"Siskiyou County" 

1859, According to the State Register and Year Book of Facts, California 1859, the following Post Offices were located in Siskiyou County:  Callahan's Ranch, Fort Goff, Henley, Ottitiewa, Scott's River, Seiad Valley and Yreka. When Klamath County was eliminated, Siskiyou gained two more early post offices - Cottage Grove and Sawyer's Bar.~

1866 October 15, San Francisco Bulletin- Siskiyou is to have a County Fair on the 23rd of October. The Agricultural Society have published a large list of premiums. The place of meeting is Fort Jones, in Scott's Valley.~

1880 January 29, San Francisco Bulletin - The Governor yesterday appointed as Notaries . . . D. Caldwell at Oakbar, Siskiyou County.

1882 January 25, San Francisco Bulletin - A Siskiyou County doctor has a horse nineteen hands high, and not very gentle. It is said to be the largest horse on the coast.~

1915 -Siskiyou County Mining Districts:   Salmon River; Quartz Valley; Oro Fino; Scott Bar (Scott River); Humbug Creek; Cottonwood; Callahan; Happy Camp; Liberty; Deadwood; Virginia Bar (Virginia Dale) ; Greenhorn; Hawkinsville; Fool's Paradise; Oak Bar; Seiad; Hamburg Bar.~


Adinville > Adin

1871 April 13, Post Office established as Adinville, Siskiyou County, California, located 16 miles northeast of Bieber.

James K. Burton, First Postmaster.

1872 December 6, Marysville Daily Appeal, MARRIED - At Adin, Big Valley, Siskiyou county, October 31st, Francis M. Boyer to Josephine L. Roberts.

1874 February 17, new county of Modoc created and Adinville within the new political boundary.

1876 December 11, Adinville name changed to Adin.

See:  Adinville > Adin under Modoc County.



See:  Willow Creek > Ager




1902 August 9, A 4th Class Post Office established as Algomah, Siskiyou, California, located 3 miles west of Glazier and 16 miles east of Warmcastle. Named for the Algomah Lumber Company who built a sawmill at the site.

William W. Westover, First Postmaster.

1905 February 6, Harry V. Bridgford, Postmaster.

1909 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Bartle.


Ball > Ball's Ranch > Ball

1880 September 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Ball, Siskiyou County, California, located 25 miles southwest of Lava Beds and 18 miles east of Mt. Shasta. Named for Edgar Ball.

Edgar Ball, First Postmaster.

1881 December 29, Post Office discontinued.

1888 April 6, Post Office re-established as Ball's Ranch with Edgar Ball, Postmaster.

1894 May 15, Post Office discontinued.

1894 July 6, Post Office re-established and "Ranch" dropped from name. Alexander J. Cook, Postmaster.

1894 December 29, Harry E. Schwatka, Postmaster.

1897 January 2, Samuel D. Prather, Postmaster.

1904 November 22, William H. Pickens, Postmaster.

1905 December 19, Allie Short, Postmaster.

1906 August 15, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Mount Hebron.




See:  Glazier > Bartle



1889 February 2, 4th Class Post Office established as Bend, Siskiyou, California, located 20 miles southeast of Mt Shasta.  John Sisson operated a vacation and fishing resort at this nearly circular bend in the McCloud River.

Albert P. Neulse, First and Only Postmaster.

1890 July 31, Post Office discontinued. (NRO -No Record of Operation)


Berryvale > Sisson > Mount Shasta (City)

1854, The area known as Strawberry Valley was once called Bear Valley by the primary locators, Robert C.. Daley, John P. King and R. Walling.

1870 April 15, 4th Class Post Office of Berryvale, Siskiyou County, California, established located 40 miles south of Yreka and 10 miles north of Hazel Creek per Postal Route Map. Named for the abundance of wild strawberry vines and berries. Was a stage stop on the California - Oregon Road.

Justin H. Sisson, First Postmaster.

1870 June 11, Marin Journal, New Post Offices - The following new Post offices and changes were made by the Post-Master-General during the month of April:  Established:  Berryvale, Siskiyou county.~

1878 December 12, Gilbert Lanphere, Postmaster.

1879 May 8, Elijah T. Keyser, Postmaster.

1879 August 7, Mrs. Sophia J. Fellows, Postmaster.

1887 February 10, John Ney, Postmaster.

1888 October 12, San Francisco Bulletin - Berryvale on the list of California post offices that became new money-order offices.~

1888 October 29, Berryvale Post Office discontinued, moved from Berryvale and name changed to Sisson.~

1888 October 29, 3rd Class Post Office established as Sisson, Siskiyou County, California, located 40 miles south of Yreka and 10 miles north of Hazel Creek. The Post Office had been moved 1 mile east to the Railroad and proposed town of Sisson from Berryvale. The name honored Justin Hinckley Sisson, who donated the land for the town.

John Ney, First Postmaster.

1889 January 28, George W. Shuster, Postmaster.

1889 August 26, Oliver R. Moors, Postmaster.

1894 March 7, George H. Peck, Postmaster.

1898 January 10, Samuel W. Metcalf, Postmaster.

1903 May 21, Philadelphia Inquirer, Sisson, Cal., May 20 - President Roosevelt was enthusiastically received during his five minutes stay in Sisson this afternoon. More than 500 persons congregated at the Station to see the President, who pleased them with one of his characteristic short speeches. The President was given a hearty cheer as the train pulled out. This was his last stop before leaving the State.~

1907 July 20, Plain Dealer, Yreka, Cal., July 19 - NEW YORK SCHOOL TEACHER BURNED TO DEATH IN CALIFORNIA MOUNTAIN HOTEL -The depot and Depot Hotel at Sisson, at the base of Mount Shasta, were burned to the ground at an early hour this morning as the result of the explosion of a lamp. Miss Laura Saxie, school teacher, who had just arrived there from New York, was burned to death.

Miss Saxie had come to meet friends and climb Mount Shasta. Several others were badly burned. Miss Saxie had intended to leave the train at Shasta Springs to meet friends, but the conductor, learning that she intended to climb Mount Shasta, told her Sisson was the place to stop.

When the fire broke out she attempted to escape from the front porch, but turned back into the house. Her body was found in the debris near the charred remains of her bed. Evidently she ran back to her room and fell in a faint on the bed. The financial loss is $20,000.~

1915 December 17, Lucille F. Merrill, Postmaster.

1920 February 11, Lucille F. Merrill, Postmaster.

1924 May 1, Sisson Post Office discontinued when the name changed to Mount Shasta. AKA Mount Shasta City with Frank M. Lawrence as the Postmaster.

1924 May 1, 1st Class Post Office established as Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, California, located 8 miles southeast of Weed and 8 miles north of Dunsmuir. Name honors the mountain named Mount Shasta 9 miles northeast of the city.

1924 May 1, Frank M. Lawrence, Postmaster.

1939 September 16, Eugene M. Griffin, Postmaster.

See Also:  Mount Shasta



1882 April 18, 4th Class Post Office established as Beswick, Siskiyou, California, located 35 miles northeast of Montague. Named for Richard Beswick, the first postmaster.

1886 September 16, Henry Truitt, Postmaster.

1890 June 14, P O moved 1 1/4 miles northeast. Clinton A. Edson, Postmaster.

1892 June 18, Josiah R. Edson, Postmaster.

1893 May 23, George B. Stiles, Postmaster.

1895 July 1, Josiah R. Edson, Postmaster.

1902 August 14, Bessie D. Edson, Postmaster.

1920 September 29,  Albert E. Brown, Postmaster.

1921 December 15, Ethel Hoover, Postmaster.

1922 September 29, Albert E. Brown, Postmaster.

1923 December 18, Annie Mae Spannaus, Postmaster.

1947 May 15, P O discontinued and service moved to Montague.


Big Flat

See:  Big Flat under Trinity County.


Black Bear

See also:  Black Bear under Klamath County

1869 June 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Black Bear, Klamath County, California.

1874 March 28, Klamath County dissolved and Black Bear is now in Siskiyou County.

1874 May 1, Postmaster appointment of William A. Farish still says Klamath County.

1877 February 8, James A. Lytle, Postmaster, Black Bear, Siskiyou County, California.

1878 August 26, Norman J. Johnson, Postmaster.

1879 December 29, James A. Lytle, Postmaster.

1880 February 6, James B. Little, Postmaster.

1885 May 7, John Daggett, Postmaster.

1893 July 18, Alice F. Daggett, Postmaster.

1906 May 22, John Daggett, Postmaster.

1920 October 4, Leslie W. Daggett, Postmaster.

1933 June 18, Mrs. Leslie W. Daggett Hyde, Postmaster.

1941 August 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Sawyers Bar.~



Blue Nose

1917 June 1, 4th Class Post Office established as Blue Nose, Siskiyou, California, located  per the Application for Post Office, 22 miles north of Somes Bar and 26 miles south of Happy Camp. The name stems from the Blue Nose Mine. "Blue" is a term used by miners to describe the discolored strata of auriferous gravel.

Donald McPherson, First Postmaster.

1920 December 27, Trella Erwin Kennedy, Postmaster.

1925 November 30, Joseph H. Lowsley, Postmaster.

1927 August 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Somes Bar.



1876 September 22, 4th Class Post Office established as Bogus, Siskiyou, California, located 8 miles northeast of Ager. Some say named for the miner's term of gold site that "didn't prove out" and others say there were "countfeiters" in the area.

William H. McClintock, First Postmaster.

1886 September 16, John H. Bloomingcamp, Postmaster.

1913 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Ager.



1913 June 27, 4th Class Post Office established as Bradnack, Siskiyou, California, located 10 miles south of Merrill, Oregon. Named for George E. Bradnack.

Geoge E. Bradnack, First Postmaster.

1914 September 26, Porter Parsons, Postmaster.

1915 January 30, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Merrill, Oregon.




Bray is a locality 22 miles south of Dorris along the Southern Pacific Railroad in Siskiyou County, California.

1907 June 7 - one source date for the establishment of the post office with William J. Bray as postmaster.

1909 March 20, 4th Class post Office established as Bray, Siskiyou, California, located 12 miles south of Mount Hebron. The name is for William J. Bray, pioneer settler and the first postmaster.

1909 November 26, Otis E. Pits, Postmaster.

1918 May 31, San Diego Union (San Diego, CA) -Sacramento, May 30- TINY MOUNTAIN TOWN MAKES HIGH RECORD - Bray, Siskiyou county, California, having oversubscribed its quota to the second Red Cross Mercy fund 1033 per cent, has probably established a new high record for the nation.

Bray is a tiny mountain hamlet with a population of 1,000. Its allotment was $400. while today, with more subscriptions still expected, a total of $4,554.50 has been received.~

1923 August 30, William J. Bray, Postmaster.

1927 November 9, Les Coffenberry, Postmaster.

1929 May 16, Lillian B. Willis, Postmaster.

1930 December 1, Elsie A. Miller, Postmaster.

1934 June 1, Mrs. Elsie A. Miller Rooney, Postmaster.

1934 September 25, Mrs. Ruby Johnson, Postmaster.

1936 March 9, Mrs. Mildred Peters, Postmaster.

1936 August 4, Mrs. Marie Johnson, Postmaster.

1938 November 1, Fred T. Darley, Postmaster.

1942 December 5, Mrs. Eva May Page, Postmaster.

1944 April 8, Thelma S. Pearson, Postmaster.

1950 March 15, Charles F. Maloney, Postmaster.

1953 June 5, Mrs. Diasy M. Carr, Postmaster.

1956 January 6, DeLores M. Steffenson, Postmaster.

1967 September 8, Mrs. Monas Joy Annis, Postmaster.

1967 December 1, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Mount Hebron.



1892 January 15, 4th Class Post Office established as Brownell, Siskiyou, California, located 12 miles southeast of Otey's Ranch. Named for Sarah M. Brownell.

Sarah M. Brownell, First Postmaster.

1894 October 2, Phebe A. Thackara, Postmaster.

1899 October 2, Post Office moved 3/4 mile southwest.

1902 July 3, Charles M. Gates, Postmaster.

1902 August 21, Post Office moved 2 1/2 miles north.

1906 October 29, James A. Rominger, Postmaster.

1907 December 11, Benjamin H. Hutchins, Postmaster.

1908 April 11,  Post Office moved 1 mile southeast. Everett E. Brownell, Postmaster.

1909 November 17, Sarah M. Brownell, Postmaster.

1910 August 20, Mary H. Redd, Postmaster.

1911 May 1, William L. Luckett, Postmaster.

1912 June 15, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Dorris. At the time discontinued it was located 10 miles southeast of Dorris.


Cadillac > Hornbrook

1889 August 23, 4th Class Post Office establshed as Cadillac, Siskiyou, California, located 3 miles southeast of Henley and 4 miles northwest of Ager.

Benjamin M. Gill, First Postmaster.

1891 April 17, another date for James L. Coyle becoming postmaster.

1891 April 27, Post Office moved 2 1/2 miles northwest and the name changed to Hornbrook.

1891 April 27. 3rd Class Post Office established as Hornbrook, Siskiyou, California, located 14 miles north of Yreka. Name coined from David Horn, pioneer settler, and the brook (stream) at the site.

James L. Coyle, First Postmaster.

1893 August 4, David Horn, Postmaster.

1897 January 2, Dora A. Horn, Postmaster.

1902 November 29, James L. Coyle, Postmaster.

1907 May 13, Anna E. Coyle, Postmaster.

1910 Dcember 22, Doris C. Earhart, Postmaster.

1915 December 17, Davis C. Earhart, Postmaster.

1924 April 21, Harry H. Chapman, Postmaster.

1958 July 16, Wayne J. Cummins, Postmaster.

1959 June 30, Mrs. Helen E. Cummins, Postmaster.


Callahan's Ranch > Callahan

1858 February 15, post office established as Callahan's Ranch, Siskiyou, California. The 's' was dropped 10 March 1882, and 'Ranch' was dropped 1 June 1892. Named for M. B. Callahan who built a store in the location in 1851 as a supply point for the mines. Located 14 miles southeast of Etna Mills.

Asa White, First Postmaster.

1858 December 29, Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Georgia) - A Mr. Thompson was shot dead on 22d November at Wild Cat Flats near Callahan's Ranch in Scott Valley by a man named James Lacy alias "Poker Jim" who, it appears was the husband of a step-daughter of the deceased. The difficulty originated in the marriage which took place some months since, which was opposed by the girl's step-father.~

1868 November 10, Sacramento Daily Union - UNION CELEBRATION AT CALLAHAN'S- Nov 9th. - The Union men of this vicinity met on the South Fork last Saturday evening and fired 150 guns in honor of the election of Grant and Collfax. They then formed in line with torches and marched through the streets, singing patriotic songs, and had a regular jubilee.~

1882 March 10, 's dropped from Callahan's Ranch, making it Callahan Ranch.

1892 March 10, Hans Pedersen, Postmaster.

1892 June 1, "Ranch" dropped. Now Callahan.

1905 May 24, Charles W. Sacry, Postmaster.

1907 March 29, Bessie E. Mason, Postmaster.

1907 December 23, Elizabeth B. Plaice, Postmaster.

1910 January 28, Bessie E. Mason, Postmaster.

1910 October 15, Martha E. Crocker, Postmaster.

1910 October 16, SISKIYOU POSTMISTRESS, Washington D.C. Oct 15 - The postoffice department today announced the appointment of Martha E. Crocker to act as postmistress of Callahan, Siskiyou county, in place of B.E. Mason.~

1911 May 16, Samuel R. Thompson, Postmaster.

1914 August 6, Charles Farrington, Postmaster.

1914 August 8, Sacramento Union - Washington, Aug 7 - the following fourth class postmasters for offices in California have been named:  Callahan, Siskiyou county, Charles Farrington.~

1922 March 31, Sacramento Union - POSTMASTER OUT FOR COLLECTOR OF TAXES - Farrington, business man and postmaster of Callahan for the last eight years, has announced his candidacy for the nomination of tax collector of Siskiyou county.~

1927 November 12, Mrs. Grace B. Hayden, Postmaster.

1928 January 20, Mrs. Evelyn Farrington, Postmaster.

1945 October 25, Charles Farrington, Postmaster.

1948 September 16, Russell Farrington, Postmaster.

1971 May 29, Mr. Stephen R. Farrington, Postmaster.




1918 June 5, 4th Class Post Office established as Calor, Siskiyou, California, located 8 miles east of Dorris and on the boundary of the California - Oregon line. Therefore Cal = California and or= Oregon.

Charles E. Cross, First Postmaster.

1930 December 31, Post Office discontinued and the service moved to Dorris.



1902 September 27, Post Office established as Cantara, Siskiyou, California, located 4 miles west of Shasta Springs and 4 miles southwest of Mott. "Cantara" is a Spanish term for 2 gallons.

Mary Dickey, First Postmaster.

1904 December 19, Elisha Hersey, Postmaster.

1909 June 4, Fred O. Branstetter, Postmaster.

1916 February 15, Post Office discontinued and service moved to Shasta Springs.