Jackass Flat

Approximately one and a half miles from Horsetown consisting of about 100 acres of land. The ground of the flat contained pasture for the freighters' mules and horses and gold for the miners' digging. Sometimes called Jackass Flat Diggings located between Horsetown and Centreville.

"Supposedly named by a muleteer, James LaTour, who pastured his mules in a nearby meadow, calling them in the morning by braying like a jackass." - Mabel Moores Frisbie and Jean Moores Beauchamp in "Shasta: The Queen City."~

1855 April 17, Daily Placer Times (San Francisco, CA) - The Courier says: Our accounts from the mines are quite flattering. So far, the most favorable accounts are from Jackass Flat. On Thursday, we are informed by Mr. Woodward, the Horsetown Expressman, one company of three men, with one tom, took out five pounds of dust. This is the biggest day's work that we have heard of during the week. ~ 

1856 March 12, San Francisco Bulletin - MINING NEWS - We have been furnished by a reliable gentleman, with the following information in regard to mining in the neighborhood of Horsetown, Jackass Flat, Centreville and Texas Springs. In and around Horsetown there is great activity and miners are doing well. The whole of Jackass Flat is being dug up, and several companies are making over twenty dollars per day, and two companies for the last thirty odd days, have made over twenty-two dollars for each day including Sundays. In this locality, a seventeen ounce lump was found near the surface of the ground...~

1864 December 10, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - FATAL ACCIDENT - Jeremiah O'Brien. aged about fifty years and believed to be a native of Ireland, while working in his claim on Jackass Flat, near Horsetown, was caved upon by a bank and so injured that he died in a few hours. He was buried by his friends on Sunday in the Catholic Cemetery in this place.~

1899 September 29, Searchlight, Redding, California - Henry Chapman was in from his mine on Jackass Flat yesterday.~

1923 October 6, Searchlight - Redding, California - AGED 90 YEARS - Charles Pinkerton, a miner who had lived in Jackass Flat between Centerville and Horsetown since 1887, died yesterday in the county hospital at the advanced age of 90 years. He was a native of Scotland and was an honorable citizen. He became an inmate of the hospital last spring. No relatives are left in this country. Burial will be made in the Centerville Cemetery at a time not yet determined.~



1852, Named for its first female resident, Jane Armington, Janesville had a subscription school from 1852 to 1858. -Dutch Gulch Report.~

1854, a subscription school was organized with Holly Bullard as teacher. She received $25.00 a month for teaching the three McClannahan children, three Shuffleton children, and Jamie Gunnison. -McNamar.~

1859 June 25, Shasta Courier - ElectionArmington's Saloon, Judges H.H. Shuffleton and James Regan.~

1859 August 6, Shasta Courier, Shasta California - Election - Samuel Chittenden, Inspector; E.R. Armington and George Bunker, Judges.~

1863 September 26, Shasta Courier -

Last Friday night a homicide was committed at Janesville, in Western Shasta. The case was examined into before Justice Hart of Horsetown, on Saturday, and defendant discharged.

The circumstances as they have been related to us are as follows:  It seems there had been an old difference of opinion existing between Charles McGee and Charles Lund, about some matter, and on Friday last Lund, the deceased, came to Janesville very much intoxicated and commenced making threats against McGee, who kept a butcher shop in town, and who was engaged in his shop during the evening.

Lund was armed with a Colt's revolver, and during the evening had discharged two shots in the street and seemed to be beyond the control of his friends. McGee to avoid any difficulty put out the lights in his shop, but remained on the inside, closing the gates at the front of the building.

Lund came to the shop in search of McGee, and entered the place searching the premises, but did not find what he was after, although McGee was in the shop at the time. After he went away McGee sent word to Lund's friends on the outside to take him away and not let him come back there, as if he did, and continued his threats, he would get hurt.

Later in the evening Lund got away from his friends and came back to the shop. In the meantime McGee had loaded his rifle, which he used in shooting beeves, and still remained in the shop. When Lund came back and was about entering McGee fired, the ball taking effect in the upper part of the breast and came out at the back of the neck. Simultaneous with the shot one of Lund's friends seized him by the collar to take him away but too late to save him. He fell and expired immediately.

McGee came to Horsetown that night and gave himself up to the officers of the law. The facts being inquired into, the defendant was discharged from custody.~

1868 July 23, San Francisco Bulletin - Via the Shasta Courier of July 18th:  Nathan Graves and Alexander Sutherlin, the first former resident of Janesville and the second of Eagle Creek in this county, were recently killed by Indians in Idaho Territory near the Oregon line. They were killed by Bigfoot's band, a few days previous to the capture of that noted savage by a portion of Gen. Crook's command. The bodies, when found, were horribly mutilated and both had been scalped. These men were well-known and highly esteemed in the neighborhoods where they resided in this county [Shasta] and their friends will regret to hear of their tragic fate.~

1868 August 15, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - Election Precincts - Janesville:  W.S. Palmer, Inspector; J.W. Garden and H.H. Shuffleton, Judges; R. White and D. Maupin, Alternates.~

1871, Pacific Coast Business Directory - Janesville, 20 miles s w of Shasta received mail from Horsetown Post Office. Benjamin Carpenter ran a saloon; Garden & Reagan had a general merchandise store and Sarah Nigh was a Hotel proprietress.~

1877, Janesville was located at the foot of the Bald Hills and 16 miles west of Cottonwood. The name was given in honor of the first female resident. The Janesville Post Office existed from 1861 to 1864 and then was re-established a few miles distant as Gas Point in 1875.

From the GREAT REGISTER for Shasta County, California, 1877:

John BRUNSEL, Germany, Miner, Janesville (Austin, Texas); Andrew Jackson BARBER, New York, Farmer, Janesville; John William CRISS, USA, Miner, Janesville; John CHAMPENOIS, New York, Farmer, Janesville; Joseph CHAMPENOIS, New York, Farmer, Janesville; Colin CHRISTISON, Scotland, Sheep Raiser, Janesville (Tehama County, CA); Horace Franklin DICKERSON, Georgia, Miner,  Janesville; Enoch DAVIS, Ohio, Carpenter, Janesville; Jasper DAVIS, Ohio, Farmer, Janesville; Millard Fillmore DAVIS, Ohio, Laborer, Janesville; Parry Oliver DAVIS, Ohio Farmer, Janesville; Woodbury DAVIS, Ohio, Farmer, Janesville; Kenneth DAVISON, New York, Physician, Janesville; Austin ENGLE, Ohio, Miner, Janesville; Frederick GLASSER, Pennsylvania, Miner, Janesville; William Clark GARDINER, New York, Farmer, Janesville; Miles INGALLS, Vermont, Farmer, Janesville; George KALBSKOPFF, Germany, Miner, Janesville, (Shasta County); John LESCHINSKY, Prussia, farmer, Janesville; Jacob LESCHINSKY, Prussia, farmer, Janesville; Joseph MYERS, Pennsylvania, Miner, Janesville; Hugh MOORE, North Carolina, Miner, Janesville; Benjamin Franklin MOORE, North Carolina, Miner, Janesville; Stokely Hardy MOORE, North Carolina, Miner, Janesville; Jacob MURRY, Pennsylvania, Miner, Janesville; William MC CORMICK, USA, Farmer, Janesville; James MICHIE, Scotland, Sheep Raiser, Janesville, (Shasta County); Calvin OWENS, Kentucky, Farmer, Janesville; Johnson PARKER, England, Laborer, Janesville, (Sacramento County, CA); FranK Antonio RABBIT, Portugal, Stockraiser, Janesville; Isaac Newton RADER, Indiana, farmer, Janesville; Henry Madison ROCKOLD, Missouri, farmer, Janesville; Lloyd ROCKHOLD, Sr., Tennessee, Farmer, Janesville; Robert Brank ROCKOLD, Missouri, farmer, Janesville; Hugh Hall SHUFFLETON, England, Farmer, Janesville (Renssalaer, New York); William Worthington STEWART, Connecticut, Miner, Janesville; Francis Marion SHORT, USA, Miner, Janesville; Thomas Cochran SMITH, Canada, Farmer, Janesville (Naturalized through Father); John SMITH, Scotland, Farmer, Janesville (Citizenship papers lost in fire); Charles Hamilton STEVENS, New York, Stockraiser, Janesville; Benjamin Boydston WADE, Ohio, Farmer, Janesville; Jacob WHITE, Pennsylvania, Farmer, Janesville; James WRAY, Pennsylvania, Miner, Janesville; Kenneth Shephard WILLIAMS, Michigan, Farmer, Janesville; John Washington WADE, Ohio, Hunter, Janesville.~

1886, Shasta County Promotional Pamphlet - About 20 miles nearly south of Redding, is another quite important point in our county. Although first settled by miners, the farmer, horticulturist and stockman have found desirable locations, and to-day this section is as prosperous as any in the county. Janesville has a good public school.~


Jerusalem Creek

Stream flows 8 miles to North Fork Cottonwood Creek, nearly five miles west-southwest of Ono - No Post Office - Location of Wooster's Mill - 

1868 November 7, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - FOUND DROWNED - On Thursday of last week a Frenchman named Cavaignae was found drowned in Jerusalem Creek dam, at the head of the Bald Hills Ditch. Deceased had been mining for several days. Justice Daly held an inquest on the remains.~

1885 October 29, San Francisco Chronicle - A very rich gold quartz vein was recently struck on Jerusalem Creek, within a few miles of Bullychoop, by an old prospector named Wheeler, which he has bonded to a company for $10,000. The vein averages about two and a half feet in width, and we are told every pound of the ore prospects big in free gold and carries a heavy per cent in rich sulphurets.~


Junction School District

See:  Albertson > Roberts > Palocedro > Pal Cedro



1900 July 12, 4th Class Post Office, Kendon, Shasta, California located 6 miles north of Oak Run.

Horace Woods Brooks, First and only Postmaster.~

1900 November 30, Post office discontinued and the service moved to Redding.~

"Horace Woods Brooks sought to serve the Furnaceville area with a post office and made application on January 10, 1900. The fourth class post office was established with him as its only postmaster on July 12, 1900. It lasted fewer than five months and was discontinued November 30 of that year..." - Joe Mazzini~

"A list of five names was submitted for the post office. The Postmaster General chose the one at the top of the list. The other proposed names were Ouida, Lark, Homer, and Shiloh..." - Joe Mazzini~


Kennet,  Kennett

1886 June 18, 4th Class U.S. Post Office established as Kennet, Shasta County, California. 

Located where Squaw Creek entered the Sacramento River from the west. It was the headquarters for the Squaw Creek Mining District and by 1890 had between 100-125 residents. Originally called Backbone Creek by some German prospectors in 1852, one of the first Europeans to settle here was John Sisk in 1857.

Mining was the focus and this brought Ollie Whitten who built a store, rooming house and saloon at Backbone (1883). Soon, young Charles "Charley" Golinsky (1862-1924) arrived by rail in 1884 and supported by his Uncle Bernhard Golinsky's money, bought the buildings from Whitten.

The town was laid out by Charles Butters and named for a railroad official named Kennet who spelled his name with one "t". It was a map maker who spelled Kennett with 2 "t's", so for the entire time the town existed, it was spelled both ways. The railroad spelled it Kennet when at the same time the post office, some newspapers and local businesses spelled it Kennett.~

Charles Golinsky, First Postmaster.~

1890 May 10, Kennet School established.~

1893 November 13, Bernhard Golinsky, Postmaster.~

1895 August 19San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta county teachers - Kennet School:  Nellie Braynard.~

1899 April 7, Searchlight, Redding, California - J.S. Smithson, the Kennet mining man and merchant, was down from Kennet yesterday.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Kennet:  Rosaline N. Bell.~

1904 March 22, Evening News, Redding, March 22 - Two of the three men who held up fifteen men in a Kennett saloon Saturday night are now in the Shasta county jail. They were captured near Cottonwood yesterday by Constable Morgan and a posse.

Yesterday morning a track walker saw three men two miles north of Cottonwood. He notified the Constable at Cottonwood. The Constable organized a posse to take in the three suspicious characters.

The men were soon discovered in hiding in the brush, One of them fled at the approach of the officers. The other two surrendered.

In the rolls of blankets which they carried were found a shotgun, knocked down, and a rifle. In the men's pockets was found $70 in money.

The two men captured answer the description given by parties robbed in Kennett, and they will be held for identification.~

1904 July 15, Weekly Searchlight, Redding, California - Mrs. Georgia Bedford, Teacher.~

1905 January 5, Boston Herald, The United States Mining Company has let contracts for the erection of a smelter at Kennet, Shasta County, Cal., to handle the Mammoth Mine ores.~

1906 May 16, Sacramento Union, BUTTERS VISITS KENNET - Kennet, May 14 - Charles Butters, the widely known mining engineer and originator of one of the principal features of the cyanide process of gold extraction, has visited Kennet again after an absence of half a year. Next to the Mammoth Copper Company, Mr. Butters is the largest property holder in Kennet.~

1906 October 7, Sacramento Union - ANOTHER BUSINESS BLOCK FOR KENNET - Kennet, Oct 6 - V. E. Warrens is showing his faith in the future of Kennet in a very substantial way. He is planning on his third business block. It will be of brick and two stories high, just as his present new brick building now in course of construction. The new building will be constructed adjoining the B. J. & C. Golinsky Co.'s store building on Railroad Avenue and will contain the Kennet post office.~

1906 October 31, Sacramento Union, SIMPLY REJUVENATED - Kennet, (Cal), Oct 30 - The new parsonage of the Kennet M. E. Church is to be simply the old parsonage of Keswick rejuvenated. The old building is now being razed. It will be brought to Kennet and rebuilt.~

1906 October 31, Sacramento Union, A BANK FOR KENNET - Kennet (Cal.), Oct 30 - The excavation for the new bank building at Kennet is complete. The bank will be a branch of the Bank of Shasta County of Redding. The new building will be of brick.~

1907 January 14, Sacramento Union, HOTEL SOLD - Kennet, Jan. 13 - The Mountain View Hotel at Kennet has been sold by M. Hanson to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Eastman.~

1907 January 31, Alva L. Merrill, Postmaster.~

1908 - Miss Alice Smith, Miss Alice Cann and Miss Bessie Maxwell, Teachers~

1911 January 11, Alva L. Merrill, Postmaster.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Ida I Hill, Irene A. Miles, Edythe Lemmon, Minnie Clark, and Marguerite M. Saping.~

1911 August 1, Weekly Searchlight, Redding, California - KENNETT'S FERRY LAUNCHED TODAY - WILL BE OPERATED BY W.C. LANDIS, THE OWNER, IN TWO WEEKS - W.C. Landis of Buckeye, who is building the ferryboat at Kennett, was in this city Monday procuring odds and ends for the craft. He states that the boat willl be piut in the river today and the finishing touches, which will require ten days more, made in the water. The cable is on the ground ready to be stretched.

The new road - called the East Side Road - is in excellent condition, Landis in having made the necessary repairs caused by washing last winter. It is expected that in less than two weeks automobiles and wagos will be trraveling this avenue between Redding and Kennett.

For awhile, or until this county shat take the ferry over, the owner will collect a toll. The probable purchase of the ferry will be discussed at the next regular meeting of the supervisors.

The people of Kennett are very much gratified at their new outlet, believing that it means much to them to be in closer touch with the county seat and the outside world.~

1914 February 20, Kenneth V. Blair, Postmaster.~

1915, February 3, Searchlight, Redding, California - Kennett has had a sharp battle with the flood.

The river rose to 28 feet last night, or within 2 feet of the highest record made since the Mammoth smelter was built. The water is falling slowly this afternoon and it is believed the worst is over.

Three houses came swirling down Little Backbone Creek this morning. One of them belonged to George Cole. It stood above the smelter and was his home. Cole, seeing the flood was sure to carry awy domicile, saved all his furniture by carrying it up the hillside.

Little Backbone Creek rose so high that two bridges on the road to Little Italy were swept away. Debris--logs, lumber, trees and the like--blocked the culvert under the Southern Pacific so that the water of Little Backbone could not pass through into the Sacramento. The water backed up and ran over into Big Backbone, making a lake around the Kennett water works pumping plant. Big Backbone had all the water it could carry, too.~

1915 August 11Searchlight, Redding, California - Miss Alice V. Dunham of Millville, principal of the Kennett schools, autoed to Redding from her east side home Tuesday morning.~

1915 August 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - TEACHERS CHOSEN - KENNETT - Miss Alice Dunham, Miss Josie Mullen, Miss Harriet Baker, Miss Mabel Baker, and Miss Hattie L. Bidwell.~

1915 August 22, Searchlight, Redding, California - MOVE KENNETT POSTOFFICE - The Kennett postoffice will be moved tomorrow from the butters brick to its original location. J.E. McGinnis has built a fine two story brick on the site of his large frame buulding that was destroyed by the fire last October. The former location was central. So, the old quarters being restored, the department made the order for the removal.~

1917 March 16, William O'Grady, Postmaster.~

1921 October 8, John H. Tucker, Postmaster~

1923 March 25, Searchlight, Redding, California - Miss Ethel Jackson, principal of schools in Kennet, attended the meeting of the county board of education in the county seat Saturday.~

1923 May 15, Searchlight, Redding, California - TAKING A VACATION - Postmaster J. H. Tucker is taking his annual vacation. He will be off duty until June 15th. Judge W.W. Middleton is acting postmaster in the meantime.~

1923 December 16, Searchlight, Redding, California - AT SCHOOL IN KENNETT - The three departmetns of the Kennett school have 116 pupils enrolled. The average daily attendance is 106. The teachers have their hands full, but miss Bertha Merrill, Miss Marie Mahon and Miss Mabel Cross appear to be equal to the emergency.~

1927 July 1, John H. Tucker, Postmaster.~

1930 March 27, Mrs. Alice McKay, Postmaster.~

1933 April 10, Mr. Alvah Cook, Postmaster.~

1942 September 30, Postal service moved to Summit City. Kennett covered by the waters of Shasta Lake.~



1892 April 16, Free Press, Redding, California - A horrible accident occurred at the Kenyon sawmill, near Buzzard Roost, Monday last. James Kenyon, one of the owners of the mill, aged 21 years, was trying to saw out some truck wheels when he put the machinery at a high rate of speed, causing the wheel--a solid piece from a log--to burst, one of the pieces strking hom under the chin, splitting his head open and scattering his brains about, killing him instantly. They say it was a horrible sight. Deceased was buried on Wednesday.~

1910 November 11, Kenyon School District established.~

1911 July 8Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Kenyon:  Nettie Vineyard.~

1915 April 3, Searchlight, Redding, California - Miss May Newton of Keswick was in Redding Friday as she way on her way to the Kenyon District, near Round Mountain, where she will open school Monday morning.~

1915 August 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - TEACHERS CHOSEN - Kenyon - Miss May Newton.~

1915 November 10, Searchlight, Redding, California - Miss May Newton, after closing a term of school in Kenyon district, passed through Redding Tuesday as she was on her way to join her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Newton, who live between Keswick and Shasta.~

1923 March 8, Searchlight, Redding, California - KENYON TO WELLENDORFF - Francis Kenyon has deeded to C.E. Wellendorff the west half of southwest quarter and the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section 28, township 34 north, range 1 west--120 acres in the neighborhood of Round Mountain.~

1923 December 16, Searchlight, Redding, California - Miss Eva Dockey, who has closed the term of school in the Kenyon District, visited the county superintendent's office Saturday.~



Keswick, located 4.5 miles northwest of Redding - Railroad access - Keswick > Campton School District - South Park subdivison - Taylor and Keswick Post Offices - Home of St. Mary's Catholic Church from 1902 to 1908 - Sometimes called "The Smelter City" -

1896 January 9, Keswick, Shasta, California Post Office established 3 miles northwest of Waugh and 4 miles south of Copley named for Lord Keswick, president of the Mountain Copper Company who operated a smelter nearby.

1896 January 9, Louis Schuckman, First Postmaster.~

1897 March 10, Campton School District established. The Campton School served the areas of Keswick, South Park, Taylor and the resident camp sites near the Keswick Smelter.~

1897, Horatio F. Baker and Nellie Braynard, Teachers.~

1897 October 13, David B. Bork, Postmaster.~

1897 December 11, Aberdeen Daily News- SECURED $2,000 IN CASH, Redding, Cal., Dec. 11 - McCormick, Saeltzer & Company's branch store at Keswick was entered by a masked robber. The occupants of the store were forced to the rear of the building at the muzzle of a pistol. The safe was robbed of about $2,000 and after locking the doors behind him the robber took the keys and disappeared into the night. Keswick is the smelting city of Shasta county, where 1,200 men receive their pay.~

1898, Horatio F. Baker, Andrew J. Bloom and John J. Dailey, Teachers.~

1899 April 28, Searchlight, Redding, California - KESWICK'S POST OFFICE - An Effort Being Made to Locate It at Taylor - Postmaster Jake Golinsky is circulating a petition, addressed to the post office department, asking that the name of the Taylor Post Office be changed to Keswick and that the latter office be located in town instead of at the railroad station, says the Mountain Miner.

The inconvenience arising from the two post offices being located so close together and the confusion of mail going to Keswick, which is intended for persons who get their mail at the Taylor post office, is pointed out.

No attack is made on Postmaster Louis Schuckman of the Keswick office, who has made a most efficient and accommodating official. The only motive which prompts the request is public convenience.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Campton:  J.N. Junkan, Nellie Braynard, Mattie Morey, Maude Huntley.~

1899 October 13, Searchlight (Redding, California) - J. Cal Maynard, who has been acting as postmaster at Keswick Station for the past six weeks, came down Thursday. The office is now in charge of D.B. Bork, Southern Pacific agent at Keswick Station, who has forwarded a petition for appointment as postmaster to Washington, backed by good recommendations. He will very probably receive the appointment. Mr. Maynard will complete the job of numbering the streets of Redding.~

1899 October 15, Searchlight, Redding,California - KESWICK MAIL SERVICE - In response to a petition forwarded to Washington by the residents of Keswick the time schedule for carrying the mail between Keswick Station and Iron Mountain by the way of Taylor has been changed, greatly to the benefit of the residents of the Smelter City. They now get their mail from the south several hours earlier in the morning and the mail is not taken to the southbound train in the evening until just time to catch the train.~

1899 October 25, Searchlight, Redding, California - Gus Bauer was down from Keswick Tuesday. He has been building an addition to the Monte Carlo Theater Building at Keswick and reports the same nearly completed. He is also erecting a nine-room cottage for renting purposes in the Smelter City. While her Tuesday, he purchased carpet for the new building from H.L. Moody.~

1899 November 7, Searchlight, Redding, California - Ed Lamus, a popular Mountain Copper Company employee at Keswick, was among the Sunday visitors here.~

1899 November 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - O. LaPlant, miner and good citizen, has been appointed a school trustee of Campton or Keswick district, vice B.J. Baker, who has left the county.~

1899 December 2, Searchlight, Redding, California - Prof. J.N. Junken, principal of the Keswick School, spent Thursday in Redding.~

1899 December 3, Searchlight, Redding, California - Mose Rummelsburg, who now conducts a tailorshop at Keswick, was transacting business in Redding Saturday.~

1899 December 16, Searchlight - L.F. and Nancy L. Jones have transferred to Henry McCurry for $110. a lot of land in South Park 70 x 126 feet in size.~

1900, Mr. Beverly Wood, Maude Huntley and Nora Ashfield, Teachers.~

1900 November 17, William S. Anderson, Postmaster.~

1901, Arlene Blackfield, Teacher.~

1903, Nellie Braynard, Teacher.~

1904 January 23, Free Press, Redding - Clay Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Baker of the Shasta County Hospital, came to Redding Saturday from Keswick. A few days since he was injured at the smelter. A water jacket from a furnace fell on his right foot and broke several bones. He went to the hospital Saturday afternoon for treatment. It will be some time before he will be about.~

1905, Corita Miles, Eva Darst, May Taylor and Prof. Wade Thomas, Teachers.~

1906, 1907, Alma Shepherd, Teacher.~

1907 January 19, James W. Hodge, Postmaster.~

1907 February 23, Joseph B. Heiderick, Postmaster.~

1907 November 13, Wilson E. Lamus, Postmaster.~

1908, Mrs. Jim Dersch, Mrs. Fred Kimball, Minnie Carr, Corita Miles, Teachers.~

1908, "Of the missions attended by Father Nugent there was Keswick, which in 1902 had begun to go down to a strike of the miners, who were operating large copper mines there.

In 1904 the smelter was removed to Martinez, and the town was deserted.

In July 1908, a windstorm demolished the church. To save the lumber the building was totally dismantled at the expense of $100. The ceiling was hauled to Redding and used in the construction of the new church there. The bell, pews, and altar were also brought to Redding, and the balance of the lumber stacked up for further use." - Walsh, S.J., Henry L. (1946) Hallowed Were the Gold Dust Trails. University of Santa Clara Press, California.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Sadie M. Peterson.~

1912 September 17, Charles R. Croney, Postmaster.~

1915 August 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - Teachers Chosen - Campton - Miss Anna M. Tillman.~

1915 October 7Searchlight, Redding, California - TWO POST OFFICES IN ONE - The Keswick and Taylor Postoffices are still in one, the business of both being transacted through Taylor, the up-town office. An inspector was here today to check up the loss by the fire Saturday night when the Keswick office at the Dept was destroyed by fire.~

1919, Miss Newton, Teacher.~

1920, 1921, Miss Aimee Griffith, Teacher.~

1922, Miss Owens, Teacher.~

1923 January 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - POSTOFFICE AT KESWICK TO GO - A dispatch from Washington says:  Decision to abandon the postoffice at Keswick, Shasta County, was announced by the Postoffice Department today. The abandonment is due to the Mountain Copper Company moving its operation to Matheson, where a postoffice has been established.~

1923 February 15, Post Office discontinued, service moved to Matheson.~

1923 March 22, Searchlight, Redding, California - FOR SALE - Keswick's two story frame schoolhouse, to highest bidder, on March 24: send bids in sealed envelope, addressed, "Clerk, Campton School District, Matheson, Calif.," and marked on outside "Bids for Schoolhouse." Board reserves right to reject any and all bids.~

1923 June 10, Searchlight, Redding, California - TO TEACH IN KESWICK - The trustees of the Keswick school (Campton district) have engaged Mrs. Alma Blay of Oak Run to teach the school next year. Mrs. Blay taught the last term of school in Kosk Creek district in the Big Bend.~

19 ? - Mrs. Ethel Taylor, Teacher~

1938 - Mrs. Geneva Roberts, Teacher~

1944 - Mable Ogilvie, Teacher.~

1945 - Mrs. Edith Stevenson, Teacher.~

1946 - Mrs. Ruth Prawl, Teacher.~

1947 - Mrs. Elnora Wills, Teacher.~

1948 - Mrs. Bernice Machado, Teacher.~

1955 - Joel Reinhard, Teacher.~

1962 January 2, Keswick Post Office re-established as Rural Station of Redding.~

1965 February 28, Keswick Post Office discontinued.~



AKA:  Potter's Ferry

1852 November 10, Supposedly a post office with this name or Kilua established at the site of Potter's Ferry on the Sacramento River.

1852 November 17, "The Postmaster General has established, discontinued, and changed the names of the following Post Offices during the week ending 13th of November, 1852:"  . . . Under established -  Kilna, Shasta County, California, William Potter, Jr., PostmasterDaily National Intelligence

1853 October 27 Post Office discontinued with no records of financial return from P O or compensation paid William Potter, Jr., the one and only postmaster. Potter is still listed as postmaster in 1854 and 1855.



Kimball Plains

Located approximately seven miles west of Cottonwood - Gas Point Road - Sheep grazing land owned by Joseph Cone and Major Kimball of Tehama County - Named for Major G.G. Kimball - No Post Office - School:  Kimball -

1879 August 5, Kimball School District established.~

1881 July 23, Shasta Courier - List of School District Clerks - Kimball: W.W. Stuart of Cottonwood.~

1889 February 23, Free Press, Redding, California - ...Mr. Kimball, the great sheep-raiser, has greatly improved his headquarters by planting an orchard around his residence and otherwise improving his surroundings...~

1895 August 19San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Kimball School:  Ella Johnson.~

1899 August 12Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Kimball:  Lillian Merryman.~

1899 November 26, Searchlight, Redding, California - Miss Lillian Merryman, teacher of the Kimball School west of Cottonwood...was among the southern Shasta teachers who transacted business in the county seat Saturday.~

1899 December 3, Searchlight, Redding, California - A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joel Shields on November 27th. Mr. and Mrs. Shields live on Kimball Plains.~

1916 November 14, Kimball School re-established.~

1923 September 27, Searchlight, Redding, California - Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Carter of Cottonwood were in this city Wednesday. Mrs. Carter, who teaches in Kimball district, came to attend the Institute.~

1923 October 21, Searchlight, Redding, California - MORE CHILDREN - The attendance of the Kimball School, west of Cottonwood, has been increased to 12 or 15 pupils by two families moving into the district.~

1945 - Inez Moore Ruddy, Teacher, Kimball School.~


Kimberly (Kimberley)

1906 April 29, Sacramento Union, LIVELY TIMES AT KENNET - Work on the Balaklala Railroad and the New Smelter Rushing - A New Kimberley Will Be On the Map - Work on the spur of the Balaklala Railroad is being rapidly pushed ahead. Work on the wagon road from the mine to the smelter site is also being rushed. Men are being hired as rapidly as they put in their appearance. Manager R.T. White has arrived from Salt Lake City to take the construction work of the smelter actively in charge. The new camp is to be called Kimberley, in honor of the late Peter J. Kimberley, President of the old Balaklala company. The new company is a branch of the American Smelting and Refining Company (the Guggenheim), commonly spoken of as the trust. The new smelter, which will soon be an actual reality, is described in the current issue of Copper Outlook as follows: "The smelter will involve an expenditure of fully $1,000,000. and will have a capacity of 900 tons a day, with one large blast furnace in reserve. Three rectangular blast furnaces, which are 50x240 inches in size, will be installed, and a reverberation furnace, 19x90 feet will be included in the equipment. This will make the Balaklala smelter the largest in Shasta County, with a minimum capacity of fully 1200 tons a day. The Sacramento River will be drawn upon for a water supply for the smelter, and Little Cottonwood Creek will supply water for domestic purposes."

1907 June 18, 4th Class Kimberly, Shasta, California Post Office established 6 miles northwest of Coram. Located on the property of the Balaklala Consolidated Mining Company, Peter J. Kimberley was one of the mine owners.~

1907 June 18, Perry F. Anson, First Postmaster.~

1907 December 24, Lewis Crook, Postmaster.~

1908 November 19, George L. Clayton, Postmaster.~

1911 February 7, Peter L. McGarry, Postmaster.~

1911 November 18, Ernest Vogel, Postmaster.~

1911 November 19, San Francisco Call, Washington D.C., Nov 18th - NEW POSTMASTER NAMED FOR KIMBERLEY - Postmasters appointed today included:  California, Kimberly, Shasta County, E. Vogel, vice P. L. McGarry, resigned.~

1912 August 16, Edith M. Thomas, Postmaster.~

1913 December 15, Kimberly Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Kennett.~

1915 August 21, Searchlight, Redding, California - A.L. Dofflemeyer will leave Saturday for Coram to be employed at the mine at Kimberly.~

1916 November 9, Kimberley School District established.~



1855 December 22, Shasta Courier, Shasta California - Advertisement - LUMBER! LUMBER! - From KLOTZ' SAW MILL - On hand and for sale, both in Shasta and at the Lower Mill or Mill Seat Creek, about one and a half miles from Shingletown, ALL KINDS OF SEASONED LUMBER, Which will be disposed of either for cash, or stock and grain, at the lowest market price. Lumber delivered at any point on the Sacramento River. John Klotz, Proprietor of the mill, may aways be found on the premises. Rudolph Klotz, agent for John Klotz, is authorized to make contracts for lumber, and may always be found at his Butcher Shop in Shasta. Signed:  J. Klotz., R. Klotz, Agent -Shasta, July 21, 1855.~

1858 May 8, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - We learn from the Beacon [Red Bluff Newspaper] that a party who started out against some thieving Indians came upon them on Battle Creek, and killed some fifteen of their number. They took a yoke of cattle from Ferguson & Co. on the 26th inst., and attempted to steal Messers. Klotz & Co.'s horses.~

1860 December 22, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - FRESH HAMS - On Thursday last we were the recipients of a large and finely flavored fresh ham from the butcher shop of John Klotz. Mr. K. understands the business of curing hams to perfection. It is a long time since we have tasted such sweet meat. He has also some fresh bacon of his own curing.~

1861 August 3, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - MARRIAGE - On Bear Creek, July 22d, by G.W. Adams, Esq., Mr. Rudolph Klotz to Miss Anna Smith; both of Sierra Township.~

1862 October 11, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - MARRIED - On the 7th inst., by G.W. Adams, Justice of Peace in Shasta County, Mr. John Klotz to Miss C. Harrington.~

1864 May 21, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - DIED - At Klotz's Mill, May 11, Climena, wife of John Klotz, aged 16 years.~

1864 May 21, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - DIED - At Smith's Ranch, May 15th, Phillip Rudolph, son of Rudolph and Anna Klotz, aged 1 year, 5 months, 20 days.~

1866 January 6, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - SAW AND PLANING MILL - Mr. Rudolph Klotz is building a mill on Mill Creek, in this county, which, when completed, will be a source of profit to the owners and the citizens of the county, as well as something to be proud of. The building is 40 by 125 feet, one story high. The posts nine and half feet high. All the lumber used in the foundation is red fir. The floor timbers are of cedar, making a structure nearly imperishable. Within this building will b a double circular saw, onwe working over the other. -- The lower saw will be twenty-nine inches in diameter, and the upper one of proportionately large dimensions. There will also be a circular cross-cut saw, a lath machine and a planing machine. It is estimated that the double circular will cut sixteen thousand feet of lumber per day. The other machinery will be of equal excellence and utility. The creek affords power amply sufficient for driving all this machinery the year round, without endangering its destruction by floods. The mill is surrounded with an abundant supply of timber, such as sugar pine, red and white fir, red and white cedar, ywllow pine, etc. It is twenty-three miles east of the Sacramento River, to which the lumber is hauled, rafted, and floated down to Sacramento and intermediate places.~

1867 January 5, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - LOSS OF LUMBER - Rudolph Klotz, who owns an extensive lumber mill near Shingletown, had 25,000 feet of saved lumber lying on the banks of the Sacramento, at Adam's Ferry, which he intended to raft down to Sacramento City, but the late rise in the river swept the whole lot away, distributing it all along the banks from Adam's Ferry to Tehama.~

1867 May 18, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - AMPUTATED - Last week. while running the lathe saw at Klotz's Mill. P.G. Buford accidentally allowed his right hand to come in contact with the saw, which lacerated two of his fingers so severely that he was obliged to come to town, when it was found necessary to amputate the first joint of the middle finger.~

1867 November 9, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - THE KLOTZ MILL - This mill, situated on Mill Seat Creek, one of the tributaries of Battle Creek, forty-five miles from Shasta, and at the western base of Lassen's Butte, is undoubtedly the most complete and extensive lumber manufacturing establishment in Northern California. This mill is supplied with two large circular saws, capable of cutting through logs of immense size, and are driven with a velocity truly surprising. Attached to the mill is a planing and lathing machine, which admirably performs the operation of planing lumber and manufacturing lath. A novel feature of the mill is a flume into which the slabs and debris are thrown, and carried a long distance by the water and dumped over a steep precipice. From this mill large quantities of building and fencing material is hauled to the Sacramento River, and rafted down to Red Bluff, Tehama, Chico, Colusa, Sacramento and other points. In addition to other improvements, Mr. Klotz has lately built a substantial bridge across the north Fork of Battle Creek, which gives him access to an immense forest of splendid pine timber. This bridge is about three hundred feet long, and nearly on hundred feet in height. The difficulties which Mr. Klotz has met and overcome in the way of procuring new and improved machinery, building roads, fighting Indians, etc. stamps him as a man of extraordinary enterprise and courage. Like most men of this character, Mr. Klotz is the very soul of hospitality, ever ready to extend a cordial welcome to the wayfarer.~

1872 May 10, Klotz Mill School established as a County School. It had existed earlier as a subscription school.

1877, The Great Register for the County of Shasta, California, 1877 listed the following residents for Klotz Mill near Shingletown:

818, Louis Frederick HUSTER, Prussia, Cabinet Maker (Shasta Co.); 1260, Sampson NULL, USA, Lumberman; 1464, Jacob RUPERT, Pennsylvania, Laborer; 1739, Robert TRANERNICHT, Missouri, Blacksmith; 1765, Edwin Austin VAUGHN, Vermont, Mechanic~

1877 June 30, San Francisco Bulletin - SIERRA FLUME AND LUMBER COMPANY - The Red Bluff division of the Sierra Flume and lumber Company is extending the area of its operations in the manufacturing of sugar and yellow pine. A new V flume eight miles in length has been constructed from Klotz' Mill in Shasta County to the Company's main flume, under the direction of Mr. Minto, the Company's surveyor. The mills at Blue Ridge have been running for two months, cutting large quantities of lumber. The Company's factory at Red Bluff is in course of completion, and shortly will be in full blast. All the newest machinery has been obtained and sashes, doors, rustic, etc. are being manufactured. Railroad tracks have been laid into the yard, and lumber is now shipped direct from the mills to any station on the line of the Central Pacific Railroad or its branches.~

1885 February 28, Free Press, Redding, California - It is reported that Hon. R. Klotz has made an assignment of his mill and factory, at Shingletown, to his creditors.~

1885 April 28, Sacramento Daily Union - FOR SALE - A Saw-mill at Shingletown: Logging wagons, Teams, etc; Capacity, 20,000 feet per day; water power; 2,000 acres timber land.

One sash and door Factory: also, water power at Klotz' Mill.

One stock range of 800 acres, with plenty of outside range; stocked with 250 head of Cattle, 60 Horses, 50 Hogs; also, has an abundance of water for irrigation.

Address L.F. Huster, assignee of R. Klotz, Shingletown, Shasta County, Cal.~

1890, Klotz Mill Teacher, Frank S. Reager. Students:  Albert Forrest, Eddie Calaway, Cecil Davidson, Myrtle Garrison, Lydia Barnes, Albert Daily, Oscar Smith, Dwight Williams, Leslie and Lulu Swanson, James and Alta and Janie LaTour, John, Frank, Preston, Louis Luther, Lizzie, Athan and Adah Cunningham, Gertie, Bertha, Perry and Lillie Vilas, Otis Forrest, Doris Hull, Eva, George, Lela and  Nora Smith, Elmer and Laura Daily, Nora and Nevada Forrest, Lillie Chapman and Mamie Kidder.~

1891, Klotz Mill Teacher, E.B. Warmoth started term; Mr. & Mrs. G.K. Bingham finished. Students: (new names added in 1891) Grace Williams, Bruce Burns, Lester Calaway, Ellen Weigart, Samantha Weigart, Chris LaTour, Winnie and Ellen Wells, Ettie Klotz, Cecil and Willie Davidson, Elsie Cunningham, Hattie Bingham, Ora, Cleveland and Eva Smith, Lucy Test, Robert Harris, Rhetta McWilliams, Frank Harris, Bert Bedford, Nellie Harris, Frank Dobronsky, Marion and Harvey Cheatham, Jime Barnes.~

1892 February 20, Free Press, Redding, California - A.O Sheridan will teach the Lassen school, and Mr. Bingham the Klotz school next summer.~

1895 August 19, San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Klotz Mill School:  H.C. Head.~

1899 April 26, Searchlight, Redding, California - Summer School Teachers - ...Klotz Mill, Mrs. Bingham...~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Klotz Mill:  Mrs. H. Bingham.~

1911 July 8Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Klotz Mill: Alice Dunham.~

1915 August 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - TEACHERS CHOSEN - Klotz Mill - Miss Ruby Blodgett.~



1858 November 27, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - KNOB GULCH - BIG CHUNK - James Drew and Charley Kern, of Knob Gulch, seven miles from Arbuckle, recently took out of their claim a piece of pure gold weighing twenty-one ounces. Their claim pays regularly about $15 per day. Two weeks since they took out $600. in one day. They are the only men working on Knob Gulch, as miners generally have an impression that it has been "worked out" for more than two years. If we mistake not, this is the region of country in which brother Ridge, of the Marysville Democrat, says he could never make grub money.~

1896 September 5, 4th Class Knob, Shasta, California Post Office established 7 miles northwest of Platina. Named for the nearby Knob Peak.

George M. Green, First Postmaster~

1897 September 21, William H. Whybark, Postmaster.~

1899 October 19, Searchlight, Redding, California - GOLD IN KNOB GULCH - Dr. G.B. Blackwell of the mining firm of Blackwell & Mullen is in town for a few days on business. The firm owns a group of promising quartz claims on Knob Gulch, about three miles from Harrison Gulch. They have put in two years of hard work in developing their property and in digging ditches and getting out timbers for an arastra. An arastra of three tons capacity per day, operated by water power, will soon be erected. Mr. Blackwell has great faith in the future of the property. He says the ore resembles the ore of the famous Cripple Creek district of Colorado, and will make Knob Gulch the premier gold camp of Shasta County.~

1900 May 22, JLG Family Notes - BORN -At home, in Knob, to Charlotte Sarah "Lottie" Kidder Hammans, wife of William Joshua "Bill" Hammans, a daughter, Blanche Alta Hammans. Assisting in the delivery was Lottie's sister, Martha Frances "Marnie" Kidder Linn Crawford of Igo. "Bill" Hammans was an employee of the Midas Mine at this time.~

1900 November 23, Adrian J. Van Matre, Postmaster.~

1901 November 14, Joe H. Hunter, Postmaster.~

1903 November 23, Grant Hainline, Postmaster.~

1905 April 13, Harry Ray Powers, Postmaster.~

1907 March 20, Minnie A. Preisendanz, Postmaster.~

1907 August 16, Minnie P. Hanson, Postmaster.~

1910 September 29, Ethel G. Packard, Postmaster.~

1910 September 30, Sacramento Union - POSTAL APPOINTMENTS - Washington, Sept. 29 - Appointments of the postal department for vacancies in California post offices were today made as follows:  Ethel G. Packard, Knob, Shasta county...~

1911 August 3, Clarence Nealy, Postmaster.~

1914 January 9, Annie M. Cooley, Postmaster.~

1915 January 3, Searchlight, Redding, California - Marriage Licenses for September 1914 -  Joseph M. Shadden of Orosi, Tulare County, and Mrs. Annie Perkins of Knob; Arthur R. Shelton of Knob, and Lillie McKibbin of Redding; Leslie G. stone and Clara A. Murray, both of Knob.~

1915 April 4, Searchlight, Redding, California - ANOTHER KNOB COUPLE - Matrimony is growing in favor in Harrison Gulch, or Knob. Another couple from that mining camp got a marriage license Saturday morning - John Maxey, native of Missouri, aged _6, and Eva Coffey, native of California, aged 20.~

Mrs. Etta Coffey came in from Harrison Gulch Friday evening to attend the wedding on the following evening of her daughter, Miss Eva Coffey and John Maxey.~

1915 April 29, Searchlight, Redding, California - Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Cooley of Knob, who have been at the exposition several days, arrived in Redding Wednesday enroute home. Mrs. Cooley is postmaster at Knob.~

1916 November 4, Mae E. Noble, Postmaster.~

1919 January 7, Hardin B. Littlepage, Postmaster.~

1919 June 28, Henry J. Smith, Postmaster.~

1921 April 5, Mrs. Mabel Kritz (Kutz?), Postmaster.~

1923 March 6, Searchlight, Redding, California - FROM KNOB - The remote mining camp of Knob is represented in Redding by Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Shiell, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Thomas, and John Kutz, all of whom arrived Monday.~

1923 November 27, Searchlight, Redding, California - John Kutz of Knob was in this city Saturday evening and Sunday. He came to bring Martin W. Shelton and Miss Bertha A. Brown to the hymeneal altar.~

Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Shelton of Harrison Gulch, or Knob, who were married in this city Saturday evening left next evening for Castella, where they were to visit relatives of the husband for a day or so.~

1944 May 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Platina.~


Kosk Creek

Stream flows 15 miles to Pit River, 1.25 miles west-northwest of the village of Big Bend - Kosk, locality along Kosk Creek, 1.5 mile northwest of village of Big Bend - School - 

1920 February 2, Kosk Creek School established.~

1923 February 2, Searchlight, Redding, California - SOLD A SECTION OF TIMBER LAND - The Charles Dunn Clinch Company of San Francisco, in consideration of $3500. has deeded to A.G. Sala and J.M. Sala of San Francisco section 36, township 38 north, range 1 west -- a section of timber land on Kosk Creek, six miles north of Henderson.~

1923 May 26, Searchlight, Redding, California - J.R. Hall of Sisson, supervisor of the Shasta National Forest was in Redding last evening as he was on his way to the Big Bend to inspect roads recently built on Kosk Creek by the forest bureau.~

1923 June 23, Searchlight, Redding, California - Mr. and Mrs. E. Ashkey of the Big Bend left Thursday for Sacramento, where the husband will receive treatment for injuries sustained while blasting on a road the forst bureau is bulding in the Kosk Creek country.~

1923 September 29, Searchlight, Redding, California - William Trowbridge returned yesterday from Kosk Creek in the big Bend, where he has been employed all summer and fall on trail and road work for the forest bureau. He is at the home of his sister, Mrs. Nevada Tracy.~



1950 November 1, 3rd Class Lakehead, Shasta, California Post office established at the "head of the lake," (Lake Shasta) 2 miles north of Loftus.~

1950 November 1, Mrs Edith A. Ranney, First Postmaster.~

1961 October 23, Mrs. Rosalie L. Rhodes, Postmaster.~

1963 June 17, Mrs. Rosalie L. Rhodes, Postmaster.~

1968 November 14, Sacramento Bee - DEDICATION IS SET FOR LAKEHEAD POST OFFICE - Dedication for the new post office here ha been scheduled for Saturday.

The Shasta Dam Area Chamber of Commerce said the ceremonies, in the new building on the east side of Interstate 5 across from Lakeshore, will begin at 3:30 p.m. with several state and federal dignitaries expected to attend.

The event will recall the area's first post office, now submerged beneath Shasta Lake. The post Office, established in 1900, was named Gregory after hotel owner Mrs. M.E. Gregory. The name later was changed to Antler and the post office was closed in 1914.

In 1922 a post office was established at Pollock, and named after bridge builder George Pollock. The site and the Pollock bridge are also covered by the lake.

The site of the post office in this resort community 18 miles north of Redding was changed three times between 1939 and 1944 and had been moved to Loftus, which is now Lakeshore Resort.

In 1961 the site was moved once again to Lakehead with Mrs. Edith Ramsey as postmaster.~

1968 November 18, Sacramento Bee - FLAG PRESENTATION - Postmistress Mrs. Rosalie L Rhodes of Lakehead, Shasta County, received a special United States for the new post office at Lakehead from Richard LeBaron, postal service officer from Redding. The Flag, which had been flown over the natiomal Capitol, wa presented Saturday during ceremonies dedicating the new postal facility.~



See:  Slatonis > LaMoine



1899 March 17, 4th Class Post Office established as Larkin, Shasta County, California located 8 miles southwest of Redding. Named for John Larkin, the county coronor.

Melissa J. Larkin, First Postmaster.~

1899 March 29, Morning Searchlight, Redding, California - Larkin is to be the name of a new post office at Centerville and Mrs. Melissa J. Larkin will be the post-mistress. Her bond was forwarded yesterday. The petition for this office was presented last November.~

1912 January 31, Larkin Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Redding.~


Lassen > Bailey 

There is a Bailey Creek formed by the confluence of North Fork and South Fork, flows 14 miles to North Fork Battle Creek -The name is for Joel Bailey, a pioneer settler near Viola -There is also a Bailey Creek Meadows area 8.5 miles west of Lassen Peak - No Post Office - Schools:  Lassen, Bailey

Per Bertha Felch  Stevenson Maynard, The Bailey School was located 3 miles west of Viola on the old Emigrant Road from McCumber's Mill to John Hill's Trading Post, Deer Flat. The School District was formed from Lassen District in 1905 and was suspended in 1921.~

1888 January 5, Lassen School established.~

1892 February 20, Free Press, Redding, California - A.O. Sheridan will teach the Lassen school, and Mr. Bingham the Klotz school next summer.~

1895 August 19San Francisco Chronicle - Shasta County Teachers - Lassen School:  B.F. Allison.~

1897 September 11, Shasta Courier, Teacher List - Lassen:  Eugene Pitts.~

1899 August 12Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Lassen:  Lillie Vilas.~

1905 March 10, Bailey School established from Lassen District.~

1905 - Mrs. S. Sorenson, Teacher, Bailey School.~

1906 - Pearl Petty, Teacher, Bailey School.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Mrs. J.L. Bell, Lassen.~

1915 August 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - TEACHERS CHOSEN - Lassen - Mrs. C.B. Kimball.~



No Post Office - School - Town platted in 1862, named Latona (or Reading), did not materialize as planned - Latona on the Sacramento River near the mouth of Clear Creek and across from J.J. Bell's place was surveyed and layed out by P.B. Reading and William Magee. There were lots sold, a hotel built and a boat landing built in anticipation of riverboats coming on past Red Bluff and up the Sacramento River to this point.~

1866 January 27, Shasta Courier, Shasta, California - SOLDIER IN TROUBLE -  On Saturday last a soldier came to the house of Joseph Mullin on the east side of the Sacramento River opposite the defunct town of Latona.~

1898 March 9, Latona School established. Associated more closely with Anderson than Redding.~

1899 August 12, Searchlight, Redding, California - Shasta's List of School Teachers - Latona:  Olive Bedford.~

1904 July 15Weekly Searchlight, Redding, California - Miss Ella McCandless has been chosen as the teacher of the Latona district near Anderson.~

1908 - Mrs. E. Shepherd, Teacher, Latona.~

1911 July 8Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - J. L. McCarthy, Latona.~

1915 August 14, Searchlight, Redding, California - TEACHERS CHOSEN  - Latona - Miss Louise Logan.~

1923 December 16, Searchlight, Redding, Califronia - Mrs. D.B. Fountain of Latona was accompanied to the Saturday meeting of the home department by her mother, Mrs. L.B. Hoag.~


LaTour Butte

LaTour Butte is a peak 13 miles northwest of Lassen Peak - Named for James LaTour, early settler - No Post Office - School -

1908 Janaury 13, LaTour School established.~

1911 July 8, Sacramento Union - Teachers Appointed - Mrs. Etta Smith, LaTour School.~