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1856 February 18, Whiskey Creek Post Office established with Benjamin Mix as the first postmaster. It was discontinued 28 June 1864 when the service moved to Weaverville. This location was 4 miles northwest of Shasta City.~

1856 December 16, Democratic State Journal - To be Hung - Francis Blair is to be executed at Shasta on Jan. 16th for the murder of a Chinaman.~

1858 April 20Shasta -At about one mile beyond Mixie's Hotel, at Whiskey Town, Mr. Andrews, a water tender, employed by the Clear Creek Ditch Company, found a man named Feldburgh yesterday, murdered in his cabin. Feldburgh is a German, and it is supposed he was murdered by his partner, Lewis, an Italian. He was stabbed eight times with a bowie-knife, and cut with an axe in the skull. Lewis has fled.~

1859 May 28, Weekly California Express (Marysville, California) - On yesterday morning at Whisky Creek, Ben. Mix was shot in the groin by W. Sparks. It appeared tht Sparks, some time since, had erected a corral on a portion of Mr. Mix's land, and against the owner's concent; that some days since, he requested him to take it down; and, on his failure to do so, proceeded yesterday morning to do it for him. While thus engaged, Mr. Sparks shot him with a revolver. We learn that Mr. Mix's wound is not considered dangerous.~

1861 April 20Shasta Courier, - Drowned - On Thursday, Joseph Brown, a native of New Hampshire, and for the past year in the employ of Mr. Wingate, was thrown out of a boat on Clear Creek just above the dam beyond Whiskeytown and drowned. He was not seen after going under except when passing over Farrington's dam, about a mile below where the accident occurred. His body at this tine of writing, has not been recovered.~

1861 November 6, Sacramento Daily Union - The following Postmasters have been appointed:  Thomas D. Yates, Whisky Creek, Shasta county.~

1863 April 10, Sacramento Daily Union - Commissions have been received for:  James A. Kisler, Whisky Creek, Shasta county.~

1868 August 18San Francisco Bulletin - Shasta County Item from the Shasta Courier of August 15th: 

A huge rattlesnake was killed on Clear Creek, below Whiskytown last week which measured 7 1/2 feet in length and 11 inches in circumference. The reptile contained a half-grown rabbit and about a dozen large sized toads.~

1871, According to the Pacific Coast Business Directory of California, 1871-73 there was more than one place in California beginning with "Whisky". Our Whisky Creek isn't mentioned, but Whiskytown is. The out of Shasta County names are: Whisky Flat in Mono; Whisky Hill in Santa Cruz; and, Whisky Slide in Calaveras.

Whiskytown, a Shasta County location 5 miles northwest of Shasta. J. D. Blair was the hotel proprietor, E.F. Crocker a lumber manufacturer; John Fleming a lumber manufacturer; William Healey had a general merchandise store and L. Williams was a blacksmith.~

1916 March 18Miami Herald - WHISKEYTOWN CHANGES ITS NAME - Now Called Schilling After Man Who Refused to Serve as Postmaster -

Redding - Schilling is to be the post office name of the town of Whiskeytown, between Shasta and French Gulch, on the Redding-Weaverville stage route. The name Schilling has been decided upon by the Post Office Department.

Stella is the old postoffice name of Whiskeytown. The office was abandoned six years ago when the late John F. Schilling, who had been postmaster for several years , refused positively to serve longer if the department insisted on putting money orders in the office. Schilling held out and the office was abandoned. It has since been reestablished.~

1881 January 6, A 4th Class Blair, Shasta, California Post Office was established and named for Eunice Frances Crocker Blair, the first postmistress. On 22 September 1885, Blair was discontinued and the name changed to Stella.

1881 January 6, Post Office established as Blair, Shasta County, California near Whiskey Creek about five miles NW of Shasta.

Eunice Francis Crocker Blair (Mrs. James d. Blair) was the first and only postal employee until the office was discontinued 22 September 1885 with the changing of the name to Stella.~

First an 1849 Mining Camp, the location was called Whiskeytown, along Whiskey Creek, and the United States Post Office Department would not accept the name Whiskeytown. The residents obtained their mail at Shasta City or it was dropped by.

Located 5 miles NW of Shasta, the site is inundated by the waters of Whiskey Lake since 1963.

Eunice Frances Crocker Blair (1853-1930) was the daughter of Everett Francis Crocker an early settler of Shasta. She married James Drummond Blair (1829-1892) on 12 May 1869. He was nearly forty and she sixteen years old. The couple produced nine children, six sons and three daughters while living in the Whiskey Creek, Blair and later Stella area of Shasta County, California.

When Eunice died on May 21, 1930, she was living in the home of her daughter in Alameda. Her body was brought back to Redding and out to Shasta to be buried in the Shasta Masonic and IOOF Cemetery where lie James, Eunice, their six sons and one daughter-in-law.

James was born in Ireland 27 September 1829 and came to America in 1835 with his father and step-mother. He grew to manhood on the family farm in Woodcock Township, Crawford county, Pennsylvania.

He then moved to Illinois and when word of gold in California reached the east he came west reaching northern California and staking his Whiskey Creek claim in 1851. James worked as a cooper, butcher, miner and proprietor of the Whiskeytown Hotel and Blair's Saloon. He held public office as a Shasta County Supervisor and was master of Western Star Lodge No. 2 (Masonic) of Shasta.

James died of an extended illness on 2 September 1892. ~

1885 September 22, Stella Post Office established as a name change from Blair. Oliver H. P. Woodward was the first postmaster. The Post Office was located within the Woodward Hotel, where it is said, a discussion within a public room there may have led to the suggestion of Stella, the name of a waitress. Others say there was a child named Stella Roberts living in the vicinity and the post office was named for her. Still other notes have said "Stella named for the postmaster's wife." This is incorrect because Oliver H. P. Woodward's wife was named Susannah. John F. Schilling, the next postmaster, married Woodward's daughter and her name was also Susannah.

1897 October 26, Oliver P. Woodward, Jr., Postmaster.

1899 October 13Searchlight - Mrs. J. F. Schilling, landlady at the Woodward Hotel at Stella, was shopping in Redding on Thursday.~

1899 October 30, The Morning Searchlight (Redding, CA) - J.F. Schilling was down from Whiskytown Monday securing a lot of provisions for the Woodward Hotel, of which he is lessee.~

1903 October 31, John F. Schilling, Stella Postmaster.

1903 November 1, San Francisco Call, Fourth Class Postmasters Appointed:  John F. Schilling, Stella, Shasta County, vice Oliver P. Woodward, Jr., deceased.~

1903 December 12, San Francisco Call, Washington D.C. Dec 11 - Postmasters commissioned:  California - John F. Schilling, Stella.~

1916 March 18Miami Herald - WHISKEYTOWN CHANGES ITS NAME - Now Called Schilling After Man Who Refused to Serve as Postmaster -

Redding - Schilling is to be the post office name of the town of Whiskeytown, between Shasta and French Gulch, on the Redding-Weaverville stage route. The name Schilling has been decided upon by the Post Office Department.

Stella is the old postoffice name of Whiskeytown. The office was abandoned six years ago when the late John F. Schilling, who had been postmaster for several year, refused positively to serve longer if the department insisted on putting money orders in the office. Schilling held out and the office was abandoned. It has since been reestablished.~

1917 April 25, 4th class post office established named Schilling for John F. Schilling, storekeeper. The P O was discontinued 30 April 1931, but re-established 5 October 1931, until 1 July 1952 when Whiskeytown was accepted as the name. The waters of Whiskey Lake covered this site in 1963.

1917 April 25, Jerry Ford first postmaster for the Schilling Post Office.

1922 March 28, Riverside Daily Press - WOMAN JUSTICE IN SHASTA - Mrs. Ethel Blair, the only woman justice of the peace in Shasta county, on March 21, heard the first action in the county under the County Volstead act, recently forced by initiative petition, and also the first case in her court. [Ethel Alice Carter Blair (1873 -1949) was married to Briceland Cooper Blair (1877-1916) the son of James and Eunice Blair.]~

1928 February 10, Mrs. Alice M. Hess, Postmaster.

1928 April 18, Mrs. Vina Rais, Postmaster.

1929 July 3, George G. Gilchrist, Postmaster.

1931 October 5, Mrs. Mabel R. Reel, Postmaster.

1942 August 30, Mrs. Rose Mary Machado, Postmaster.

1945 November 21, Mrs. Grace E. Rathbone, Postmaster.

1946 June 1, Mrs. Lida M. Graham, Postmaster.

1947 February 28, Mrs. Dorothy A. Herman, Postmaster.

1952 July 1, Whiskeytown finally took the place of Schilling, accepted by the Post Office Department. Mrs. Dorothy A. Herman was the first postmaster. This location was five miles NW of Shasta City and ten miles SE of French Gulch.

1962 December 6, John W. Roche, Postmaster.



1893 January 11, U.S. Post Office established called Whitehouse, Shasta County, California. Alfred A. Anthony the first postmaster.

Name derived from Whitehouse and Bliss of London operators of a mine at the site located 1 mile south of Hart and 5 miles northwest of Buckeye.

1893 March 27, Thomas M. Whalen appointed postmaster.

1906 November 15, Whitehouse Post Office discontinued.

1907 March 7, U.S. Post Office, Whitehouse, re-established. Alfred A. Anthony again the postmaster.

1907 June 29, Charles T. Leithner appointed postmaster.

1908 July 1, Samuel L. Black appointed postmaster.

1908 July 2, San Francisco Chronicle, New Coast Postmasters, Washington, July 1 - California postmasters appointed to-day:  Whitehouse, Shasta county, Samuel L. Black, vice Charels T. Leithner, resigned.~

1909 February 2, Jesse S. Johnson appointed postmaster.

1913 March 31, Post Office discontinued.



1885 January 5, U.S. Post Office established at Whitmore, Shasta County, California.~

Named for Simon H. Whitmore, the first postmaster, and located 17 miles northeast of Millville. Before the post office, the location was called Tamarack.

1893 August 4, Robert E. Hufford, Postmaster.

1894 May 21, Frank A. Winegar, Postmaster.

1894 November 3, Post Office moved 3/4 mile east.

1896 June 3, Post Office moved 3/4 mile west.

1896 June 3, David E. Covey, Postmaster.

1898 March 7, Abraham J. Williams, Postmaster.

1905 December 7, Frank A. Winegar, Postmaster.

1906 April 19, Herbert M. Glover, Postmaster.

1907 January 21, Mary Sheridan, Postmaster.

1915 March 1, Sacramento Union, Postmasters Appointed:  Whitemore, Shasta county, Mrs. Mary Sheridan.

1915 July 22, Lettie M. Gordon, Postmaster.

1919 October 18, Robert E. Hufford, Postmaster.

1932 January 29, Mrs. Catherine S. Hufford, Postmaster.

1934 November 16, Harry Francis Cheney, Postmaster.

1939 January 1, George A. Kern, Postmaster.

1944 May 19, George Lee Sconyers, Postmaster.

1945 January 27, Donald Wilbur Andrews, Postmaster.

1946 August 15, Donald L. Fox, Postmaster.

1949 October 31, Mrs. Iola M. Cain, Postmaster.





1900 September 6, U. S. Post Office established at Winthrop, Shasta County, California. Eugene S. McDowall, first Postmaster.

1906 November 22, Eber Wright, Postmaster.

1907 February 14, San Jose Mercury News, Winthrop, (Shasta County, Feb. 13 - BRAND TREES -  Five forest inspectors have just completed chopping "U.S." in the roots and trunks of trees enough to yield the Bully Hill Mining Company of this place 3,000,000 feet of timber to be taken to Mount Shasta Forest Reserve. The company bought the timber nearly a year ago under Forest Reserve regulations and now that the trees have been branded officially, the goods are ready to be delivered. The letters "U.S." were chopped in the wood with hatchets made expressly for the purpose, much after the plan on which branding irons for cattle are made.

1907 April 12, James W. Schoonover, Postmaster.

1907 October 8, Charles R. Lord, Postmaster.

1910 November 7, John H. Hasselberger, Postmaster.

1912 July 16,  Leo Reid, Postmaster.

1914 January 2, James B. Catheart, Postmaster.

1916 January 3, Bessie W. Wilson, Postmaster.

1923 April 20, Mrs. Frances F. Garoutte, Postmaster.

1930 July 30, Mrs. Gertrude E. Peterson, Postmaster.

1931 June 15, William F. Lloyd, Postmaster.

1932 April 30, Winthrop post office discontinued and service moved to Ydalpom.~



AKA: Williams, Brownsville, Copper City

1888 July 12, 4th Class Post Office established. Located 7 miles east of Baird per Postal Route Map. Ydalpom is a Wintun Indian place name meaning "north lying place." Had names of Williams, Brownsville without post offices, and Copper City which had a post office from 1878 to 1880.

Anderson Tetrick was the first Postmaster for Ydalpom.

1889 February 5, Eliza Miles, Postmaster.

1912 August 31, Pearl Engle, Postmaster.

1912 October 30, San Francisco Chronicle, California Postmasters, Washington, October 29 - ". . . commissioned today were:  Pearl Engle, Ydalpom. . ."

1919 September 30, Red Bluff Daily News - Mrs. S. D. Pierce, who taught school fro many years in Tehama county, is teaching at Ydalpom, Shasta county.~

1924 June 11, Mrs. Mary Sheehan, Postmaster.

1924 August 15, Evening Tribune (San Diego, CA) - Redding, Aug. 15 - Two women are struggling for the position of postmaster of Ydalpom, the post office name of the pioneer mining town of Copper City. Mrs. Ira P. Engle, Incumbent holds the fort.

Mrs. P.A. Sheehan, armed with a commission and necessary receipts, demands that the office be turned over to her. Mrs. Engle holds on, insisting that only a postoffice inspector can transfer the office. An inspector drops around at Ydalpom about once in three months.~

1931 July 23, Mrs. Ida May Cunningham, Postmaster.

1943 July 31, Ydalpom Post Office discontinued. Service moved to Redding.



1889 August 24, 4th Class Post Office established as Zinn, Shasta, County, California located 10 miles northeast of Shingletown per the Postal Route Map.

John Lafayette Zinn, First and Only Postmaster.

J. L. Zinn was born in Virginia, spent time in Missouri and came out to California to Buckeye, Shasta County. In 1880, he is a miner. In 1881, he is listed as a shoemaker. He first regustered to vote in Shasta County in 1877 and named his occupation as Shoemaker.

1890 May 15, Zinn Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Shingletown.

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