock.~

1895 March 29, San Francisco Call Bulletin, Captain DeLamar, owner of the famous Monitor and Jim Crow mines in Ferguson District, Lincoln County, Nevada, has patented an improved cyanide process, which, it is claimed, gives greater speed in treatment by 50 per cent than that now applied, and reduces the average cost per ton for working ores.~

1899 July 17, San Francisco Call Bulletin - The Bully Hill group of four copper claims near Copper City, in Shasta County, have not yet been sold to Millionaire Delamar for $350,000. as reported a day or two ago. The owner, James M. Sallee of San Francisco, returned here on Saturday with Captain Delamar's representative, Mr. Hartwig Cohen, but the deal has not been closed, though it likely will be. This is the most important mining deal pending in the State just now and if effected will be one of the most important of recent years. It would mean copper mining operations and the erection of a smelter on something like the scale of the Mountain Copper Company at Iron Mountain and Keswick, and it would mean the development of a large and rich copper belt and further enterprises. A year ago the property, on which considerable development work has been done, was bonded for $275,000 to L.A. Snowden and others, who failed to float the proposition in the East and in London before the bond expired on July 1. Mr. Sallee raised his price $75,000. but Captain Delamar is figuring on the proposition while Redding hopes and prays.~

1899 September 12, Searchlight, Redding, California  - DE LAMAR VISITS BULLY HILL - The Millionaire Copper Operator Inspects His New Property - Captain J.R. DeLamar of New York and Salt Lake, millionaire copper operator and man of the world, has just paid a visit to his newly acquired property at Copper City. Captain DeLamar, accompanied by his financial agent, Hartwig Cohen, arrived in Redding Sunday morning. The gentlemen were driven at once to the Bully Hill mine. They returned Monday evening and took the night train for San Francisco, whence they proceed to New York....~

1899 December 30, Searchlight, Redding, California - DeLAMAR OWNS THE PROPERTY - Decision Rendered in a Case Involving Shasta County Mines - United States Circut Judge Morrow by a decree handed down Thursday has settled a very important case, involving the ownership of several valuable copper mines in Shasta County.

The suit was brought originally by Hugh McDonnell against James Sallee. This was followed by the filing of a cross-complaint against McDonnell by J.R. DeLamar, who set up ownership.

Judge Morrow's decree adjudges DeLamar to be the absolute and exclusive owner. The decree further sets forth that the complainant McDonnell has no estate, right, title or interest at law or in equity therein or thereto in any one of the mines named.~

1900 January 20, San Francisco Chronicle - The title to the Bully Choop [s/b Bully Hill] mine which was clouded by an adverse claim, has been cleared, according to the Red Bluff People's Cause and Captain Delamar, who bought the property some months ago for $250,000., will complete the payment at once. An expert is also on the ground arranging for the erection of a suitable smelter.~

1900 - Established as a community in 1900 and located in the Pittsburg Mining District of Shasta County (along Squaw Creek) and about 30 miles northeast of Redding. Named for Captain Joseph DeLamar (1843-1918) the community came about as housing and services for the laborers of the Bully Hill Mine purchased by Captain J.R. DeLamar from James Sallee (1849-1916). Delamar had communities of the same name in Idaho and Nevada also serving his mining holdings.

1900 March 9, Sacramento Bee - A SMELTER TO BE BUILT NEAR REDDING - A refinery and a smelter is to be established in the vicinity of the Bully Hill mine recently acquired by Captain J.R. Delamar. This statement was given out by Hartwig A. Cohen, financial representative of Mr. Delamar. Work will be commenced within ten days.~

1900 April 1, Red Bluff Daily News, A town has been located and laid out at the Delamar smelter up in Shasta, which will be called Sallee.~

1900 October 3, Sacramento Bee - DRIVING OUT THE CHINESE - Shasta County Towns Will Not Have Them - Redding, October 3rd - Two Chinese who were to have been employed as cooks at the Bully Hill copper mining property were Tuesday met by a delegation from Copper City, taken out of the stage and started back on foot. They were warned not to return.

The Celestials passed through Redding Tuesday morning on their way to the mines. The citizens of Copper City, Sallee and Delamar, towns in the vicinity of the Bully Hill, heard of the intended importation of Chinese labor. A mass meeting was held and the action decided upon which was carried out.

Shasta County is perhaps the banner anti-Oriental labor county in the State. There are neither Chinese nor Japanese in Keswick or Redding. They are not allowed to remain here.~

1902 July 11, Los Angeles Herald, FIFTEEN HOUSES BURNED, News has been received of a serious fire in the town of Delamar [Shasta County.]  As a result of the explosion of a lamp in McConnell's Saloon, a fire was started that consumed fifteen houses in the upper portion of the mining camp before it was brought under control. The loss is estimated at $20,000.~

1903 May 16, San Francisco Call Bulletin - BULLY HILL BOOMS - There is renewed activity at Bully Hill, in Shasta County. The Redding Free Press describes the situation as follows:  The resumption of operations by the Bully Hill Copper mining and Smelter Company at Delamar has awakened that camp from the lethargy consequent upon the abandonment of active operations in October, 1902, and to-day the camp is a hustling village of 500 souls. Every neglected industry has been revived and the future promises the most prosperous season in the history of the camp.  Copper City and Sallee are also influenced by the general awakening and vacant houses are becoming noticably few. Every stage brings additions to the population of these thriving camps. Superintendent Keating has in service at the mine and smelter about 250 men and this force will probably be increased to 400 as the season advances.~

1904 July 15, Weekly Searchlight - Redding, California - Sam Black, the proprietor of the Johnson House at De La Mar, was here Wednesday evening on the way to San Francisco on a visit.~

1904 July 19, Weeky Searchlight, Redding, California - TEACHERS AT DELAMAR - Three teachers will be employed next term in the schools at DeLaMar, Winthrop District. They have been engaged as follows:  Miss Alice M. Dailey, principal; Miss Wolcott, Intermediate; Miss Bertha Miles, Primary.~

1906 July 27, Sacramento Union, The proposed railroad connection between the smelter camps of De La Mar and Kennet, a distance of eighteen miles, begins to look like a reality. Manager W.D. Riordan of the Bully Hill mine has announced that the road will be built.~

1911 August 15San Francisco Call, DELAMAR BEREFT OF RESIDENCES BY FIRE - TOWN HAD SIMILAR VISITATION ONE YEAR AGO WITH GREAT LOSS - The Methodist Episcopal church and 12 small dwellings in the northern part of this town were destroyed by fire late today. The total loss was about $6,500. This fire robbed the town of virtually all of its residences. A year ago all of Delamar's business houses and several dwellings were burned.~

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